It’s been a tough year for Hollywood so far in 2019. Not only have the major studios taken a major hit, but the MCU as a whole has been put on hold as Disney has shifted its focus to the standalone Black Widow movie and the inevitable sequel. But while the studios have been laying off employees, emerging talents have flourished and created some truly memorable work. One such project, with an original score by Kendrick Lamar and executive produced by Ryan Coogler, will make its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this week.

What is \”Lost City\”?

\”Lost City\” is a Netflix original series produced by Altered Images in association with Out of Home Media and ShadowMachine. It’s set in the near future in a post-pandemic world that’s brought about a new golden age for superheroes and villainous anti-heroes alike. The action starts immediately after the events of \”Avengers Endgame\”. After the credits roll, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) stands atop a tower, surveying the landscape that was once Los Angeles. A lonely dot in the center, symbolizes the city that has lost its sense of community, as well as its status as the center of the action.

But it’s not all gloom and doom. Amongst the rubble that is Los Angeles, the emergence of a dangerous criminal creates an opportunity for a man with superior powers to step in and fix things. Enter Hyneman (Dwayne Johnson), the Rock of ‘90s television. With a look that is part Homer Simpson, part Arnold Schwarzenegger, and part Tony Stark, Hyneman makes for one heck of an entertainment figure and the show’s moral center. He believes that a superhero should serve a greater good and uses his vast wealth and influence to help those in need.

What Makes This Series Special?

What makes \”Lost City\” special is the focus on character over CGI. It’s not just a superhero show, it’s a show about the costs and rewards of being a superhero. The fights are intense and make good use of the scenery. But that’s not how we usually see superheroics on television today. We’ve become so accustomed to CGI fight scenes that it’s refreshing to see characters doing the punching and the kicking. This isn’t your usual fare when it comes to heroes and villains either, as the stories focus less on traditional archetypes and more on the individuals behind the masks.

What’s more, “Lost City” doesn’t rely on expensive and complicated fight scenes to tell its stories. Most of the action takes place in the streets and parking lots of Los Angeles, with the occasional ‘splosion’ destroying a building or two. The production value is high and there are some truly jaw-dropping visual effects in the show. But this is definitely not a budget blockbuster. In fact, the creators were very mindful of keeping costs down, as much as possible, given the current state of the TV industry.

Why Has \”Lost City\” Stuck In Our Conscious?

\”Lost City\” isn’t the first TV show to tackle superheroism. In fact, it’s probably the biggest.

In its pursuit of authenticity, and what makes “Lost City” special, the show’s creators have gone back to basics, rewatching old school superhero movies to get a clearer picture of what worked and why. And it shows. From the first scene, with the camera slowly panning around to reveal Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, to the finale, which sees Hyneman joining an Avengers team, we are constantly reminded of the influence of Marvel and the movies it produced. It’s clear that the creators of “Lost City” have had a great deal of affection for the comics that inspired them, and for good reason.

But in addition to paying homage, the creators of “Lost City” have also incorporated some modern twists, bringing about a fresh take on what it means to be a superhero.

What To Watch For

There are five episodes of “Lost City” after the break, so you’ll want to make sure to catch the entire series soon. It’s worth noting that Netflix does not publish viewing figures, but fans of the show have stated that they watch the majority of the episodes within a few days.

It’s not often that we get to see an entire universe of superheroes and villains come together, but Dwayne Johnson makes for one heck of a team captain, leading a group of former enemies, including Black Widow (played by \”Pilgrim\”‘s Brie Larson), into a glorious alliance, bound by common interests and a shared drive for justice.