You’ve probably heard of the actor Robert Pattinson. If not, then you’ve likely seen one of his films: he’s in the latest Twilight movie, he was in the fantastic Just Go With It, or you may remember him from his role as the tortured artist in the film The New York Trilogy. In 2008, he was even considered for the role of Prince Charming in a live-action version of Cinderella. But, aside from his acting career, Pattinson has a pretty interesting life. He’s been travelling the world and experimenting with lots of different styles of art, from traditional painting to photography and video work. He even wrote a book about his travels and experiences, published in 2014.

The Mysterious Case Of The Creeps

If you’re a fan of The Twilight Series, then you’ll know that the actor plays the role of Edward Cullen, a charming and handsome vampire. Edward is the head of the Cullen family, one of the most influential vampire clans in existence. He possesses extraordinary and supernatural gifts that allow him to drain the powers of other vampires (and sometimes humans). If you’ve ever seen any of the Twilight movies, then you may believe that Edward is somehow responsible for the disappearances of local girls. In reality, however, he’s just an over-eager fan who stalks the women (and sometimes the men) of his favorite books and movies.

Pattinson was never actually charged with any kind of crime, but the whispers surrounding him and his bizarre behavior are still difficult to shake. In 2005 a photo of Pattinson appeared on the cover of a Polish magazine, completely nude except for a small cross around his neck. The following year, while promoting his first solo album, Eclipse, Pattinson was photographed in a compromising position with two young women. One of the women was only 17 years old at the time. In 2007, two more photos of Pattinson emerged online, one showing the Twilight star with his arm around a woman who was believed to be his fiancee at the time, Rosie Cullen. In the second picture, he’s holding a strange object that resembled a human skull.

Pattinson was first charged with indecent exposure after appearing in an inebriated state in a British tabloid. He pleaded guilty and was fined £500 (about $900). However, in 2010 he was charged with assault and battery after being accused of groping a woman at an industry event in Los Angeles. He pleaded not guilty and was later found not guilty of battery but guilty of misdemeanor assault.

Just one year later, in January 2011, the actor was again charged with indecent exposure. It was alleged that he flashed his penis at a photographer in London. He pleaded not guilty and was let off with a caution.

Is Edward Pattinson A Sex Addict?

Believe it or not, Edward and his antics are not the only thing that people associate with the actor. Since his breakout role in the British film Four Weddings and A Funeral in 1994, he’s been known for his womanizing ways. Pattinson has dated a number of high profile women, including model Anna Kournikova and actress Kate Beckinsale. In 2009, he was linked to Paris Hilton, but the pair never actually dated. According to the National Enquirer, Hilton once referred to Pattinson as her “new favorite actor.”

Many have speculated that Edward may be a sex addict. In 2008, after he was linked to several different women, Perez Hilton called him a “slut” and “pervert” in a tweet. The same year, Elle published an article alleging that Pattinson was “scared of commitment” and “doesn’t date to save lives.” In a 2013 interview with Playboy, Beckinsale admitted that she felt “really uncomfortable” about dating the man. “It’s like, what is this man doing with my life?”

But is Edward really a sex addict? One look at his films or his social media feeds will tell you that he’s probably not the most likely candidate. In one of his books, Pattinson talks openly about how important it is for him to keep his private life private. “I don’t really want to promote my sexuality because this is a book about the power of art,” he writes. “And I feel like if I promote my sexuality, then the power of art will be tarnished.”

It’s not just about sex for Pattinson. In a 2001 interview with London’s Evening Standard, he talked about his love for film. “I think it is pretty cool that you can actually see art and films that you have never heard of before and will probably never hear of again. Especially when you are traveling or moving around the country, it is nice to see films in English, or with English subtitles, even if you don’t understand a word. It is like having your own personal movie theater in the palm of your hands, as it were.”

Why Is Edward Cullen’s Cock So Important To Him?

Aside from his womanizing ways and affinity for the limelight, Edward is a pretty method actor. For his latest role as Edward in Twilight, Pattinson had to go through a rigorous process of andrologic grooming, which means he had to get his cock and balls shaved. This was to make sure that the actor’s characteristics would match the character he was playing. According to the Sun, during filming the actor had to “go above and beyond what [he] had ever had to do for a movie.” During the filming of the fourth Twilight film, Pattinson revealed that he had to shave 15 minutes off of his usual filming time due to the extensive amount of prosthetics that he had to wear. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he talked about how difficult it was to find the right pair of prosthetics for his character: “I tried on about ten different pairs of prosthetics before I found the right fit. It was quite tricky. You have to find that perfect balance between being different from Edward and still being a part of the family.”

While we’re sure that fans of The Twilight Saga will have fun speculating about Edward’s anatomy, it’s not really important. What is important is that he continues to be one of the most recognizable and well-established male actors in the world today.