In case you haven’t heard, Robert Pattinson is now a LEGO Certified Professional. Who’s Robert Pattinson you might ask? He’s the one who wrote and directed the new Robert Pattinson-starring film “Bel Ami.” You might also know him from his role as John Winchester in the Winchester Mystery Plays, or from the popular and stylish vampire series “The Twilight Saga.” Or maybe you’ve just seen his intense acting style or powerful voice. In any case, here’s a quick video explaining how to make your own custom LEGO elements using the brick-it platform.

Create A Skeleton Base

First, you will need to create a base out of card stock or paper. This will be the foundation for your design. If you’re doing this by hand, make sure you draw out the proper measurements before starting to cut. If you’re using a laser cutter, set the correct height and width to ensure your card stock fits perfectly within the LEGO grid.

Choose The Best Colors For Your Design

Now that you have a working base, you can start choosing the colors for your design. Remember that these colors will be the basis of your design, so you want to make sure they pop. However, keep in mind that you can use any color you want for your creations, as long as it doesn’t conflict with any part of the real LEGO brick. You should also think about what parts of the film you want to represent in your design. For example, if you’re making a recreation of Kristen Stewart’s iconic stardust yellow dress, then you will need to choose a yellow LEGO brick.

Cut Out The Main Elements

Once you have your card stock base, you can start cutting out your main elements. For this tutorial, we will be recreating one of the most iconic scenes from “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.” In this scene, Edward and Bella are dancing at the prom, and Edward drops his drink on the floor. After which, he proceeds to pick it up, and drink it in one go. It’s a very impressive physical feat, and one that you can replicate with LEGO bricks. You can choose any beverage to represent this scene, but we will be using ginger ale for the following reasons:

  • It’s a refreshing drink.
  • It’s easier to find at supermarkets.
  • It’s always a good idea to have a few different types of drinks available at home. In case you get thirsty during the night, and can’t find any, you can always pour yourself a glass of milk.
  • It’s the preferred drink of vampires.

So let’s get started. First, you will need to cut out two sets of eyes, one for each drinker. Cut out a small circle in the middle of the two eyes, to make them appear more realistic. Then, with the circles cut out, you can start cutting out the lenses. Take your time with this step, and make sure you cut out each lens slowly, so you can see what you’re doing. Once you have all the lenses cut out, it’s time to put them in. Take one of the sets of eye pieces, and slide it into the frame. Then, take the other set of eye pieces, and slide them under the first, so that they form a bridge. Once both eyes are in place, take a small piece of tape, and put it on the nose of one of the beer drinkers. This will make them appear to be snoring. Also, take a small piece of tape, and put it on the neck of the other beer drinker. This will make them appear to be hungover. Voila! You have completed the first step of your design.

Glue All The Pieces Together

The next step is to glue all the pieces together. This will give your creation more stability, and allow you to move around more easily while working. If you’re using a hot glue gun, make sure you have a good amount of space around you, as it can get rather messy when using it. Once the glue has cooled, you can start adding details to your design. You can add a logo, or other forms of branding. You can also add elements from the film, like the golden locks or the yellow dress. If you’re going to add movie elements, then you will need to make sure they’re from the same movie as your base. This will prevent any confusion during the build process. For instance, if you’re using the yellow dress from “Eclipse,” make sure you use the same yellow LEGO bricks as well. Once you’re done adding details, it’s time to add some finishing touches.


Once you have your completed design, it’s time to add some finishing touches. You can add the beverages’ names or the logo for the company you work for. Then, if you’re happy with the overall look, you can put a cap on it and make a presentation to your boss. Congrats! You have made an excellent LEGO design. And not just an excellent LEGO design, but one that was made with pride and professionalism. Not bad for a night’s work.