You may have watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on Netflix or read the book it was based on. If not, here’s a short synopsis: A man named Benjamin Button spends most of his life watching the world go by until one day he decides to do something about it. Having reached an advanced age, he decides to throw a party and invite as many old friends and family as possible. His last day on earth is an epic soiree that features musical performances, fireworks, and an appearance from Brad Pitt, who plays Button’s friend Mr. Gray.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, it’s definitely worth seeking out. If you have, then you know how stunning Pitt’s character is in the face of perfection. He looks just like Brando as the older Luke Skywalker, and it’s always a joy to watch him act.

Now let’s talk about the man himself, shall we?

At the tender age of 24, Robert Pattinson became an overnight sensation after starring in the much-acclaimed indie darling, The Rover. Since then, he’s appeared in major blockbusters like the upcoming Transformers movie and Twilight Saga installments, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn – Part 2. Most recently, he was seen in the 2017 thriller, All Things Strange, opposite Emily Blunt and Naomi Watts.

RPD’s career took off in part because of his association with one of the most iconic Hollywood franchises. When we think of The Twilight Saga, we usually think of Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Pattinson), but the movie’s success also lies in the fact that it introduced us to a rich cast of characters.

Let’s take a bit of a step back, though. What made the saga special wasn’t just its star power or the rich array of sidekicks, but the fact that it broke ground in multiple ways. First of all, it was one of the first mainstream books to be made into a movie, and it helped launch the careers of many young actors. Secondly, it was one of the first New Moon adaptations to feature a happy ending. Finally, the fact that it’s part of a larger franchise means that it’ll be around for many more years to come.

Why Is He So Successful?

Like most actors in the public eye, RPD is prone to comparison. When asked about his success, he usually deflects the praise by pointing out that he isn’t the only famous face on the big screen. While this may be true, it doesn’t mean it isn’t a factor.

In an interview with Elle, RPD stated, “If I don’t believe in myself and my work, then who will?” He continues, “If anything, I feel like the fact that I haven’t gotten any recognition yet is a testament to how much talent there is out there.”

These are probably the comments you’re going to hear the most from RPD. He’s humble to a fault, which may be part of his charm. Inevitably, though, he’ll be asked about his biggest fan, and he’ll have to say “me.”

Even if he doesn’t like to dwell on the topic, people will always bring it up because of his association with the Twilight franchise. When he does choose to discuss this subject, he’s usually quick to point out that this is a common question and that he has no problem with it. This may be true, but he also admits that he feels pressure to live up to the expectations of being a “Twilight star.”

When Will He Fall From Fame?

RPD isn’t just an actor who happened to star in a movie that went on to become a phenomenon. He has an established track record that predicts he’ll fall from fame with stunning predictability. This is evident in his choice of films. So far, he’s only worked with familiar faces (and a few celebrities) and nothing that’s breaking ground. While he may not feel pressure to live up to the expectations of a “Twilight star,” he is aware that his status in the industry depends on the next movie he delivers.

This is very telling. Not only does it suggest that he’s acutely aware of the fact that his career depends on whether or not he can live up to the hype surrounding the Twilight brand, but it indicates a problem. If he wants to keep being famous, he’ll have to find a way to break new ground, but how is he supposed to do that if he doesn’t even want to go above and beyond what’s expected of him?

What many people don’t understand is that being a successful actor isn’t all about being a famous face. It’s about delivering quality work and being recognized for it. The fact that The Rover was such a critical and commercial success despite having no recognizable faces in it is proof of this.

Why Is He Choosing To Be In Film?

You might be wondering the same thing. After all, isn’t acting one of the most popular careers right now? The fact that so many people are acting indicates that there’s a demand for it. So why is RPD wasting his time choosing this field instead of going to college and securing a stable job?

According to him, he’s chosen acting because it’s what he loves and he thinks he’s good at. He goes on to say, “I’ve always been a huge fan of film, and I think it’s a great medium through which to explore characters and stories.”

For someone who seems to have it all, why is he interested in acting? It’s not like he needs the money or fame. It’s not like he needs to prove to the world that he’s more than what they say he is. All he needs is the courage to be himself and to follow his heart. It seems like he’s found the key to both.

What Is His Political Beliefs?

Another thing you might be wondering about is RPD’s political beliefs. You might hear about his interest in environmental issues or how he feels about the way the world is going, and you’d be right. It turns out that he has a lot to say about the way the world works and the environment, so much so that he created a YouTube channel to share his opinions with the world (no surprise there).

He’s spoken out about the Flint water crisis and believes that climate change is the number one threat to the planet. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he said, “I do feel the effects of climate change. There are certain places where I’ve been unable to travel to because of the climate. I don’t think it’s just a problem of pollution, but also that there’s too much man-made interference with the natural order of things.”

These are important issues, and it’s great to see a celebrity lend their name and social media presence to such a worthy cause. He’s also spoken out about LGBT issues and believes that Hollywood can be a place where people can find acceptance. In a 2015 interview with Elle, he said, “I personally wasn’t very comfortable in my own skin, so for me, coming out was a way to find freedom. I’ve always been open about who I am, and I’m really proud of that.”

It’s great to see a famous person speak out about these issues, but the fact that he’s not shying away from controversy makes me wonder if maybe he hasn’t found the confidence to be himself yet. The good thing is that he’s aware of this and is working hard to get past it. He’s smart enough to know that he can’t please everyone, but he’s also determined to find the courage to be himself.

Does He Have A Wife?

It’s been almost a decade since RPD was last seen in a film. Since then, he’s created quite a bit of buzz with his name dropped in several high profile films (The Rover, The Batman, The Circle). While these rumors could very well be true (his name tends to show up a lot in lists like these), there’s no proof that he’s married.

We do know, however, that his time off is mostly spent with his dog. In an interview with The Washington Post, he said, “I don’t bring my work home with me otherwise I’d never get any done.” When asked if he has a favorite place to visit with his dog, he replied, “Yeah, definitely Nepal — we try to get up a mountainside as soon as possible. It’s got great views and lots of greenery and fresh air.”