Wondering if Rob Pattinson is “cheap” or not? You’ve probably considered the 26-year-old English hottie quite a few times over the past year. After all, he’s a household name in the U.K., and, since his breakout role in The Twilight Saga, he’s been in high demand. But, have you ever wondered if he’s worth it? Is Rob truly worth spending all that money on? Let’s consult the numbers and decipher whether or not you should buy into the Twilight hype.

How Big Is The Demand For Rob In 2021?

It’s been an eventful year for Rob, and it’s certainly not over yet. Since the end of last year, Rob has been in high demand, appearing in multiple award-winning films and TV series. He’s kept busy, traveling frequently for work and shinning at the international film festivals, including the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. But, it’s not just his film work that has maintained the public’s interest in him. It’s also his personal life: In early 2021, Rob tied the knot with longtime girlfriend and model Victoria Beckham. As well, he’s been linked to numerous high-profile women, including Hollywood A-listers and fashion royalty. So, it’s clear that Rob’s popularity hasn’t diminished even a bit since we first discovered him in 2012. In fact, it seems like his admirers are growing with every passing year.

How Good Is Rob At Capturing The Hype?

It’s hard to find a bad word to say about Rob. Despite his relatively young age, he already has a very extensive filmography. Plus, he’s managed to stay popular even as the public’s interest in Twilight seems to have dwindled. So, it would be a shame to purchase a Rob t-shirt or hoodie and have it be considered “vintage,” because the next fan won’t be able to wear it. But, at the same time, it’s important not to let popular opinion influence your decision making. Just because a lot of people love or hate a certain celebrity doesn’t mean that their opinion holds any water. It’s always smart to go with your heart and what you feel is right.

Is He Worth The Hype?

This is a question that you have to ask yourself. It’s one thing to have a genuine affection for Rob, but it’s another to buy into all the hype. In most cases, there is no wrong answer to this question. It really depends on how much you’re willing to spend and whether or not you think that Rob is genuinely worth it. If you do plan on purchasing a Rob product, make sure that it’s something that you’ll be able to keep for the long term. It’s also wise to purchase branded merchandise, as opposed to purchasing a generic one. This is largely due to the fact that you’ll have much more faith in the product, knowing that it’s associated with a well-known and popular brand. So, in the end, it’s all about how much you’re (genuinely) willing to spend on Rob. The rest is just a bonus.