It was first reported in 2016 that Robert Pattinson had moved on from the tragic death of his wife, Sarah. The actor had been married to the former Sarah Bruni-Sarko for 12 years. Together, they had two children – Ivan and Lily. While some people mourned the loss of Sarah, others may have seen it as an opportunity to move on with their lives. Pattinson seemed to embrace the latter, spending time with his children and pursuing his dream of becoming a music producer. He also started an organization called Wateraid that helps communities deal with water crisis. In October of 2018, it was reported that Robert Pattinson had met a new woman and started seeing her full-time. Her name is Emma Watson. They have been dating since then and became engaged in January 2020.

Romantic Trips

The relationship between these two superstitious romantics won’t be surprising to fans of the Harry Potter books. They have a history of keeping things magical. In 2015, while filming The Dark Knight Rises in Budapest, they were spotted taking a romantic walk along the Danube River. In October 2019, they were seen at a premiere for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelaw held at the Odeon Cinemas in Leicester Square. The following month, they were seen celebrating the milestone of reaching one million Instagram followers with a romantic dinner at Le Chateau de Versailles in France. It was also revealed that the two were planning a trip to see the Northern Lights in Iceland in the coming months. While filming in Iceland in 2020, they held hands while arriving at one of their destinations, Safnafjörhull.

These kinds of outings are pretty romantic, aside from the spectacular nature of the trips themselves. It is always nice to see celebrity couples taking the time to connect with fans on social media. Fans of Robert Pattinson know that he often does interviews and posts on Instagram where he shares details about his personal life. It would not be a surprise if he used his considerable celebrity to help promote Emma Watson’s upcoming adventure trips and other ventures.

A Love For Books And Literature

It is no secret that Robert Pattinson is a voracious reader. He has published several books, including two autobiographies. One of the things that fans have noticed about the actor is that he has a special connection to books and literature. In 2016, he discussed how important reading was to him in a Guardian interview, saying, “I think reading is underrated as an activity. It’s such an important part of growing up. For me, it was always about digging into great literature, be it Jane Austen or Agatha Christie or something far more recent. I love history books and reading them can help you understand how things worked back then.”

Pattinson’s love for books was on full display in the 2019 movie adaptation of Sophie Kinsella’s novel, The Inheritance Of Grace. The movie is based on the true story of Robert Pattinson’s grandfather, who fought for England in World War II. He was later awarded the George Medal for bravery. In the movie, we see Pattinson’s character reading to his children while his wife is recovering from a tragic car accident. It is a touching scene and one that shows just how much this fan of Jane Austen and Agatha Christie values books.

Pattinson’s Mother Was A Major Influence

When we consider the rich culture of books and literature that runs through Robert Pattinson’s life, it is not hard to see how he became such a big advocate for reading. One of the major influences on his life was his mother. Pattinson’s mother, Jane, was a major influence in his life. She was highly accomplished and held several positions of responsibility. She graduated from Oxford University with a degree in art history and then worked in publishing, becoming vice-president of In 2015, she published a book about her time as a war bride in post-World War II Hong Kong. It is called Marrying The Mistress and features her experiences as the second wife of a British businessman. In the middle of the book, she discusses how her life as a single mother-to-be changed after her husband died while they were still newlyweds. She had to raise their two children, Lydia and Robert, on her own. She was only 22 when she had to give up her beautiful home in London and move in with her two children. As she says in the book, “I had to be a mother, cook, sister, a friend, a colleague, and a grandmother to these two young boys. All in just a few months – a whirlwind of responsibility and joy.”

It was this period in her life that really shaped Jane. She started an organization called Mums Across The World where she helped other women who were in a similar situation. She then went on to found her own business, Jane West, an international affairs consultancy. Besides her mothering skills, which were certainly utilized, Jane was also an exceptional diplomat. She used her skills to negotiate the end of the war in Hong Kong, bringing an era to a close and ensuring that China and Britain could work together as allies. She was awarded an OBE for her services in 1945. All of these skills would serve her well in raising two sons on her own. When Jane became a single parent, she had to focus on her children and develop her parenting style. One of the things that attracted Robert to his mother was her style. It was evident from an early age that she championed the cause of children’s literacy. She worked tirelessly to get her point across and would often visit schools to encourage and inspire kids. This would also become a focus for Robert and his sister Lydia. Together, they would help establish The Children’s Book Festival, which was first held in London in 1967 and now takes place across the world. This is a testament to Jane’s influence on her children and the strength of their mother-son bond. After the death of Sarah, this bond only became stronger. Even now, Emma, Robert, and Lydia are very protective of their mother and speak highly of her, often in glowing terms. They hold her in high esteem and are grateful to her for all that she did for them.

Jane’s parenting style was also passed down to her two sons. As we have established, one of the major influences on Robert’s life was his mother. This is evident in his parenting style, too. He often speaks about how much he and his siblings loved their mother and how they would do anything to protect her. This could be seen in the way they reacted to the news of Sarah’s death. They kept their mother’s body in their family home for a good six weeks, not allowing anyone to come near it. He even took time off from filming The Magnificent Seven in 2020 to be with his mother and sister during their final days. This same protectiveness can be seen in how the trio of siblings have dealt with the paparazzi over the years. The attention is never far from them and they have learned to protect and care for their own reputation. In 2019 alone, they posted on Instagram to assure fans that the rumors of a feud with Taylor Swift were false. They even went on to say that the gossip mag’s story was “pure fiction.”

Other Family Ties

Besides loving books and literature, family is another major theme that runs through Robert Pattinson’s life. He is very close to his family and cares deeply for them. As we mentioned, he lost his wife Sarah to suicide in 2016. Since then, he has devoted himself to raising his children and being a good father. He also continues to be close to his father, Michael, who he credits with helping raise him after his mother died. It was after his father’s death in 2019 that Robert went public with his grief, sharing his feelings and talking about how he missed his “best friend” every day. He has also been very open about his mother’s death, sharing details about her life and passing on her wisdom and courage, particularly during these trying times. He has always been modest about his achievements, but he was truly overwhelmed with pride when he heard about his grandfather’s George Medal in recognition of his bravery. For someone so famous for being famous, he sure keeps quiet about his family and friendships!

Other famous descendants of George Henry Pattinson include Admiral of the Fleet Lord Henry Robert Pattinson (1887–1974) and Field Marshal Sir William Robert Pattinson, KCH, KBE, CB, CMG, DSO (1883–1970). William was an expert horseman and commanded an armored division at both Verdun and the famous St. Mihiel offensive in WWI. He was later invested as a Knight of the Realm—one of the highest civilian honors given to military officers. He was decorated with the Order of the Bath, the Distinguished Service Order, and the Chevalier of the Legion of Honor. In WWII, he raised a cavalry unit of Princess Elizabeth’s Young Riders as director-general of the Territorial Army.