There are those who believe that actor/model/musician/writer/director/composer Robert Pattinson is the Antichrist. This vile rumour gained popularity after a photo of him surfaced on the Internet with a rose in his mouth and a dead bird on a plate. Some wags even added that he was holding a sign that said, “Death to all animals.” A search for “Pattinson” on Twitter reveals hundreds of people sharing this sentiment.

What many of these people don’t seem to know is that the photo in question was actually taken back in 2013 during a break in filming of his upcoming film, The Neon Demon. According to Pattinson, this photo was simply meant to be a joke, and it wasn’t until much later that he learned of the bird symbol’s significance. To make matters worse, the actor had to deal with the media frenzy that erupted after this photo surfaced.

Allergic To Love

In January 2017, just a few weeks after this particular photo scandal, Vogue published an article claiming that Robert Pattinson is allergic to love. According to the article, the actor’s distaste for intimacy can be traced back to his childhood. He was raised by his Buddhist spiritualist grandparents and never felt comfortable enough around female authority figures.

In a candid interview with the magazine, Pattinson shared that he had always felt “very distant” from women, particularly his mother. When asked if he had ever felt jealous of men, he replied, “Of course. I’m jealous of anyone who gets to love whoever they want. It must be great to love someone and not have to worry about what other people think.”

Despite his disdain for the fairer sex, the 28-year-old actor confessed that he had always been attracted to strong women. When he was 15, he had a crush on a teacher, and he has openly admitted to being intimidated by his schoolmates. In a 2015 interview with The Playlist, he said, “I have a very bad case of social anxiety, which makes me quiet and humble. It makes me less of a troublemaker. It makes me feel like I’m not in the right place. It makes me feel like a kid in a candy store, looking at all the choices in front of me.”

Pattinson is perhaps best known for his collaborations with director Andrej Pejic, with whom he worked on the films The Rover and The Magic Life. In 2016, he wrote on Instagram that he and Pejic had “a romantic moment” in Italy. At the time, the rumour mill had already begun to churn out stories about their “affair”. The Daily Mail published a story that year claiming to have confirmed the allegation, with pictures from their supposed “tryst”.

Sober, Stable, And Confident

Since then, all has been quiet on the Robert Pattinson front. The singer-songwriter Abel Tesfaye collaborated with the British actor on his album Inexplicable Rust, and the pair have worked together on several films, including the upcoming Netflix series The Golden Tour. However, even in these professional capacities, the two men never quite seemed to hit it off.

Nonetheless, things seemed to be looking up for the actor. In the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, the paparazzi caught a flash of red as he left the venue, and a source told Us Weekly that he looked “happy and confident”. The outlet also reported that he had begun to venture out more and was “looking for new friends”. Finally, in January 2018, the rumour mill went into overdrive when photos surfaced of Robert Pattinson kissing Camille Grammer.

Grammer, the daughter of Donald and Celia, is an English socialite and television presenter. She has three children with her ex-husband Frédéric Sarkozy, the former French President. As previously stated, she has also been linked to several prominent figures in showbusiness, including Charlie Sheen, John Travolta, and former U.S. President Barack Obama.

While it is not known exactly when these photos were taken, it is likely that they were shot before the pair’s recent red-carpet romp in London, England. Since then, the 56-year-old actor has gone on a media blitz, sharing multiple selfie videos on his Instagram account.

A Self-Care Junkie

With all of this attention, it would be easy for the 28-year-old actor to become complacent. However, while he may no longer be in the tabloids, he has not entirely abandoned his penchant for self-care. He regularly posts about his devotion to marvellous manic (and often bizarre) skincare routines and diet tricks. Most recently, he shared a lengthy list of “self-care foods” on Instagram, including kale, blueberries, and strawberries.

In March 2018, he also shared a snap of himself applying sunscreen, further suggesting that he still cares for his skin. “I wear sunscreen every day. It’s all about self-care,” he said at the time. “I care for my skin the same way I care for my horses. They need attention, feeding, and training. So do I.”

The Meaning Of That Birdsymbol

While Robert Pattinson’s aversion to women has made for an interesting career, it is not entirely clear what the cryptic bird symbol means. When he was 15, he shared on Instagram, he and his grandparents were “all trapped in a house” by a snowstorm. After the snowflakes stopped falling, the only way that they could escape was through a window. Inside the house, a bird was sitting on a nest, and it struck the 15-year-old as a sign.

This incident sparked an obsession with birds that he has never quite shaken. To this day, several of his bandmates and collaborators have noted that he is “obsessed with birds” and that they have often seen him “cry over a bird book” or “look at a birdfeeder as if it’s the most interesting thing in the world.”

While the root of Robert Pattinson’s phobia is unknown, he has stated that he is “completely uninterested” in birds and that “[the symbol] doesn’t mean anything, actually.” When pressed about the bird’s significance, he replied, “Maybe it’s because I had a weird experience as a kid and I think the bird symbolized it. Maybe it’s an emblem of my grandfather’s death.”

New Film, New Relationship

In any event, the 28-year-old actor has not been without a partner. In January 2018, he confirmed that he was dating model Bella Hadid. The pair met in Los Angeles when they were both filming the Netflix series The Get Down. Hadid is the daughter of former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal and businesswoman Tina Huang. She has a twin sister, Gigi, who is also a model.

This is the first time that the siblings have been paired off, and much to the delight of Shaq and Qiqi, they seem to be enjoying a fresh start. For her part, Hadid has confirmed that she is “over the moon” to be working with the “genius” and praised his “brilliance”. She also told People that she and her siblings have “a bond because of the fame” and that they “love to see each other’s support through a tough time.”

Peacock Outfit Trend

While we are on the subject of feathers, it is worth noting that the peacock outfit trend has also returned. In the recent past, people with a passion for fashion feathers would flock to the websites of luxury brands like Burberry and Tiffany to ogle their favourite feathers. Now, however, you can find them on the red-carpet rims and in the boutiques of high-end designers. Whether or not this trend will make a comeback is questionable, but it is nonetheless interesting to see how many people have been exposed to this faux pas in the past year.