Two of the biggest celebrities of this century had a romantic connection that lasted for years. One of them even proposed to the other while on a trip to Italy. Sadly, both were heartbroken when the other one died. Their stories are quite unforgettable. Here are their love tales.

A Roaring Twenties Romance

It was in 1929 that David Bowie and his then-wife, Dorothy, were walking through Victoria Station, looking for a table to eat at. The setting was lovely; the air was fresh, the sound of birds singing was a delight to the ears, and the couple was full of romantic intentions. They had been quietly dating for some time and finally decided to ask each other for a promise to wed. However, this was not going to be an easy question to ask under the current circumstances. It was the height of the Great Depression, and many people had simply given up on romance. The couple was almost in tears, not knowing what kind of response they were going to get.

At that precise moment, a man holding a tablecloth and looking like a bridegroom caught their attention. With his broad smile and kind eyes, the man seemed to be offering them a solution to their problem. They sat down, ordered champagne, and fell in love at first sight. They were married a week later, much to the delight of their families and friends. Since then, their life has been full of love, laughter, and romantic adventures. In fact, the year 1929 was the first of their ten years of marriage. They had one son together, who now is the famous musician and actor, Duncan Jones.

Their first home was a garden flat in South Kensington. The couple immediately set up housekeeping and began entertaining guests regularly. People often described their parties as fabulous. One of their more memorable parties was for a blind date arranged by Duncan’s school. The guests were lined up outside, and all could see each other through the windows thanks to a cleverly devised arrangement of lights. The couple loved to dance, and they often hired a band to play for them. The guests were treated to a wonderful mix of English and American music, with plenty of polka dots and waltzes to keep the people of both nations happy. Things were going well, and the couple was looking forward to another year of marriage.

Unfortunately, this was going to be the year when everything changed. In December, Duncan was diagnosed with tuberculosis. It was at this point that the couple began to argue more and more, to the point where they couldn’t even be in the same room together without a fight breaking out. This was extremely upsetting for both of them, especially as David was still very much in love with his sweetheart. He wanted to provide her with the family she had always wanted, and he felt that staying married to him was the only way to achieve this. However, in the end, she succumbed to her overwhelming love for their son and stayed with David. She died several years later from cancer.

It was a sad time for the couple. In their later years, they traveled a great deal, often going on concert tours abroad. In 1938, they purchased a villa in Cap Ferrat, which is in the south of France. The beautiful villa had a spectacular garden and view of the Mediterranean. The couple often hosted wild parties there, with guests dining on food served on banana boats and swimming in the pool until the early morning hours. They also used the villa as a base for their travels. Between 1941 and 1945, they were often in Portugal, where he was performing with his band. The winters there were cold, so he and Duncan would go to the Algarve for a few weeks in the summer. During these trips, Duncan would often help his father with his writings. He would go from translating letters to carrying out research or taking notes. He was a very intelligent young man. The trips to the Algarve in particular became a kind of second home for Duncan. He started buying property there and eventually formed a company with Tony Sale, who was also from an English family. Together, they established a close friendship with the painter Eduardo Paolozzi, who often performed drawings for them. The friendship with Edo led to negotiations over a contract to publish a book of poetry. This is how Street Life, a collection of poems by Paolozzi, came to be. While Duncan was working on this project, he began traveling more for the firm, and they were often a whole year away from home. In the meantime, the couple had one final holiday together in Spain before Duncan left for Cambridge.

A Romantic Adventure With Hollywood Star

In 1958, Robert Pattinson was just another aspiring actor in London, trying to make it big in the industry. He was living with his widowed mother in a small two-bedroom flat in Earl’s Court. One day, he got a call from an agent asking him if he would like to travel to America and meet with a famous producer regarding a role. Naturally, he said yes, and within two weeks, he was on a plane for Los Angeles. While there, he met with the producer and quickly signed on to appear in a movie. The rest, as they say, is history. He became best known for his portrayal of the tragic love story of Charles Manson and Sharon Tate in the movie, The Green Mile. In it, he wore a thick moustache that he would keep throughout his acting career. He still sports that iconic moustache and is sometimes referred to as “the prince of Wales.”

After the release of The Green Mile, Robert pursued a successful acting career, landing multiple lead roles in hit films such as Waterworld and Basic Instinct. In addition to his film work, he began modeling and became the face of numerous high-profile fashion campaigns. In 1998, he was ranked #41 on VH1’s list of the 100 Greatest Sexiest Artists of All Time. Naturally, the charming Robert fell in love with an American woman named Lori Petrucci. The pair were married in a secret ceremony in Italy in 2002. Since then, he has been open about his sexuality and even declared that he would like to adopt a child with his wife.

The success of The Green Mile put Robert and Lori’s acting careers on the map. Shortly after the movie’s premiere, Lori’s parents opened a chain of flower shops across America. They named one of their stores after their famous daughter. The store’s logo is a representation of the Golden State flower, the rose. The couple purchased a home in Bel Air, right in the heart of Beverly Hills. In 2018, Lori gave birth to their first child, a son named Abel. In March of that year, the family completed their home renovation, reopening their doors as a boutique hotel. Named the Hotel Bel Air, the property has twelve rooms and features stunning gardens, poolside cabanas, and butler services. Guests can choose from standard or extended stays, making it perfect for families, groups of friends, and romantic getaways for two.

An Affair To Remember

In 1977, David Bowie was in the middle of a serious relationship with the actress Angela Bowie. The pair had been quietly dating for some time and decided it was time to ask each other for a commitment. However, before they could do this, David and Angela’s parents objected. They didn’t approve of the match, and they didn’t want their children to get tied down to each other. In the end, Angela convinced her father to allow the couple to date, and eventually, she too asked her parents for their blessing. Soon after, the couple moved in together and bought a sweet little two-bedroom cottage in Primrose Hill. They decorated the home with orchids given to them by David, and every other surface was covered in books or flowers. The walls were painted a deep orange to match the brickwork, and the bedroom wallpaper was a bright, happy yellow.

This was going to be the most memorable year of David and Angela’s life. In early January, they set up housekeeping and welcomed their first child, a daughter named Zowie. A few months later, the family moved to a larger house in Primrose Hill, where they lived happily ever after. On the day of their wedding, David dressed in a suit and tie, and Angela wore a beautiful yellow dress. Their parents were there to give them away. Duncan was the best man, and the couple’s wedding photographer was Edvard Munch. The happy couple have remained together ever since and have two more children, Lydia and Lexi.

As you can see, David and Robert had quite the love life. However, they were both very unlucky in love. The first time they kissed was on the lips, and the last time was on their deathbeds. Even though they didn’t get to spend a lot of time together in life, both believed that it was the most precious thing they ever had. They often said that they would spend the rest of their lives together, doing and experiencing everything they could. Unfortunately, that was not meant to be.