Chris Evans is best known for playing Scotty in the original Avengers movie and currently appears in the new Avengers movie out this year. One of his latest projects is a new action-adventure film called Life, which hits theaters on April 12. Evans was previously married to Jennifer Anniston, but they divorced in 2013. Following their split, Evans became engaged to Elsa Benitez from Italy in 2015.

Robert Pattinson

Also starring in Life is British actor Robert Pattinson. Best known for his roles in the Twilight series and The Conjuring, Pattinson recently wrapped production on the next installment in the Revenant series, which will be titled The King. The new film is set to hit theaters on December 18, 2018.

Pattinson’s new film projects include Isle of Dogs, The Lighthouse, and the unreleased High Life. On the small screen, he starred in the Amazon Prime series The Lost Experience as an emotionally damaged former superhero named Desmond.

The two actors have been friends for a long time. They shared a common love for horror films, and Evans even wrote and directed the short film Bubby, which starred Pattinson. The two also appeared together in the 2018 horror film Apostle. In the film, they played a married couple who take in a young boy that they believe to be a gift from God. However, the child turns out to be a vampire, and the couple ends up having to kill him to protect themselves and the community.

A Shared Passion For Horror

The two actors share a passion for all things horror. Evans’ wife Elsa recently opened a horror-themed bar named Barcroft in Santa Monica, California. The bar serves as a meeting place for film and TV producers. “There’s definitely a focus on horror there,” a source told E! News. “If you walk in, the first thing you’ll see is a Ouija board, because that’s what they love the most.”

Evans and Pattinson were both raised in London and attended the prestigious Stanbridge College. They later moved to Los Angeles and began working in film and TV. The two have also collaborated on several projects, including The Walking Dead comics and a collection of ghost stories that Evans wrote and directed. Evans and Pattinson also founded their own production company, Oni Press, which is responsible for the popular Joe Ledger series (based on a character from The Walking Dead) as well as the graphic novel adaptation of Stephen King’s It, which was illustrated by Michael Beckett.

The Shared Lifestyle

The two also share a similar fashion sense and often be seen out together in public. They attended the 2018 Golden Globes together and have been photographed attending numerous red-carpet events and premieres recently. In fact, even before their on-screen pairing was announced, the two were already spotted together at a few events, including San Francisco’s Pride parade in June 2018.

Evans and Pattinson have been very open about their love for fashion and style. The two have a shared stylist named Meg Webber, who has worked with them on several films, and they often post pictures on social media of themselves looking stylish and adorable.

Will They Ever Be A Screen Couple?

The question of whether or not Evans and Pattinson will ever actually star in a movie together has been a popular one among fans for years. The two have teased various romantic leads in various projects over the years, but the question of whether or not they will actually star in a major studio production together remains unanswered.

The answer, at least, is no. Evans is currently contracted to star in three more films for Fox and New Regency, and he has reportedly turned down numerous other offers, including from Warner Bros., because he wants to keep working with New Regency.

Pattinson similarly has a lot of contract work ahead of him. He is currently starring in the just-released Birds of Prey, and he has several TV series and a handful of other films set for release in the next few years.

So, while it’s fun to speculate about the future of these two Hollywood stars, it might be best to leave that part of their lives to the imagination. Still, it’s fun to think about all the romantic possibilities, isn’t it?