Most people know Daniel Platzman from his work with Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, and Jay-Z, but he’s also been doing interesting things behind the scenes for years. As executive producer and co-songwriter of Pharrell’s Happy, he helped craft one of the most infectious albums of the 2010s, and now he’s back with another project, this time focusing on one of music’s biggest stars.

Platzman was first introduced to the world as the producer who worked with Timberlake on the singer’s 2002 debut album, *The *S*** **Album*, which went on to be certified 6x Platinum. Since then, Platzman has worked with dozens of artists, including Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, and Shawn Mendes, helping to shape their sound and creating some of the most memorable songs in pop music history. We’re excited to hear what he’s cooking up for one of the most talented pop singers of our time.

How Does Robert Pattinson Fit Into This?

You may wonder how Robert Pattinson fit into this story since he’s not a pop star, but he is the subject of one of the most interesting projects we’ve heard of in a long time. We’re talking about Platzman’s new collaborative album with the King of England, which is called *Good Enough*. It’s available now on all platforms. Let’s dive in and take a closer look.

Album Art

We’re always excited to see how artists express themselves through their art, and this time is no different. The cover of *Good Enough* is a work of art in its own right, featuring a unique and vibrant hand-drawn cover that perfectly matches the energy of the music within.

The album art was created by Daniel Danger, an artist who has worked with artists like Kanye West and Tame Impala, and is perhaps best known for his intricate illustrations and pop-culture mash-ups. If you love the album cover, you can purchase a limited ‘zine filled with illustrations by Daniel Danger and exclusive interviews with the artists behind *Good Enough*. It’s an innovative and exciting project that provides a fresh perspective on an old legend.

Musicians And Writers Take The Lead

It’s rare to see one album highlight the work of so many talented artists and writers, but *Good Enough* truly is a unique project. The collaboration was formed after Platzman and Timberlake wrote a song together and pitched it to the singer. After he agreed, the rest fell into place quickly. The album features 17 songs, all written and produced by the legendary pair. The guest list is absolutely insane too – Elbow, Tame Impala, Mark Ronson, Lil Wayne, and more.

Platzman told Variety about the process of putting the album together: “It was funny because the majority of the songs were written and produced in like 24 hours. A lot of it was spit out on the spot – we’d either write a song or record a demo and then go into the studio and finish it off. It was one of those things where Jay and I would bounce songs off of each other and would end up adding another verse or changing the melody a little bit. It was just organic.”

The album’s guest list is incredible, and it’s not just because of the stars. The creative forces behind the project wanted to highlight the work of acclaimed writers and musicians, and they chose to do so in an innovative way – with a collection of songs that are both interesting and enjoyable from top to bottom. Even if you’re not familiar with the work of the writers and performers featured on this album, you’ll find something here that you’ll enjoy.

The Timburr Mix

One of the most interesting things about *Good Enough* is the diverse guest list and the way the album brings together such a large collection of artists. The album is rich in references – from ‘70s funk to ‘80s new wave and more – and the production is filled with enough obscure samples and loops to satisfy even the most ardent fan. We’re especially fond of the album’s reinterpretation of the Tarkus theme from the film *Thunderbolt And Lighting Bolt*. It is the perfect example of the variety this album offers – for those who managed to stay awake during the recording sessions, that is.

The collaborative team behind *Good Enough* are to be applauded for putting together such a wonderful collection of songs. It’s definitely an album to watch out for, and one that you’ll want to add to your playlists. We’re eager to see what else Platzman has in store for us, and who knows – maybe he’ll even bring Timberlake along for the ride once again. In the meantime, we’ll be keeping an eye out for more information about this exciting project. We think you’ll enjoy what Daniel Platzman has in store, and we look forward to more exciting news about the upcoming projects of this talented producer. Until then, enjoy the amazing Robert Pattinson and his new album *Good Enough*. It’s available now on all platforms.