While we were lucky enough to catch up with Robert Pattinson on the occasion of his marriage to Twiggy, we couldn’t help but wonder about the real Chuck Bass and how he handles his renowned temper. After all, it is well known that he is not one to mince his words.

The comparison between these two high profile celebrity marriages is sure to raise its eyebrows; however, knowing How They Met will surely bring a smile to your face. For those of you who are thinking of tying the knot, here is a little history lesson.

How Do They Differ?

As we mentioned above, it is well known that Chuck Bass is not a man who is easily pleased. This reputation was clearly established when he reacted angrily to the mere mention of the actor’s name. Fortunately, this did not keep Bass from entering the Academy, where he eventually became a member.

Though they are separated by several decades, it is safe to assume that Chuck Bass has not changed much since his days at Yale. Some might even say that his temper has only gotten worse with age.

On the contrary, the temperance-loving Lord Ruthven is the epitome of a composed and thoughtful gentleman.

The Differences In Attitude

Despite their temperaments, there are some important differences in approach between the two. For example, it was once said that “Bass always speaks his mind, and he doesn’t care who knows it.” It would be more accurate to say that Chuck Bass minds who knows it, but he is not necessarily adverse to flattery.

“It is no secret that I am a fan of yours,” Robert Pattinson recently wrote to Chuck Bass, expressing his admiration for the Academy Award winner’s acting abilities. “I was particularly struck by your performance in Blue Jasmine, which I believe is your best work to date. I cannot praise you enough for what you have achieved.”

Even more remarkably, the actor went on to say that he has been watching Bass’s films since he was a young teen, despite the fact that it was not released until 2014.

While it is easy to see how Robert Pattinson could be flattered by such remarks, it is somewhat different to hear them from someone with a more mature fan base like Chuck Bass. Not that he was not generous in his praise – he just did not want to appear too eager.

The Differences In Carriage

Another important distinction between the two is in their carriage. For those of you who are not familiar, carriage is a euphemism for the way a person walks or moves. It can also be used to describe their overall style.

A person with good carriage is poised and confident, while a person with bad carriage walks with a slump. This difference is clearly seen in the older and wiser Lord Ruthven, while the younger and more impetuous Bass exhibits a slouch.

For example, it is a good idea to watch Chuck Bass’s more recent films for a better understanding of his style. In the 2017 movie The Shape of Water, we see Bass as Elster, an academic who travels to London to meet the great British Museum director, Howard Carter.

As noted by Peter Suderman of Movies.com, “Bass has one of the most recognizable and endearing walk styles in Hollywood. Here is a man who seems to exude confidence, despite the situation.” Or as Carter himself said in a 1952 interview with The New York Times, “Chuck makes a perfect Elster—very light on his feet and quick.”

The Differences In Education

Another important difference between the two is in their educational background. While Robert Pattinson’s family is well-known for their wealth and influence, Chuck Bass’s is not. In fact, he is the first of his family to attend college, and he has always been determined to ensure that his children will be able to maintain their quality of life whether or not they follow in his footsteps.

According to several biographies, Bass has an obsession with ensuring that his family’s name is remembered. He is also known to be very protective of his children, considering them to be extensions of himself. This is one reason why it is always a family affair when his children are in the presence of a parent.

The Differences In Profession

Another difference between the two is in their professions. For those of you who are not aware, Bass is a successful businessman, while Ruthven is a professional nobleman. This means that, as far as we know, they do not necessarily have to work for their money; however, they make a living off their connections, so it would not be a stretch to assume that their finances are inextricably linked to their social status.

While Ruthven is a member of the British aristocracy, he chose to hide this part of his life from the world, only bringing it to light after he became attached to a woman he was forced to marry. After his wife, Lady Judith, died of influenza in 1919, Ruthven resolved to live a life of solitude and dedication to his art. He took the surname “Ruthven” in order to avoid attention and protect his identity. Though his secret was eventually revealed, even in his later years he continued to lead a concealed life, rarely leaving his home and denying himself any personal relationships.

In contrast, Chuck Bass has always been very forthcoming about the fact that he is a multi-millionaire. He built his fortune as the founder and chairman of a company that owns CIGNA, a major insurance company. Though his net worth is usually listed as being in the tens of billions, Forbes magazine estimates that his net worth far exceeds this amount, topping out at around $20 billion. This makes him one of the richest men in the world. In 2016 alone, he was reported to be worth around $12 billion

Bass did not set out to be a businessman, but he inherited a wealth of connections from his father, who was also an influential and respected executive at CIGNA. It is apparent that Chuck’s parents believed in passing on their knowledge and experience to their children. This is most likely why Chuck has always been so driven to provide for and protect his family.

The Differences In Ethnicity

One final difference between the two worth mentioning is in their ethnic background. As the son of a well-known and wealthy businessman, it is not entirely unexpected that Chuck Bass would be surrounded by a plethora of famous faces. This is not the case for Robert Pattinson, who was born and raised in the UK to British parents. Though he has been surrounded by wealth and success since birth, the fact remains that he is the spitting image of his humble beginnings.

It is no secret that being Hollywood royalty can be problematic. The spotlight is always at its brightest when you are in public, but it can also turn rather cold. The pressure to perform can be immense, and the stressors that come with it can have a devastating effect on your health. Perhaps it is this burden that has driven Robert Pattinson to such great lengths; he has always been a man obsessed with the idea of private, family life. In an effort to protect himself from the outside world, he has made it a point to remain undiscovered, keeping his existence a secret from even his closest friends and family. They do not know that he is a household name in British Columbia, Canada, where he lives in seclusion with his wife.

Final Takeaway

While these two high profile celebrities may seem very different on the surface, it is clear that there are important similarities between them. As previously stated, it is well known that Chuck Bass is not a man who takes kindly to being ignored or underestimated. Though he may come off as gruff and crude at times, he is actually a very proud and protective parent who will go to great lengths to ensure that his family’s name is not forgotten. His children will always be his number one priority.

The differences between the two are numerous and significant—most notably, their temperaments and approach to life. While we were fortunate enough to speak with Robert Pattinson about his marriage proposal, it is clear that he and Chuck have very different views on how to live life.