There is a lot of talk about which actor plays the best Batman. Many fans seem to believe it is a straight battle between Christian Bale and Robert Pattinson. This is far from true. Even though they are both phenomenal actors, they definitely do not match up to each other. In fact, they are among the most opposite comic book movie characters you will ever see. Let’s look at their most distinctive differences to see how they stack up against each other.

Facial Hair

Bale is clean-shaven, while Pattinson sports a bushy, scruffy beard. Although, they both have a certain charm to their appearance, let’s put it this way: no one would ever confuse them. Even the great William Shatner would struggle to play the same character in real life as he does in the popular comedy series “Get A Life”.

For many years, Bale was the only actor who was allowed to portray the Dark Knight. While beardy actors like Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and others have since joined the fray, Bale still holds the record for the longest time as Batman. So while it is true that he is not as hirsuteness-obsessed as he once was during the late 1990’s, he has never been allowed to grow a really magnificent beard. His Batman remains somewhat of an enigma. We’ll never know what exactly went on Robert Pattinson’s mind when he decided to grow the thicket he sports as Batman. Perhaps he truly believed he would play the part better with a fuller beard. Or maybe he simply craves the approval of the ‘gram. Whatever the reason may be, we will never know.

Body Language

Bale is very often described in the media as a “cold-hearted killing machine.” This is a far cry from the winking, joking guy you would imagine from just looking at him on the big screen. In fact, he usually projects an image of absolute seriousness, as befit a man dressed as a bat. This is his “dark side” as he says. This side rarely, if ever, shows up in public. In fact, it is usually glimpsed only in the eyes of loved ones who have suffered great tragedy. Most people who meet Bale describe his body language as “unintrospective.” This simply means that he does not normally show much emotion in day-to-day life. However, he is very thoughtful and observant. When he does show emotion it is usually very deep and intense. The famous “Batman Begins” interrogation scene where he screams “DIE!” is a great example of this. He was playing with his emotions then and let them get the better of him. This is a side of Christian Bale we have rarely seen. He does not do this often and when he does it is usually for very good reason. He is a very complex individual who often keeps his feelings deep down. While on the surface he may appear cold and unemotional, there is always a lot going on behind the scenes for the actor.

Pattinson is the complete opposite. He is very much into showing off his physique and rarely keeps his emotions hidden. He is very expressive and almost always up for a laugh. In fact, he often seems to be in on the joke or at least playing along. When he is not joking, he projects an image of cool, calm professionalism, as befit a man in a cape and cowl. So while his body may be occupied, his mind is never far from his “girlie” side. This is an approach that has served him well in his career and allowed him to rise to fame as one of Hollywood’s most in-demand leading men. While he may not always be comfortable showing his emotions, he is clearly very passionate about what he does and the characters he plays.


It is well-known that Robert Pattinson has a high-pitched voice. This is something of an oddity among Hollywood stars, as most of them tend to modify their voices for the camera. The exception to this is Hugh Jackman, who is best known for his accent in “Shannara.” We have yet to hear Christian Bale speak, but it is safe to assume his voice would not fit the bill, either. This is an area where Pattinson actually excels and this is largely thanks to his deep baritone voice. While it may not be in the same stratosphere as Tim Burton’s iconic “Batman” voice, it is certainly an interesting voice to listen to. It projects power and authority, which is perhaps what Burton was going for, though it is not necessarily a bad thing.

The bottom line is that these two actors are very much alike in many ways. They were both born in London and have both spent time in Australia, before moving to America to pursue acting. They are both considered to be very talented and versatile actors, who have been in movies that have stood the test of time. These movies were “The Dark Knight” and “The Great Gatsby” respectively. While their bodies may never leave the gym, it is great to see such classic movies brought to the big screen, once again. And who knows? Maybe Christian Bale will get the last laugh, after all.