I was totally stoked to read about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding on the internet this past weekend. The wedding was such an awesome spectacle; it really captured everyone’s attention. I was particularly excited to see all of the news articles that were published before, during, and after the wedding.

But of course, no discussion about Kim and Kanye’s wedding would be complete without mentioning their famous guests. One of the most photographed weddings in history had its fair share of beautiful people. Celebrities from all over the world packed the guest list, including a lot of famous faces from Hollywood. One of the most photographed (and controversial) weddings in history happened to be the wedding of Nikki Reed and Robert Pattinson. The couple, who started dating in 2009, made the media rounds for months before their wedding day in 2015. The groom’s cast-mate from the popular TV series The Vampire Diaries was one of the many celebrities who had the unique privilege of being present at their wedding.

The pair became engaged in 2009 and married a year later in a lavish ceremony that was covered by all of the major news outlets. But did they really pop the question and plan the wedding before they started dating? Or did they keep their relationship a secret from the public until they decided to walk down the aisle?

For many fans of the Vampire Diaries, the name Robert Pattinson conjures up images of hot young actors who are often seen in skimpy clothing or lingerie. The 27-year-old English actor has built himself a reputation as one of the most romantic and stylish leading men in Hollywood. After winning an Oscar for his role in the 2013 film The Great Gatsby, he has continued to appear in critically acclaimed films such as Ex Machina and The Martian. In 2015, he was named the Sexiest Man Alive by the cover of Vanity Fair.

If you’re not familiar with the Vampire Diaries, then you might think that this was just another random celebrity wedding. You’d be mistaken. The Vampire Diaries is a massively popular TV series that follows a group of people who live and work in Chicago. One of the characters, Elena (Naked Countess), finds herself irresistibly attracted to the dangerous and brooding vampire, Salvatori. She eventually gives in to his blood demands, which leads her to become a vampire herself. It’s a story that has enthralled audiences for years.

But it’s not just the romantic subplot that makes the series so popular. The show is heavily embedded in social issues, including class divide, celebrity, family, and relationships. For many fans, the Vampire Diaries provide an opportunity to explore their own personal feelings about these topics through the eyes of a character they can relate to. The story also provides a window into the incredibly brutal world of high school dating, where the characters have to fight for recognition and engage in battles for popularity. While it’s a drama, it’s never been a dull show, and fans often remark that it’s one of the smartest series they’ve ever watched.

Is This a Reel Marriage?

The fact that the Vampire Diaries’ stars were invited to be a part of the wedding party is evidence enough that this was no ordinary wedding. But did Nikki and Robert really plan to wed before they started dating? Or did they keep their relationship a secret from the media until they decided to walk down the aisle?

If you’ve followed the Vampire Diaries at all, then you’ll know how secretive the characters can be. During the show’s run, the couple have never been shy about their romance, whether it’s been hinted at in the dialogue or heavily implied by the actions of the characters. In fact, their first major appearance together came as a complete surprise to viewers who had no idea that these two were even a couple. In the first season, Elena meets her new vampire “family” and quickly finds herself falling in love with the intimidating but charming Niklaus. As the episodes progress, it becomes clear that he is not so much a vampire as he is a werewolf – and a very sick one at that. After she witnesses his transformation into a wolf, Elena is understandably wary of him and his “family,” especially since he made it a point to ensure that she would not only see but also feel fear during the scene. After this, she knows in her heart that he is not someone she can trust, and they never develop a relationship.

The same goes for her character, Katherine. She initially develops a liking for Niklaus and is even considered a possible mother-in-law by him. But again, their personalities clash, and Katherine knows in the end that he is not a good person. She therefore makes it her mission to protect Elena from him and his deadly pack. Despite this, the couple’s relationship with Katherine is always strained, especially after she manipulates Stefan into killing her husband, who turns out to be the love of her life. During the years that the show has been on air, many fans have suspected that Katherine and Stefan were involved in a relationship but have kept it a secret for the sake of the family unit.

So is it likely that the couple would have planned to wed before they started dating? Despite all of this, it would be foolish to assume that the stars of the Vampire Diaries would have divulged important information about their personal lives. It is therefore likely that they had kept their relationship a secret from the public until they decided to walk down the aisle.

There is another possibility. One that has been raised by many fans and made its way into the popular lexicon. The idea is that the stars of Vampire Diaries may not have intended to wed at all. The couple may have used the wedding as a way of throwing another party and using the media to their advantage. Like many reality TV shows, the producers of the Vampire Diaries would have wanted to feature as many celebrities as possible, and using the wedding to do so would have provided an opportunity to sneak in some A-list guests while also promoting the show.

Was Elena’s Mom Mysterious?

Another possibility is that the romance between Elena and Niklaus was not a big secret – it was almost an open secret. It is heavily implied that the mother of the two young main characters, Victoria, is aware of their liking for each other. However, she keeps this to herself, for the sake of the family’s reputation. In the middle of the second season, a pregnant Victoria is arrested for the murder of a young girl named Nora. After her arrest, the mother-to-be is forced to go into hiding, taking Elena and Niklaus with her (at least for a while). She eventually surfaces and starts a new life with her two grandchildren, but it’s apparent that she will never be able to fully settle down, for fear of losing her family again. This obviously provides a very interesting subtext to the series – that despite the idyllic setting and perfect-seeming families, everyone in the show is hiding something. The Vampire Diaries is a very political show, and many fans feel that its storylines are highly prescient, particularly when it comes to issues around terrorism and the War on Terror. But the show also explores more personal issues, including child abuse, class division, and the ever-present threat of vampires.

Was Robert’s Family Naughty?

Even the most ardent fans of Robert Pattinson may not know about his infamous family. The fact that his cousin and business partner is Rupert Sanders, the co-founder of the luxury denim brand YOOX, may come as a bit of a shock. Sanders is the son of Pattinson’s uncle, and the family is known for its extremely high-profile members. In fact, back in 2014, it was rumored that Pattinson was dating model Bella Hadid at the time. The pair were photographed on numerous occasions, which fueled speculation that they were an item. At the time, both parties played down the speculation – Hadid even going so far as to call it “fake news”. But the incident was probably a publicity stunt, considering that Hadid was already engaged to actor Zico Corpino at the time. The speculation was never actually confirmed by the couple, who both went on to have happy and well-publicized engagements (albeit with different partners).

However, other members of Pattinson’s family have not been so lucky. His father, Nicholas, was a well-known media tycoon who began his career in local newspapers before moving into national publications. In 1980, he founded The New York Daily News, one of the largest English-language newspapers in the country. He was also the founder of The Hollywood Reporter and was an early investor in many well-known companies, including Time-Warner and Viacom.