It’s Day One of the 2018 Nashville Film Festival and everyone is ready to party. Except, perhaps, for Robert Pattinson. The British actor is wearing a black tee with the word ‘party’ printed on the front. The festival isn’t quite the same without him. It’s a relief to see him pop by the bar to get a drink before the premiere of his latest film, Beautiful Mistakes, a drama about love and deceit set in the world of professional basketball. The film’s premiere is followed by a Q&A session with the cast and crew.

Greeting All His Faithful

After a hectic few weeks of promoting his new Netflix series, The Neapolitan Novelist, Robert Pattinson has finally managed to unwind a little. A day after the premiere, he’s relaxing at a house party in the historic city of Chattanooga. The location is perfect for relaxing – look down to the river on one side and up at the mountains on the other. Onlookers can also enjoy the city’s famous music scene. It’s Day One of the 2018 Nashville Film Festival and everyone is ready to party. Except, perhaps, for Robert Pattinson.

He arrives at the party in a navy blue suit with a patterned tie. The 65-year-old actor is known for his ensembles of the same colour. As he makes his way towards the bar, he’s being mobbed by fans. Some of them are holding up autographs and photos. The British actor is arguably the most popular singer among his fans. They’ve travelled from all over the country to see him. He signs a few autographs and poses for photos before heading over to the bar to get a drink. When he returns, he’s wearing a black tee with the white capital letter R printed on the front and holding a drink in one hand. Onlookers can also catch a glimpse of the tattoo on his arm, which reads ‘FAITHFUL’. It’s a relief to see him pop by the bar to get a drink before the premiere of his latest film, Beautiful Mistakes, a drama about love and deceit set in the world of professional basketball. The film’s premiere is followed by a Q&A session with the cast and crew.

Nashville Is Heaven For Film Fans

Robert Pattinson has been in Nashville for a couple of days attending the 2018 Nashville Film Festival, where he’s been inundated with interviews, fan signings and movie screenings. It’s been a whirlwind tour for the English actor, but as one of the biggest movie stars to ever set foot in the city, he couldn’t have asked for a more fitting introduction. The city, after all, is home to one of the biggest music scenes in the country.

The actor is most famous for his role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight franchise. He’s also earned a dedicated fanbase for his portrayal of the brooding and enigmatic Prince Edward. It’s fair to say that Robert Pattinson is one of the most recognisable faces in Hollywood. Just look at those deep blue eyes. They can mesmerise just about anyone they encounter. It’s fair to say that Nashville is going to be the place where his eyes are going to be resting for a long time.

The Making Of ‘Beautiful Mistakes’

Beautiful Mistakes follows the story of NBA rookie Kevin (Gabriel Chaves) as he navigates the minefield of dating in a big city. A successful businesswoman (Annie Ilonzei) and a wealthy developer (Marc Warren) are among the suitors who pursue the handsome young man. The latter two have hired sports psychologist Lyle (Robert Pattinson) to help them get through to Kevin. Lyle, who has never had much luck with women, decides to make the most of this opportunity and help Kevin play his way into the good books of these beautiful women. So while Lyle coaches Kevin on his romantic relationships, he also has to fend off the advances of the other men in the film – most of whom have designs on the rookie.

In the end, it’s not all about winning the heart of the object of your desire. Sometimes, it’s about satisfying your own needs first. The story focuses on the struggles of a professional basketball player navigating society. It touches on several important themes, including self-worth, insecurity and the impact of fame. It also offers a unique perspective on the difficulties of dating in a big city, as well as a peek at the competitive world of professional basketball. Directed by Kevin Reynolds, the film also stars Gabriel Chaves, Marc Warren, Annie Ilonzei and Donal Logue.

Gabriel Chaves

One of the stars of the film is Gabriel Chaves, who plays Kevin. The young man is the son of Mexican immigrants and grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. He attended college at the University of Illinois and joined the basketball team as a walk-on. That was in 1997. He eventually made it onto the team and, as a sophomore, led them to a 20-14 record and the second round of the NCAA Tournament. After his sophomore season, Chaves declared for the NBA draft. The next year, he was the second pick of the NBA draft. In 2005, he signed a contract to play for the New Jersey Nets. He was then traded to the Sacramento Kings in 2009. After spending two years in Sacramento, he was dealt again, this time to the Houston Rockets.

Chaves has played for most of the elite basketball teams in the NBA. He’s also suited up for the WNBA, the defunct now defunct IBL and Russia’s Spartak Moscow Region. He now plays for the Memphis Grizzlies. In 2017, Chaves played in the NBA All-Star Game as a member of the West. He also won the NBA’s Most Improved Player Award in 2016. He’s been a regular starter in all but two of the seasons in which he’s played. Since joining the Grizzlies, he’s started in every game but one and averaged 15.4 points, 6.2 rebounds and 2.7 assists per game.

Marc Warren

Another actor who stole the show at the premiere is Marc Warren. The Michigan-born actor has acted in several films and television shows, including The Handmaid’s Tale, Boardwalk Empire and Grey’s Anatomy. Most recently, he had a recurring role on the series The Walking Dead. He also played for the New York Knicks and the Cleveland Cavaliers before ending up in Australia, where he currently plays for the Sydney Kings in the National Basketball League. In the film, Warren plays the dual role of Mark Fuller, the head of the Fuller Development Group and William Deveraux, a professional basketball player who is also one of the main suitors in the game. He’s earned an impressive array of accolades for his role in the film, including several awards from the Hollywood Awards. For his role as Deveraux, he received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor. He’s currently in post-production on the fourth season of the The Walking Dead, which will be his last before he considers retirement.

Annie Ilonzei

Annie Ilonzei also stars as a successful businesswoman in Beautiful Mistakes. The Toronto-born actress has appeared in several films and television shows, including HBO’s The Righteous Gemstones and Starz’s The Chi. She played supporting roles in the films Candy, Love, Simon and Book Club, as well as the television shows Downtown Abbey and Chasing Life. Most recently, she starred in the Lifetime movie The Duff Girl as well as the YouTube Red series Sex Education. Ilonzei is currently starring in the Lifetime movie The Perfect Daughter as well as the upcoming Netflix series Sue Me.

Donal Logue

Donal Logue also stars in Beautiful Mistakes as Dr. Donald Langley, a psychotherapist who offers his services to the athletes in the film. The actor has appeared in several films and television shows, including Black Mass, Alpha and Omega and The Handmaid’s Tale. Most recently, he had a role in the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy as well as the film Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story. Logue is currently filming the Netflix series The Irishman.

The making of Beautiful Mistakes was a lengthy process. The film started as a passion project for writer-director Kevin Reynolds. The 47-year-old originally wanted to make a movie about a man who was paralyzed from the waist down and unable to walk. He eventually decided to change the setting to New York City and focus on the dating world of an NBA basketball player. The main character was originally named Kevin, but Reynolds changed his name to Adam to reflect the main character’s journey of self-discovery.