Robert Pattinson is one of the most famous Hollywood Celebrities around right now. He was born in London, England and grew up in the countryside, attending the prestigious Harrow School. And let’s be honest, who hasn’t heard of Rob Pattinson? The man has had a rough time in the public eye, surviving a car accident that left him with severe injuries. And since then he’s managed to keep the paparazzi at bay, mainly using private jets and hidden locations to avoid the press.

Well, now that he’s healed from his accident and the paparazzi have stopped chasing him, it’s time to focus on his film career. And we have a feeling that Rob Pattinson’s secret to success is connecting with fans on a human level and making them feel like part of the Hollywood elite. So let’s look at how to co-star with Robert Pattinson and capture that unique experience on film.

1. Establish Rapport

Obviously, the first step in co-starring with a famous person is getting along with them. And to do that, you need to earn their trust. Which brings us to our first point: build rapport. You’re going to be working closely with this person for the majority of the time when making the movie, so make sure that you establish good personal bonds. Be mindful of your body language and ensure that you are showing them that you are interested in them as a person, and not just as a celebrity. This takes time, so be patient.

2. Research The Role Carefully

The second step in working with a famous person is taking the time to do your research. You have to remember that this is a high-pressure role and you’re going to be expected to behave in a certain way, so it’s important that you choose your character wisely. It’s also necessary to consider the kind of work that the person is used to. Does he love action movies or documentaries? Does he prefer comedy or drama? These are all essential questions that will impact upon the way you approach your role as much as the script itself. Your answers to these questions will determine how successfully you are going to be able to co-star with Robert Pattinson. Remember: this person is used to getting their own way and if you want him to treat you fairly then you need to be prepared to fight for what you want. So, do your research, discover the person’s preferences and motivations and play your cards right.

3. Prepare Genuinely

The third step in co-starring with a famous person is preparing genuinely. Even though you are playing a character, you need to be showing the person you are working with that you are actually interested in the role and want to give it your all. This means that you need to be dedicated and show up early, prepared for the long hours that are ahead. And also, try to stay present in your mind, forgetting about your personal life for the sake of the character you are playing. You have a lot at stake here, so take this role seriously and be mindful of how you are presenting yourself to the public eye. Fame is a fickle thing and today, you could be tomorrow’s superstar. So be mindful of how easily you slip into your role, otherwise, the person you are working with might think that you’re not as serious about this role as you should be. Also, if you want to ensure the person you are working with feels like you’re acting in a spontaneous manner, throw in some funny bits here and there. Just be sure that you’re showing them that you are having fun while simultaneously staying focused.

4. Research Location Efficiently

If you want to capture the essence of co-starring with a famous person, you need to be considering the location you are shooting in. This is especially important if you are shooting in another country. It’s not always easy to find the locations that you need for the movie and it’s certainly not cheap to rent them. So, make sure you are doing your research and finding the best possible locations. Furthermore, it’s imperative that you are respecting the location you are in and the people who live there. It’s one thing to shoot a movie in a studio and it’s another to shoot in a real house or building. And, sometimes, the owner of the property doesn’t appreciate you using their house for advertisement.

Now that you’re armed with this information, you can take the appropriate steps to co-star with one of the most famous men in the world. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be able to impress your audience with your unique blend of charm and professionalism. Not to mention, who wouldn’t like to be co-starred with Robert Pattinson?