We all know that the Hollywood star, Robert Pattinson, is insanely handsome and has a bright future ahead of him. But did you know that he is actually a cross between Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp? Thanks to his incredible looks, he has been able to land a host of juicy roles, most notably in the new horror movie, A Battered Bride. This has allowed him to show off a different side to his acting skills, namely his acting range. What’s more, he is also one of the most popular and well-liked Hollywood stars. Here’s a quick guide to showing off your unique blend of masculinity and sexiness in the most famous Robert Pattinson looks alike outfits!

A Dash of Brad Pitt

If you ever watched the movie, The Martian, you know exactly what we’re talking about here. We’re not sure if it was intended to be a tribute or if it was just a happy accident, but seeing as how the movie is based on the novel of the same name by Andy Weir, we’d say it was probably a little bit of both. In the book, Matt Damon’s character is compared to Brad Pitt, and the resemblance is pretty uncanny. When you put it on, it’s like you’ve been magically transported to the set of Moneyball!

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to be limited to clothing inspired by Hollywood actors. Even famous individuals beyond Hollywood’s boundaries have been known to match up with the looks of famous actors. For example, when George Clooney wore this exact same outfit to the 88th Academy Awards in 2016, it was noted that he looked like “a younger, thinner, Brad Pitt”. Just kidding! George Clooney looks like Clooney.

Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that Brad Pitt and Robert Pattinson are indeed related. The similarities in their physiques are truly remarkable, and it’s not hard to see how they could pass for brothers or even twins. In fact, their acting skills are so alike that many have claimed they are actually the same person under different guises. Although this might be a little far-fetched, it’s not entirely impossible.

A Dash of Johnny Depp

Another movie that has been compared to A Battered Bride is Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. While we wouldn’t go so far as to say that these two movies are completely interchangeable, there are clear visual parallels. The movie version of Treasure Island is set in the mid-19th century and sees the original characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series sailing off to a remote island. Most notably, the titular character’s outfit—a black bandana, white trousers, and a yellow shirt—is very similar to Johnny Depp’s iconic “Gilligan’s Island” outfit from the 1960s.

Like Pitt and Pattinson, Johnny Depp and Robert Pattinson have a unique genetic makeup that grants them an incredible degree of beauty. Depp is often hailed as one of America’s greatest living troubadours, while Pattinson has been called Europe’s most eligible bachelor. One of the reasons that they have been able to pull off these amazing looks is that they both utilize high-quality products to maintain their beauty. They have both been known to be very dedicated beauty junkies, so much so that they have their own personal makeup artists traveling with them to events to help take care of any last-minute touches. They also both have very interesting stories about how they came to wear their signature looks. In general, it’s safe to say that they both have impeccable taste when it comes to fashion.

In the summer of 2017, both men were in Rome for the filming of a Netflix documentary about their lives and work. There, they met up with fashion filmmaker Luiza Prado, who invited them to a fashion show being held by the designer Prada. While waiting for the show to start, they struck up a conversation with the designer and were invited to be a part of the show. As they walked down the catwalk, the designer thanked them for their loyalty and said that it was due to their unique style that she was even interested in making a garment for them in the first place. From that point on, this became a regular feature, during which the fashion house creates a unique design just for the two Hollywood stars. For more information about this, check out their Instagram accounts—they often post about their outfits and the different brands that they support.

While we’re on the subject of looks, it’s worth noting that Robert Pattinson and Kate Winslet have a son named Joe. The movie that they appeared in together, The Roman Holiday, was dedicated to their son’s honor. It’s amazing how fashion and celebrity intersect, as the movie’s costume designer, Kelly Hoppen, was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Costume Design in 2007. Of course, in this case, the coincidence is probably more than just a happy accident. It would be fantastic if somehow, somewhere down the line, Robert Pattinson and Kate Winslet were to have a children’s clothing collection that they would launch together. Imagine the sales!

A Dash of Audrey Hepburn

If we remember correctly, Audrey Hepburn wore a similar outfit—specifically, the same yellow and black striped dress—to the 1964 World’s Fair. It wouldn’t be surprising if this is the outfit that the creator of the “look” was trying to emulate. After all, Audrey had a distinctive way of dressing that was most often copied by others. It was commonly known that if she saw a woman wearing an outfit that she deemed unworthy of her, she would comment that the woman looked like a mess. In general, Audrey’s outfits were always impeccable, and she would never get a fashion faux pas. The reason behind this was her dedication to fashion and her unique take on style, which made her a role model to many. Besides, she was a very private person who never gave interviews or allowed her picture to be taken, so we don’t have any photos of her from this time period to compare. Overall, she was an inspiration to many, and it would be an honor to wear her likeness—at least, in our minds.

A Dash of Elizabeth Taylor

We all know that celebrities are often portrayed on the big screen, but it is quite the opposite in real life. While some celebrities have numerous scandals that they had to face, other have been able to keep their private lives out of the limelight. One such celebrity is Elizabeth Taylor. In real life, she was a very private person who rarely, if ever, gave interviews or allowed her picture to be taken. It wasn’t until her death in 2012 that she started to become more public, appearing at various charity functions, award shows, and other events. These days, her famous “look” is often cited as one of the main reasons behind her immense popularity and social status.

While much of what we know about Elizabeth Taylor comes from her incredible life and career, it wasn’t until the year 2000 that she started to publicly admit to being married three times, most recently to Larry Harris. It is rumored that her husbands were all much older than her and that her relationships with them were often stormy. She reportedly had an affair with J. Bruce Ismay, the head of the White Star Line, which would later become known as the Titanic. Ismay was 62 years old at the time, and Taylor was just 18. The age of consent in England was then, and still is, 16 years old. Despite the allegations, Ismay denied having an affair with Taylor, though he did leave his wife of 65 years for a secretary 40 years his junior. It was also alleged that Ismay fathered a daughter, Pamela, with Taylor. The truth about Ismay and the paternity of his child will probably never be known, due to his untimely death in 1915. This tragic event was directly responsible for the Titanic’s namesake, being built four years later.

Though she had been at the center of a media frenzy for years, it wasn’t until after her second marriage to Harris that she started wearing black. It is said that Harris, who was also the CEO of a defense contracting firm, started dictating orders to Taylor on what to wear after he caught her wearing a red dress to a work function. Since then, she has mostly worn black, often matching it with a jewel or two. When she does wear red, it’s often bright hues, such as burgundy, that she favors. This is most likely due to Harris’ influence. It is also said that Taylor had an affair with Richard Burton, who was 54 years older than her, and that their tempestuous relationship was the main inspiration for her role as Cleopatra in the movie, Octopussy. Unfortunately, this was not the last time that she would face a scandal. In 2007, it was reported that she had an affair with Alexander McQueen.