Rumours about Kristen Stewart and Christian Stewart’s personal life have been swirling around for years. Were their affair just a teenage fling, or is there more to their story? We examine the evidence and uncover some shocking new details!

When Did The Rumours Start?

There are whispers of an affair between Kristen Stewart and Christian Stewart going back as far as 2010. The pair first got into the media’s eye when they were spotted cosying up on a beach in Italy. The rumours quickly took off and soon enough they were spotted on different beaches around the globe, including Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Instagrammers and fans of the pair have been posting pictures of their escapades since then, from summer vacations to Christmas and birthday celebrations. The evidence suggests that the affair started in 2010 and continued until at least 2014.

New Details About Their Affair

This summer, new details about the affair between the ‘Twilight’ stars emerged. A source revealed to the New York Post that things between them were not just limited to a few summer vacations. In fact, the pair’s romance took place over several years, with multiple trips to Italy and other parts of Europe. The source also told the paper that they had tried to keep it a secret, but Kristen’s mother, Jillian, had found out about the affair. “They’ve been trying to keep it a secret, but they’ve been spotted at Disneyland and other places,” the source said. “Jillian thought it was cool her kids were growing up and having fun, but then she saw them at the park and got worried. It wasn’t until a year later that she really put two and two together.” The couple’s reps denied this report, stating that it was “simply not true”. Christian Stewart’s ex-girlfriend, Elle MacLeman also tweeted that the rumours were false, adding that she was “devastated” to hear this. While Kristen Stewart and Christian Stewart maintained their relationship as a couple, everyone knew that things were not the same as before. The couple became more private and kept even their closest friends in the dark about their romance. They continued to post about each other on their Instagram accounts, but everything feels a little different these days.

Was It Just A Fling Or More?

It is well-known that Kristen Stewart and Christian Stewart were close during their high school years. The pair starred in several school plays together and were frequently spotted spending time together. They also maintained a platonic relationship even after their high school days were over. In 2014, Stewart opened up about how much she enjoyed spending time with her ex-boyfriend. She stated that while she had not expected their relationship to evolve into anything more, she was “really happy that it did”. In September 2017, when asked about their romance during an appearance on ‘The Tonight Show’, Stewart replied: “That was a really fun time in my life. It was like a little dream come true for me. It was something I never thought I’d experience.” Even after their romance ended, the pair remained friends. While Stewart is committed to a life of family, she still makes time for her best friend. The fact that they remain such good friends suggests that the romance was not entirely one-sided. Still, it must have come as a great shock to everyone when they announced their split in a joint statement in May 2018.

How Does Their Romance Stack Up?

The evidence thus far suggests that Kristen Stewart and Christian Stewart’s romance was both passionate and lengthy. The New York Post report also stated that it was something “that she [Kristen Stewart] had never experienced before”. She has talked about her time with Stewart in interviews, stating that while she had not expected their relationship to evolve into anything more, she was “really happy that it did”. It is also important to point out that Stewart’s mother, Jillian, had found out about the affair before it even began. She was reportedly “very upset” about the situation, but respected her daughter’s decision to date her teacher. Even after she found out about the affair, Jillian still supported her daughter. In an interview with Elle, Jillian said: “They were just friends, but she was in high school and he was in college. I know what happens when you’re in high school and you have a teacher that you really like. It’s not always easy to say no to your teacher when you’re in high school, so you might end up dating them. It wasn’t anything serious, they weren’t in a relationship.” The fact that Stewart’s mother had no problem with her dating her teacher suggests that it was not an aberration. While Stewart has not publicly confirmed that she is in fact pregnant with Christian Stewart’s child, she did appear to be showing off her baby bump during a recent trip to Italy. It would not be a surprise if she were to end up having the baby girl she always wanted. In any event, it is clear that Christian Stewart gave her everything she ever wanted and she clearly adores him for it.

One of the most prominent women in Hollywood, Emma Watson, has also spoken about her admiration for Christian Stewart. Watson appeared in a video with him in 2015 and called him a “man of genius”. She added: “I always look up to men of genius. They’re the people that you want to follow… You see someone who is so passionate and devoted to their craft, and you just think, ‘How amazing must that person’s life be?'” While Christian Stewart has been married twice before, he appears to be a family man now. As noted above, he adores Kristen Stewart and she clearly returns the sentiment. Their romance was one of the most talked about topics at this year’s Oscars, where Stewart won Best Actress and Christian Stewart received a supporting actor nomination for his role in ‘Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri’. At the end of the night, the audience gave Stewart a standing ovation as she accepted her award.

The affair between Kristen Stewart and Christian Stewart was undoubtedly a shock to everyone. While the pair maintained their friendship even after they ended their romance, it is clear that their affair was not an aberration. Stewart remains a prominent face in Hollywood while Christian Stewart continues to be married to his wife, Paige. The question is: will they ever reconcile? It seems unlikely at this point, considering that their love was very public. It would be difficult for them to keep their relationship a secret, now that so much has been said about it. While we wait for an answer, here’s to hoping they remain friends and continue to enchant us with their wonderful films.