It’s official: We lost the golden couple!

Wedding rumors were swirling as soon as Christine Stewart and Robert Pattinson got hitched back in October. The lovebirds had been dating since September 2014 and were joined by their families and a flock of bridesmaids and groomsmen in London for their intimate ceremony.

Not even a fortnight later, the wedding bells were ringing as Pattinson posted a series of pictures on his Instagram account of the newlyweds relaxing with their guests at a nearby park. Their big day was filled with joy and happiness as they enjoyed every moment together.

But as the wedding celebration came to a close, it became clear something was amiss. Fans noticed the happy couple had less than three hours to their flight back to London and, although they tried to play it off as a joke, it was pretty clear something was up.

The Rumors

First, let’s talk about the wedding rumors. Like most celebrity couples, the stars of the Twilight Saga had a fair share of gossip around the time of their wedding. Most notably, there was chatter that Pattinson was having second thoughts about walking down the aisle in a suit.

With just three hours to go before their flight, the actor posted a picture from the London registry office with the caption, “Wedding bells are ringing. I’m just waiting for my bride.” Fans noticed the irony in the statement as Pattinson was previously engaged to singer FKA Twigs. In an interview with Rolling Stone earlier this year, the actor talked about how their relationship developed over the years and how they finally decided to buck the trend and get hitched.

The couple’s chosen wedding date was October 25, the same day as Christian Grey’s (played by Pattinson) first encounter with Anastasia Steele in the erotic novella, Christian Grey (1850). So, rather than risk missing the big day due to travel restrictions, the actor had to put his dreams of grandeur on hold.

The Honeymoon

It’s been a crazy year for the newlyweds as they spent the first months of their marriage on a whirlwind honeymoon trip around the world. As soon as they landed in Hong Kong, the newlyweds were greeted by fans and well-wishers as they made their way to the airport to catch their flight. They then traveled to Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore before taking a brief detour to Paris for an impromptu visit with Christian Grey. Their first stop in the French capital was the Eiffel Tower. The couple is also seen riding a Gondola in Venice Beach and posing for a selfie in front of a giant beach ball on the Italian Riviera. The newlyweds are also seen kissing and cuddling on an Albanian mountain top and surrounded by snowy scenery in the Lake District. In January, the couple jetted off to New York for the Sundance Film Festival where they showed off their famous sparkle to the crowds.

The Post-Wedding Routine

When they returned from their honeymoon, the newlyweds settled into married life in Twickenham, London. They created a post wedding routine which involves spending each day doing activities as a couple. Whether it’s taking a walk, playing sports, or going on dates, the pair seem to have fun together. As for work, Pattinson stays busy as always, but now that he’s a married man he’s putting in more hours as he juggles work and family. His wife keeps busy socializing and hosting dinner parties as the couple settle into married life.

The Repercussions

The news that the Twilight stars had called it quits rocked the celebrity world and had serious ramifications for those connected to the show. The biggest blow came when it was revealed that Summit Entertainment had decided to end its partnership with Twickenham and would be moving the production of the Twilight movies to Vancouver. Not only does it mark the end of an era, but it also means the end for a great many jobs.

However, it wasn’t all bad news. While the studio was losing a costly film production, it gained a pretty penny when it decided to revive the series through digital channels. Without the backing of a major corporation, it fell upon Twickenham to once again step up and pick up the pieces. They did this through a combination of private financing and studio backing.

The newly formed company, Little Pink Houses, continues to thrive as the production company behind Hustle, a popular UK based sports reality show. According to London’s The Telegraph, the company is funded by “a savvy mix of private equity and debt financing,” and is on track to double its size by next year.

Pattinson and Stewart’s divorce was finalized in February and the former couple have since been spotted socializing and, at times, even hanging out together. They’ve also remained on good terms with the children, particularly Sophia, nine, and Jack, five. When asked about the possibility of reconciliation, Pattinson told Entertainment Tonight, “It’s something I’ve always wanted and I still love her very much, so I always try to see the best in things.”

Whether or not the former couple can mend their broken hearts and find happiness together remains to be seen. For now, at least, they have Little Pink Houses to keep them company.