While fans of the iconic pop star and the actor were eagerly waiting for his highly-anticipated album, Beautiful Trauma, to drop, there were already rumors going around that the singer had possibly dated one of the biggest movie stars of this century. But is there any truth to this rumor? Let’s take a closer look.

Who Is FKA Twigs?

FKA Twigs (full name Fiona Kelly Aitchison Twigg) was born in London, England to an Irish father and a British mother. As a kid, she showed a real interest in acting, starring in school musicals and taking a few classes at London’s Central School of Speech and Drama. It wasn’t until she attended university that she decided to pursue a professional career in music, enrolling in a recording studio and majoring in production. She made her debut in 2015, with the EP, Spellbinding, which was met with critical acclaim and spawned her first single, “Pendulum“, which became her break out track and went on to become a global hit, topping the charts in over 20 countries.

Twigs has always been a bit of a mystery. While she’s never been one to shy away from the spotlight, she’s kept a fairly low profile, rarely giving interviews or appearing on panel discussions. However, in 2018, she opened up about her private life, offering up some interesting tidbits about her dating history. During a discussion about sexism in the music industry with journalist Anna Puri, she revealed that she had been in a few long-term relationships, but had never been engaged, despite rumors to the contrary. She also talked about how she stays in shape, suggesting that she works out six days a week and takes protein supplements.

“I think it comes from necessity,” Twigs told Puri. “I wasn’t born with a perfect body. I had to work really hard to get where I am today. When I first started out, no one would even give me the time of day. Nowadays, if I don’t work out, people will laugh at me. It’s embarrassing. I love being able to show people that, though I may be inspired by the celebs I work with, I don’t need to copy them. I can be myself and still look incredible.”

Interesting Rumors Surrounding Twigs And Pattinson

The rumors about Twigs and Pattinson began swirling in the press during the “A” movie star’s second year in Hollywood. In the fall of 2019, it was announced that the English actor was set to star in the upcoming comedy, Sex Education, alongside Ella Taylor, who plays his love interest. The film is based on the British series of the same name and is set for a limited release on February 25, 2020.

In the weeks following the announcement, the press attempted to piece together the details of Twigs’ alleged relationship with Taylor’s character. According to one report, the pair were photographed together at the 2019 Golden Globes, shortly after which Twigs was conspicuously absent from the red carpet.

Other publications claimed that she had begun a serious relationship with the English actor, even going so far as to call him “my prince” in an interview with Vogue. Yet another publication alleged that Twigs and Pattinson had been dating for several months and had even visited Portugal on holiday, just like Elin Nordenstam and John Cusack in the movie, Say Anything…

The Most Interesting Rumor

Perhaps the most intriguing rumor surrounding Twigs and Pattinson is that they had gone on a date. On December 31, 2019, the singer was photographed arriving at LAX with the actor, prompting fans to believe that they had gotten together that day. Several publications, including Hollywood Life and TMZ, named the airport as the place where the two had allegedly hooked up. But while Twigs was in town to celebrate the New Year with her family, it seems that the two hadn’t actually spent an evening together. On January 2, 2020, it was announced that Twigs had broken up with Taylor, leaving fans to wonder if maybe she had been lying about their relationship all along. She has yet to comment on these rumors.

Why Is Everyone Hanging Out At The Airport?

There are a number of reasons why fans might have assumed that Twigs and Pattinson had spent a romantic day together. The English actor had appeared in LAX’s terminals on previous occasions, including in 2017 to promote the movie, Downsizing, as well as in 2019 to promote his new film, Sex Education, and his latest role, Sebastian, in the long-running TV series, Game of Thrones. While it is unlikely that he would have spent the entire day at the airport, it seems that he had made a special effort to be there that day. With the aid of a team of publicists, the English actor had managed to keep his romantic relationships under wraps for almost a decade, rarely giving any interviews or allowing his personal life to be documented. So it wasn’t entirely surprising that people were eager to believe that he had found a new woman in Twigs, whom he had allegedly been dating since that day in December 2019.

Did Sebastian Become Joffrey’s Lover?

Game of Thrones has an intricate, multi-layered romantic subplot that goes back decades. One of the most prominent characters to emerge from this subplot is Joffrey Lupuloso Baratheon, the eldest son of Cersei Lannister and the nephew of King Robert. As the story goes, Joffrey was a childhood friend of Ser Alton Lannister, who committed suicide after being betrayed by his lover, the Queen Margaery. Following the death of his friend, Joffrey witnessed a brutal fight between his father and his uncle, ending in the former banishing the latter from the capital.

Joffrey ascended to the throne of Westeros, but was cursed with mental illness that drove him to take pleasure in the suffering of others. An insecure and jealous man, his behavior turned increasingly sadistic as he grew older, resulting in increasingly bizarre acts of cruelty. One of the most prominent acts of barbarism took place during his rule, when he had a group of young lords and ladies—the “little fingers”—castrated. When the lords and ladies refused to cooperate, Joffrey had them all beheaded.

The TV series’ writers have stated that though this character was inspired by real-life figures like Charles Manson and Bill Clinton, the fictional king Joffrey was loosely based on the actions of none other than Robert Pattinson.

The Final Word

While we may never know the truth about whether or not Twigs and Pattinson were dating, we can be sure that they will never give us the real scoop about their private lives. The fact that they have taken such care to keep their personal affairs private should tell us all that we need to know. But while we may not have the inside scoop, we can enjoy the fact that their relationship has given us new insight into the character of Fiona Kelly Aitchison Twigg. With her unique blend of English and Irish descent, as well as her incredible talent, we are certain that she will continue to steal the show. Who knows—perhaps one day, we’ll even get to see the romance blooming between these two legendary movie stars. For now, though, we can enjoy the fact that they have stayed true to themselves and kept us on our toes. They may be keeping their private life private, but they’ll never be able to keep us guessing. (1)