Robert Pattinson has been getting a lot of attention recently – for better or worse – and it’s not all because of his Hollywood career. The British actor has been in the spotlight after reportedly dating a circus clown named Sophie. They were first spotted in Venice, Italy, in early October and have been in a number of high-profile events together including concerts, parties, and photo shoots. Some have questioned whether Pattinson is just using the clown to gain more attention, while others believe their unlikely partnership is a genuine romance. Let’s examine the evidence and determine for ourselves if Rob is really dating a clown.

All Of A Suitable Match

Pattinson’s upcoming movie Velvet is based on the real-life story of Lois Van Cleef, a woman who entered a committed relationship with a dolphin named Vince. (Perhaps not surprisingly, the character he plays in the film is named Robert.) The actor has previously spoken about how impressed he was by a woman who could maintain a long-term relationship with a highly sociable animal, and he seemed to have found the perfect match in Sophie. If you recall, in 2010 he was joined on-set by a famous English comedian named Matt Berry for the film Water for Elephants. Berry plays a role in which he has to eat a whole raw rat, and it’s safe to say that the actor did not have a good time filming that scene. Luckily, the part of the rat was dubbed, so we never get to actually see Berry eat real flesh.

A Good Sport

Pattinson’s affinity for quirky anecdotes and humorous asides is well-established, and throughout his career he’s often been seen as a man of both high spirits and good humor. His latest role as Edward Cullen in the film adaptation of Breaking Dawn – Part 1 is no different, and Sophie has played a key role in his on-set humor, including the making of a funny video compiling funny anecdotes about their time together. (And no, that’s not a euphemism. We’re not sure what kind of video they made – but we’re sure it didn’t go down well with the people behind the scenes.)

They Make For An Interesting Sight

If you’ve ever been to a circus, you’ll know that clowns are there to entertain us. Their tricks and funny faces are designed to make us laugh and sometimes, when they’re really good, they can make us shed a tear or two. So it’s not hard to see why we’d be interested in seeing a famous Hollywood actor date a clown. Especially a clown as beautiful and talented as Sophie. The two of them would appear to be a striking couple, and although it is only media speculation at this point, it seems that they may be truly inseparable.

Sophie Is A Genuine Relationship Enthusiasts Club

Sophie has been described as a “fairytale couple” by a Russian publication, and there’s definitely a romance novel vibe to their story. They attended the premiere of Pattinson’s latest movie, The Lost City, together in Venice and were photographed holding hands afterwards – an image that was later captioned “Aww… isn’t it sweet?” The pair have also been spotted at a number of art exhibitions together, including London’s Serpentine Gallery. Some have cited this as evidence that they are a genuine couple, while others have suggested that the relationship is simply a publicity stunt to boost Pattinson’s image.

She Is Familiar To Many

It’s not just that Sophie is a circus clown. She also performs in plays and on television shows, including an episode of the popular sitcom “The Good Food Guide”. The actress has been photographed before with various celebrities, including Orlando Bloom, but it’s not clear if this is just a professional partnership or if they’re actually an item. (They were recently joined by a famous British comedian at an exhibition, which suggests that they may have found romantic interest from another person as well.)

She Is Also Well-Known For

Sophie isn’t just known for being Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend, she’s also famous for being the girlfriend of another famous celebrity. If you’re not familiar, David Beckham and his wife, Victoria, have a blended family that includes a number of children – including sons Romeo and Brooklyn. (And yes, he has a twin sister named Chloe as well.) When Victoria took a maternity leave from her role as a mommy-to-be, she was replaced by Sophie. (The two women are believed to have met on the set of the film Paris, Where École Begin.) In 2016, Sophie gave birth to the couple’s first child, a boy named Kai. (Or as she announced on Instagram, “Our precious son, Kai Edward Pattinson was born on June 17th, 2016.”)

An Opportunity To Present A Different Side

Whether or not to believe the reports that they are an item is a personal choice. But it seems that some people are taking the opportunity to present David Beckham’s wife in a different light. As a result, Sophie has become a kind of feminist symbol in some circles, and although she has addressed the rumors in the past, it seems that she might be happier to let the world know that she is a good sport and enjoys a laugh as well.

Whether you believe that they are a celebrity couple waiting to break up or a celebrity couple who are committed to each other, it seems that we’ll just have to wait and see. (Although, considering how much time they spend together, it seems that they are likely to stay together for the foreseeable future.)