Ever since he was a kid, Robert Pattinson has been plagued with bad luck. From the very first photoshoot he ever did at the age of 19, to his very first kiss, which was followed by an engagement and marriage to the much-younger Demi Moore, Robert has always been surrounded by controversy. It seems he can’t catch a break.

Now, as a 33-year-old, Robert is finally facing facts. In an interview with Esquire, the actor opens up about his bad luck, revealing the reason why he has been plagued with misfortune. It all comes down to one thing: He believes he’s cursed!

He Made The Wrong Choice

It’s been said that good things happen to those who wait, but Robert didn’t wait. He made the mistake of marrying Moore when he was 19 years old. After their highly publicized 2010 wedding, the pair went their separate ways. They’ve since filed for divorce, although no official papers have been filed yet.

It was a costly decision, financially and otherwise. Not only did he have to pay for the expensive wedding, but he also had to put his career on hold to focus on his wife’s acting career. Since their 2011 split, Robert has kept a low profile, rarely appearing in public and keeping his personal life very private. He was also one of the many famous faces who wore a black tie and gown for Sir Elton John’s World Record-breaking 15th Anniversary Concert. The 2015 Golden Globe winner also had to keep his private life away from the paparazzi, as he and Demi both prefer to keep their relationship secret. They’ve also been spotted vacationing in secret, which only adds to the speculation. Despite all of this, Moore continues to be one of the most popular and photographed women in Hollywood, so it’s clear that Robert made the right choice in breaking away from her. In 2015, TMZ reported that Moore was being paid $20,000 a month to keep her quiet about their split.

Demi’s Kids Are Driving Him Crazy

While Robert is busy keeping his personal life private, Demi is doing the opposite. The 44-year-old actress is very open about her and her children’s lives. She has seven children with her ex-husband, Bruce Bochner, which she shares with Moore. The eldest daughter, Lola, also has a child with her father, which makes the family total of eight. Unfortunately, all of this family drama has taken its toll on Robert. In 2016, he shared that Lola and her kids were driving him crazy. He often gets upset when they want to spend time with their friends instead of him, and he feels that they’re comparing their father to him. As a result, he doesn’t feel that he can relate to them as a father figure, and it’s made him feel disconnected. The situation is likely to improve once the Bochner children begin to work their way through adulthood, and they can establish their own households. For now though, Robert is just trying to be a loving father and enjoy life the best he can.

Robert Hasn’t Had A Kiss In Years

It’s been a decade since Robert has tasted a kiss since his engagement to Moore. Since then, he’s stayed away from kisses and held on to his bad luck. In 2010, he revealed to Elle UK that he hadn’t had a kiss in years. Since then, his personal life hasn’t appeared to change much, as he’s stayed away from relationships and public displays of affection. While he has held on to hope that things will change for the better, he’s learned to be wary of happiness. In 2016, he confessed that he feels lucky to have avoided heartbreak for so long, but he also knows that his luck won’t last forever. He’s learned to be thankful for what he has but also keep his expectations realistic. It’s a difficult balance to strike but one that he’s mastered. Aside from having a healthy romantic life, he’s also successfully kept his private life out of the spotlight. He has never been one to court publicity, and that’s probably why he’s remained relatively unscathed during the decade since his engagement to Moore. He continued to keep a low profile in 2017, as he was still wearing his engagement ring, which he has never removed. He also hasn’t made a public appearance. When he does appear in public, it’s usually to promote a movie, or in support of a friend who’s new project. The one time he did talk about marriage was in 2017, when he said that he’d be ‘open to the idea’ if the right woman came along. He’s also been open about his issues with addiction and mental health, as well as revealing that he’s had to fight for every inch he’s gained in the industry. It’s clear that while he may not want to talk about his personal life, it hasn’t been for lack of trying. For now, he’ll have to settle for being happy that he’s avoided heartache for so long and enjoying the little things in life. But we know that good things can come from bad experiences, as he’s learned to be more open about his issues and worked hard to establish himself as a leading man. With each new role, he’s revealed deeper layers of character, taking the characters he’s played and making them his own. Now, he’s taking a more mature approach to life and loving what he’s made of.