When you think of celebrities, most people think of stars who have graced the big-screen. However, there are so many behind-the-scenes individuals who work hard to bring our favorite films and shows to life. One of these people is special effects artist David Cronenberg. It was recently reported that Robert Pattinson’s most recent film, Apocalypse Now, set a world record for the most money spent on special effects. Naturally, this led to many fans wondering about Cronenberg’s involvement in the making of the film. While we don’t know for certain, we can speculate that he had something to do with the design of Robert Pattinson’s character, Mr. Otto Beck.

Designing A Naked Man

To design a fully nude mans, you have to consider many factors. Not only does the character have to look realistic, but he also needs to fit the bill of being a scary, dangerous creature. In the case of Mr. Beck, you meet a man who is a cross between a human and a beast. So, how did David Cronenberg design him?

According to the special effects artist, he started by capturing Robert Pattinson’s unique features and exaggerating them. Then, he started with a simple base outline and filled in the details. As you can see in the image below, the effects artist used prosthetics to help get the perfect match between the real and artificial parts. As a result, Mr. Beck ends up looking like a mixture between a man and a monster.

To give you an idea of how realistic Mr. Cronenberg’s design is, here is a comparison between him and real life.

On the left you have Robert Pattinson as Mr. Beck and on the right, the actual David Cronenberg. As you can see, they look exactly alike. In fact, if you were to Photoshop the image of the real Cronenberg on top of the image of Robert Pattinson, it would be virtually indistinguishable.

Creating A Dark Atmosphere

One of the things that makes Mr. Beck so terrifying is his dark atmosphere. To create this creepy environment, the special effects artist relied on multiple cameras, motion tracking rigs, and high-powered lamps. For example, in the scene where Mr. Beck is entering the room, there is a shot where you see him under the harsh glare of a lamp. This gives the image a very foreboding feel. It was also, perhaps, one of the inspirations for HP Lovecraft’s stories. In fact, the screenwriter of the film, John Gatins, stated that Lovecraft’s stories were an important influence on the film. He also went on to say that he “wouldn’t say no to revisiting” some of these elements from the 1930s and incorporating them into the 21st century. So, what is the connection between Lovecraft and Mr. Beck?

One of the recurring themes in Lovecraft’s stories is that of the struggle between the human element and the cosmic element. In other words, these are the creatures that are part man, part monster. This is, in a way, the basis for Beck’s character. He is, essentially, a being who is both human and animalistic. This struggle between good and evil is also present in the film. In a way, it is a struggle between Mr. Beck and his creator, Alan Silvestri. It is a battle of wills, where Alan Silvestri is trying to maintain his creation, while Mr. Beck wants to prove that he is, in fact, a person. So, it is said that with every decision that Alan Silvestri makes, he is, in a way, asking himself, “Am I doing this for my own good?” Ultimately, it is a selfless act, but one that has far-reaching consequences because it will determine whether humanity as we know it will survive or not.

A Character Study

Ultimately, Mr. Beck is a character study. We learn a lot about him through sub-plots in the film. For example, there is a scene where he is hiding in a closet, waiting for his prey. The camera focuses on his hands as they manipulate objects around him. This scene is all about how Mr. Beck lost his humanity. In trying to be more like a human, he has lost his uniqueness. In the process, he has also become more dangerous. So, it is important that we consider this character and what makes him tick. What are his motivations? What is his goal? It is a mystery that is uncovered as the narrative progresses.

In designing a realistic-looking monster, there is a lot you have to consider. First, you need to decide if you are going to use prosthetics or try to do the whole thing with Make-up. Second, you have to decide how you are going to design your monster. Are you going to use claymation or is this going to be a full-blown prosthetics job? Finally, you have to decide how you are going to make the monster look real. Are you going to use motion-capture or are you going to do it the old-school way and use real actors? Hopefully, this article will help answer some of these questions and give you an idea of how to design a naked man who isn’t just a body with a lamp shining on it.