Rob Pattinson is one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood, with his fair isle white beard and his ever present movie magic. He is most well known for playing the role of gruff but lovable elder, George Mallory, in the 2015 movie, The Discovery. Here are some of the best ways to contact the beloved actor.

By Email

Although it’s always nice to get a new message from a famous person, it’s not always the best way to get in touch. Rob Pattinson rarely if ever checks his email, and when he does it’s generally because he wants to schedule an interview or get some press clippings about the latest movie he’s working on.

That being said, he does sometimes respond to fans’ emails, such as the one below, in which she asks how she can get in touch with him and he suggests she email his publicist.

To contact Rob Pattinson via email, please send your inquiries to He will likely not respond to emails sent to his personal email address, which is available on his website.

On Facebook

While we wait patiently for the whimsical Mr. Pattinson to respond to our emails, we can stay connected to him on Facebook. The popular actor recently updated his status to read, “Just back from New York after filming The Discovery. Exciting times! Looking forward to resuming work soon on my new movie. Thanks for all your support.”

The best thing about Facebook is that it’s the most convenient way for fans to keep in touch with their favorite celebrity. If you want to stay updated on his new projects, join his Facebook fans, who can often be found discussing the latest news and developments in the actor’s life.

On Twitter

Another way for fans to stay connected to their favorite Hollywood stars is through Twitter. Rob Pattinson’s tweets are generally quick bursts of humor, news, and random, entertaining tidbits. He mostly uses the platform to advertise his work, with the notable exception being his occasional replies to fans’ questions.

To follow Rob Pattinson on Twitter, simply search for his name or @RobPattinson. You can also look out for news topics that he’s involved in, which will often be mentioned in his tweets. It’s a great way to keep up with all the latest news regarding the popular actor.

By Phone

One of the more traditional ways to get in touch with a celebrity is through their phone. Unfortunately for us, Rob Pattinson never seems to be available for direct phone calls. For that matter, he rarely signs autographs, so we rarely get a chance to ask him anything. He did, however, respond to a fan’s question about his favorite scent, saying it was “a combination of Patchouli and something woody, like Pine or Cedar.”

Unfortunately, calling his publicist to ask about Rob Pattinson is not an option. The best way to reach the actor is through one of the resources below.


Agency names can be a little deceiving, but they generally stand for something. When an agent’s name is preceded by the word “For,” we know they’re representing a celebrity. This could be a truly prestigious representation, or it could just be someone’s spare time hobby, depending on the context. When an agent’s name is followed by the word “Agency,” we know they’re representing a brand. With the brand’s name elided, we can usually guess the type of work the agency does. If the agency is Moore, Morris, and Sinclair, then we know they specialize in celebrity publicity and representation in the film industry.

If, however, the agent’s last name is Carter, Lynch, or Ditchburn, then we know they’re handling some pretty high profile clients. Carter is a well-known Hollywood agency, and Ditchburn is the sort of place that represents big-name actors and musicians. Lynch is somewhere in the middle, representing A-list stars and also working with regular people on sponsorship deals and product endorsements. The point is, an agent’s last name can give us some important clues about the kind of client they’re representing.

Personal Assistant

Hiring someone to be your personal assistant is a great way to ensure you get in touch with whoever you want, whenever you want. It’s usually pretty easy to guess the sort of person this role would suit, but hiring someone who’s already well-versed in the ways of Hollywood is doubly advantageous. Not only will they be able to help you get in touch with Rob Pattinson, but they’ll also be able to give you tips on how to behave around famous people.

Rob Pattinson has a personal assistant, and she’s been known to reply to emails and calls from fans. If you want to get in touch with the actor, you can email his PA at An assistant’s last name is generally followed by the name of the company that employed them, which can help you figure out what sort of PA you’re dealing with. We’ll advise you not to hire someone with the last name Sinclair, as their services are usually provided by a junior person, and they aren’t very knowledgeable about the industry. If you aren’t sure what agency you want to work with, then it’s best to choose an established name, such as PA Simpson, who has worked with A-list celebrities for years.

Some celebrities have private assistants who only handle logistics for the star, while others have personal assistants who interface with the public on their behalf. The distinction largely depends on the size of the agency and the amount of responsibility the assistant has. For example, a personal assistant who coordinates the actor’s schedule, manages his social media accounts, and answers emails and phone calls is generally considered to be a part of the team. A more traditional assistant, who just handles logistics and occasionally posts to social media on the actor’s behalf, is a bit more of a glorified secretary. It’s a very common practice for agencies to have both sorts of assistants, so don’t be fooled by a simple surname. You can also find someone who can call you on behalf of the actor, should he be unable to do so himself.

Media Consultant

A while back, Rob Pattinson tweeted about how he was “Thrilled” to have his PR skills “Used for a Purpose,” and in a way, he’s right. Having an entire team of people working to promote your career is certainly a unique feeling. Most actors would only have a small army of publicists and social media trainers to help them get the most out of their platforms. It’s a different world once you’re in it, and it requires a different sort of person.

When a celebrity engages the media to talk about their projects, the results can be life-changing. To that end, it’s no surprise that many stars utilize the valuable services of a media consultant. A consultant will help you craft the perfect pitch for the media you’re pitching to, advise you on the best platforms to use for your specific niche, and generally guide you through the often complex world of press coverage.

If you’re ever fortunate enough to engage with the beloved Mr. Pattinson, then a media consultant is someone you’ll want to have on your side. With them, you’ll have the resources of a small media team at your disposal. It’s a sort of celebrity boot camp you never knew you needed, but now that you do, you’ll be glad to have the help.

Online Community

It’s always great when a celebrity comes online to respond to, or at least acknowledge, a fan. After all, the Internet has brought fans together in a way that just wasn’t possible before. The problem is sometimes the celebrity doesn’t even know they’re onto a fan page, or at least that it’s not private, and they can’t tell the difference between a fan page and a place they’ve read about on the Internet. This can make things complicated, especially if you want to engage with the celebrity about, you know, their work.