Everyone wants to know: did Katy Perry date Robert Pattinson? Well, let’s just say the answer is yes. Before you start sending in your congratulations, remember that the couple have been dating for only a few months. While they have already managed to create a wave of emotions in their respective fanbases, it seems that their love story is still very much a secret. For now. Maybe. Here’s the skinny on what we know so far.

Everything Begins With A Rumor

The first reports of a possible Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson connection surfaced late last year. At the time, neither star had confirmed that they were dating, but several well-placed sources hinted that Pattinson was definitely courting the pop singer. Unsurprisingly, the rumors soon began to circulate that the couple had already slipped off for a romantic night and were enjoying each other’s company. Unfortunately, the gossip never panned out. In fact, the pair have been rather low-profile since they began dating, declining to comment on their relationship and keeping details about their private life relatively modest.

However, that hasn’t stopped the rumors. In fact, recent months have seen a number of stories suggesting that the couple are on the verge of committing to one another. In some versions of the stories, Katy Perry even proposes to Robert Pattinson. While he may not have said ‘yes’ just yet, the actor did express his desire to begin a family with Katy as soon as possible. The two have also been spotted wearing wedding rings, further fueling the speculation that they are indeed committed to one another.

The One-Night Stand

The most recent report on the Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson pairing came from HollywoodLife, which stated that the singer had ‘casually’ confirmed her relationship with the actor during an appearance on The Tonight Show. According to the publication, Perry opened up about her private life during her brief stint on the show, telling host Jimmy Fallon that she and Pattinson were “just hanging out.” While it seems that their one-night stand has sparked a rumor that has yet to be confirmed, this isn’t the first time that the couple have coexisted outside of their courtship. In fact, the two have already managed to keep their relationship under the radar—at least, for now. For those curious about what happened the night that Perry and Pattinson slept together, the singer has actually offered some clues. In an interview with Vogue, Perry revealed that it all started when she received a phone call from an old high school friend, inviting her to a costume party dressed as a pirate. Having already started to see a trend with the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, the singer decided to go as Barbarella. She arrived at the friend’s house dressed in her costume, only to discover that her friend wasn’t wearing pants and that he had spiked her drink with a secret ingredient. Soon after, Pattinson showed up and the two began to have sex on the living room floor. Once they finished, the two retired to Perry’s room where they continued to hook up, eventually falling asleep in each other’s arms.

Although the encounter was undoubtedly steamy, the story seems to fit the character of Barbarella, whose name is derived from the 50’s sci-fi movie, Barbarella. In the film, which was directed by Pier Luigi Caracciolo, actress Jane Fonda plays an amoral alien sex worker who is determined to have anonymous sex with as many men as possible. Even today, the film is somewhat of a cult classic and its legacy can be seen in films like Barbarella, Human Centipede, and Dirty Dancing. While the explicit nature of Barbarella’s storylines may turn off some viewers, the film is definitely filled with enough innuendo to keep any curious fan engaged. Perhaps, when asked directly whether she had sex with Pattinson, Perry will have something more to tell us about that fateful night. Until then, it’s all speculation.

Wedding Bells

Although Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson have kept their dating a secret for the most part, the two have certainly made it known that they are committed to one another. As previously mentioned, the two have been spotted wearing wedding bands and in some of the stories, Perry even proposes marriage. In one instance, a fan asks the singer directly about her ‘engagement’ and she responds with a coy smile, “We’re definitely getting married.” Perhaps, these images help to fuel the speculation that the couple are already tying the knot. After all, in 2018, Katy Perry released Witness, her eighth studio album, which featured several bridal gowns from wedding designers, including Vera Wang. While the singer has yet to comment on the rumors of her wedding plans, it seems that she isn’t ruling them out just yet. As she told Vogue, “I want to wait until I feel like I’m truly ready, until I feel like I can offer somebody the greatest gift I can give them.” So, while we await further confirmation, let’s enjoy the thrill of the speculation.