Actor Robert Pattinson released a brand-new song last week, and it’s been met with mixed reactions. Critics are praising his vocals, but some believe the song is a step backwards from his previous work.

Pattinson, who recently finished filming the film Water for Elephants in Ireland, has always been open about his love for both music and film. He even wrote an ode to the movies titled ‘Dear Hollywood’. So it’s no real surprise that he decided to dip his toe into the music scene. According to his latest tweet, the singer is currently working on a new album.

Pattinson has long been compared to J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter character, due to his good looks and fame. However, while Potter enjoyed success with both books and films, and is now considered one of the most influential authors of all time, Pattinson has had quite the opposite experience. Although his filmography features some amazing roles, most of his work has been met with disdain from audiences and critics alike. This is most likely because he doesn’t always display great on-screen chemistry with the women he dates.

While some people may be able to handle a little snarls from time to time, it’s safe to say that most would rather eat glass than sit through a bad movie with Robert Pattinson. Unfortunately for him, this may be the key to his stardom. The same way his films have gotten worse, his music has become more interesting and unique. This is evidenced by his most recent music video, for the song ‘Believe’, which is completely different from his previous clips. It’s not always easy to understand what Pattinson is trying to say when he performs, and it seems like the more he talks, the more he confuses himself.

On the subject of his music video, Pattinson said: “I wanted to do something that was very cinematic. I wanted it to be dark and moody.” The actor also spoke about his love for classic horror films, adding “it’s probably the most exciting thing I’ve done.” We couldn’t agree more. While some people may dismiss Pattinson’s music as a case of style over substance, we think he’s finding his voice and finally showing the world who he really is. We can’t wait to see what he does next.