Are you a fan of the music group Death Grips? Do you enjoy hip-hop, electronic, and rock music? If so, you’re in luck because Death Grips have announced a new album, entitled Elaborate, and they’ve shared the title track with the world. You will find out more about Elaborate below.

The group consists of MC Ride (Hisham Al-Fadi), Zach Hill, and Benjamin Allen. They gained popularity after the release of their first album, titled Exercises In Free Fall, which was produced entirely by Dan The Man, and was released in 2012. The album showcased the group’s innovative sound and lyrics, and eventually led to them signing with Warner Bros. Records. Elaborate will be their first album released under the Warner Bros. umbrella, and it is due for release on January 14th, 2018.

You might remember Ride from his role in the 2016 movie Logan, where he portrayed the character Carlos Cadena, or from his short-lived FX series, The Assassination of Gianni Versace.

Now, it looks like we’ll be able to enjoy another collaboration between these three talent-spheres. On January 7th, 2018, Ride announced on Twitter that he and veteran English actor Robert Pattinson had just finished filming the music video for the title track of Elaborate.

An Early Look At Elaborate

In the video, we can see Pattinson as his character, Sid Falco, and Ride as his character, Ricardo Diaz, reprising their roles from Exercises In Free Fall. Ricardo is now a professional bank robber, who works with a group of mercenaries called the Four Horsemen. In the first part of the video, we see them planning a robbery, while drinking and watching an England football match. The Englishman in the group is called Jim. We don’t know much about Jim, other than the fact that he’s the one who recruited Sid and Ricardo for this job and they aren’t picky about who they work for. He’s described as a former Special Air Service (SAS) officer.

Ride, Sid, and Jim are at a bar discussing their next job. They decide that it will be better to do it in Europe, since there will be more money in it and they can hire some high-quality guys. They also decide to rename the group to avoid any complications. As soon as they finish discussing the robbery, the bartender brings them their first set of drinks, which are quickly consumed. We then see a brief interlude of Ride using his phone to research possible bank locations, as well as other members of the group using their phones to research possible getaway vehicles.

After that, we cut to the bank robbery itself. The scene is presented in extreme long shots as the cameras slowly pan over a bank vault. The shots are accompanied by the ear-splitting screams of witnesses as they attempt to describe what they just witnessed. The scene is both chilling and highly suspenseful.

The Music Video For Elaborate

The music video, which was released on January 7th, focuses on the robbery itself. We see a few of the mercenaries (played by stuntmen) climbing over the vault’s fence and rushing into the bank. The camera then focuses on Pattinson and Ride, who are now in the process of emptying the bank’s safe. We see some close-ups of their faces as they concentrate on their task, then the camera slowly pulls back, revealing a large number of policemen surrounding the bank. Some of the officers are holding machine guns. Others are holding flashlights. It’s at this point that the music begins, with a siren wailing and tires screeching. We then see the Four Horsemen escape, in their specially-modified Ford Mustangs, driving off into the night. As the music fades out, we see the police giving chase, following the vehicles for a couple of blocks before losing them in the night’s traffic.

What Now?

Well, what happens now? The question is entirely up to you. Do you stay and watch the police try to catch them, or do you run for your life? The decision is entirely yours. The video’s ending will stay with you for the rest of your life. It’s quite possibly the best five minutes you’ll ever spend watching a movie. You should know what you’re watching and not be fooled by the drama surrounding the robbery. You might think that the police are on your side, but they’re not. The Horsemen are most definitely not the good guys in this story.

An Opportunity To Collaborate

In keeping with the theme of this article, let’s discuss yet another chance for these talented creators to collaborate. Earlier this month, it was announced that Netflix was developing a four-part drama series, The Haunting of Hill House, which will be written and produced by Mike Flanagan, who made his name with the 2016 mini-series, Gerald’s Game. The Haunting of Hill House is an adaptation of Henry James’ 1908 novel, The Turn of The Scarpina, which was later made into a 1960s movie with Vincent Price. It is set in an old mansion inhabited by descendants of the original owners. As with many famous Jamesian novels, the source material for The Haunting of Hill House is filled with grotesque and mysterious creatures, terrifying imagery, and extraordinary situations. Mike Flanagan has stated that he would like to see The Haunting of Hill House draw on both his experiences as a film critic and his familiarity with James’ work. Given that this is a Netflix production, which means it will have the company’s backing, what do you think the chances are of us seeing a collaboration between these two talents?

The Collaboration Of A Lifetime

Whether or not you choose to read on, chances are you’ve already watched the video for Elaborate a dozen or so times. It’s an unbelievably suspenseful five minutes, and it has the makings of being one of the greatest crime movies of all time. Naturally, it would be a great fit for Netflix, which is already home to several true crime docu-series, such as Making a Murderer and Mindhunters. As I mentioned above, The Haunting of Hill House is also set to arrive on Netflix in early 2021, so it’s an exciting time for horror fans. Of course, this is all speculation on my part, but it makes for wonderful entertainment, especially if you’re a fan of Death Grips like I am. It’s been an incredible year for music and films, and this is just the beginning. It’s only a matter of time before we see yet more collaborations between these two vast worlds. Who knows? Maybe one day we’ll even see a Death Grips/The Princess Bride crossover movie. Only time will tell.