While some people are still trying to wrap their heads around the fact that Emily Bluntand her actress husbandarenowfriends, celebrity news website TMZ reports that the talented young couple’s relationship is much more serious than we thought. According to the website, producers of the upcoming moviehave decided to scrap the initial cold open and open with a romantic kiss between the young actress and the young actor.

Is Pattinson Affectionate to Blunt?

Even though we’re more used to seeing the affable and charming Pattinson in goofy comedies likeand, the actor is apparently not so casual around Blunt. According to TMZ, he spoils her with affectionate gestures like holding her hand while walking down the street and leaning in for kisses. While this may seem like a typical Hollywood romance, the couple has been keeping their relationship under wraps and has avoided the paparazzi, so it’s safe to assume that their connection is more than platonic.

Are They Dating Because of Their Roles?

Based on their impressive resumes, you’d think that a match made in Hollywood would be a perfect match. However, the truth is that celebrity is not always enough in this world. Emily Blunt is a five-time Oscar nominee who has won for Best Actress in each of her roles (in 2014’s, 2017’s, and 2018’s). Likewise, Rob Pattinson is a two-time Oscar nominee who has won for Best Supporting Actor in 2016’s.

Despite their incredible talent and fame, these two would-be stars must also overcome a major hurdle in their relationship: the fact that they play the same character in a movie that they are dating in real life. According to director Baz Luhrmann, the couple will have to put their acting careers on hold to devote themselves to each other.

Although they’ve been together for a while now, their on-screen chemistry inwill give them the credibility of a brand new relationship. When they’re not working, they will have to take time out of their schedules to be together as real people, which might be difficult for either of them since they are so committed to their careers. Sincerely,

Rob and Emily B. Fans, we hope you enjoyed this article. If you want to read more about this movie and its interesting premise, check out our review of the film or browse our summary of the plot below.

What is Chuck Bass’ Role in the Film?

Chuck Bass is a New York socialite, and he and his friends are determined to have a good time before the economy collapses. Bass takes the lead in organizing a bachelor auction to raise money for charity, inspired by a similar event that he witnessed as a child in an Italian restaurant. The friends he invites to the bachelor party are Robbie, his best friend; his girlfriend, Shelby; and her sisters, Summer and Taylor. It is clear from the beginning that Taylor and Shelby are interested in Bass, but the other two are less sure. They are both attracted to handsome, young entrepreneur Calvin, whom they mistake for Bass at first glance. They are particularly interested in his companies, Square One Coffee and WeWork, and decide to trick him into thinking that they are romantically interested in him, so that they can investigate his companies and hopefully steal some secrets.

Does He Like Coffee?

It is no secret that Bass is a big coffee lover, and he takes the opportunity to quiz Calvin on what type of coffee he likes. Calvin is a bit of a coffee snob and is not impressed by Bass’ knowledge of the topic, but when the conversation turns to his companies, he is momentarily distracted. It seems that Bass may have underestimated Taylor and Shelby; they definitely appear to be coffee lovers, especially after spying on his email and finding out his daily caffeine intake. While the others continue to quiz Bass about the finer points of coffee, the couple of lawyers head to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee before the party continues.

Did You Predict This Match?

As we mentioned above, even though celebrity is not always enough in this world, it is for this particular couple. Based on their impressive resumes and the chemistry they display onscreen, it is no surprise that Hollywood chose these two to play a part in its next big film. While it is still early days, so far their chemistry is believable and enjoyable to watch. While we don’t want to give too much credit to gossip websites, it is nice to see a relationship that is being publicized so early on.

The film is scheduled for release in the summer of 2021, which gives the couple several months to work through their relationship issues. Even though they will have to keep their acting careers a secret for the time being, hopefully they will use this opportunity to grow closer as a couple and also be more confident in their relationship.

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