I have known Charlie for over 20 years. We first met in the corridors of a rather prestigious university when he was a first year student. He had just dropped out of school and was working part time while taking on an undergraduate degree in geology. When he graduated with his honours degree he got a job at a London recruitment company. Being the good ol’ geologist that he is he applied his skills to hunting for oil and gas in unconventional places like the Arctic Circle and off the coast of West Africa. Being based in London, he became a familiar face around town as he ventured out on exploratory drilling missions aboard his luxury superyacht. After 10 years with the company he moved to the other side of the world to join a company that ran tours off the coast of Bali. He spent another 10 years working and living in beautiful Indonesia, often exploring the region in search of new discoveries. During that time he became one of the country’s best-known businessmen and explorers. In that era he was known to be involved in many philanthropic causes, supporting the arts, education and environmental protection. A true Renaissance man, he expanded his business interests to include property development, golf course design and construction, and luxury yachts and superyachts brokerage. On a personal note, we had several interesting adventures together and even spoke at length about life, work, and the future. I feel very lucky to have known him and to have been able to share in some of his adventures. Now that he has retired from the marine industry he has finally decided to open up about his life, work, and future plans. This article is going to be the ultimate insider’s look at what is ahead for our friend Charlie. It is going to cover all the bases: where he is now, where he has been, and where he is heading. Keep reading and finding out more about this fascinating individual:

Retirement And The Evolution Of His Company

Let’s start at the very beginning. After spending over 35 years of his life working and living in incredible locations around the world, Charlie decided to call it quits. In early 2018 he sold off his entire marine business and retired to a more peaceful life. Now, having got his bearings, he is looking to evolve his company and use his extensive network to continue making a difference. He has been weighing up his options and is now focused on property development, with a particular interest in Bali and the Islands. He has always been passionate about properties and real estate, so this is a natural progression for him. He has also decided to make an important contribution to charitable causes, including supporting a programme that supplies disadvantaged children with their school uniforms. Another focus for him is to make a positive difference to the world and the environment, and in particular to reduce his eco footprint. He has already started a foundation in this regard, which is using its resources to support educational projects in developing countries. Let’s take a closer look at the company that he built up and how it has evolved and changed over the years. I will do my best to give you an insight into what this wonderful human being is up to, as well as taking you on a fascinating journey across several continents. You may find that the more you know about Charlie, the more you like him. So here we go:

Trophies, Rum, And Monkey Mayhem

The year of 2018 started badly for Charlie. Just after New Year he was involved in a fatal car accident on the island of St Barts, where he was touring with a group of friends. He broke his neck in the accident and was hospitalised for several months. He took a lot of painkillers and recovered very slowly. While he was recuperating his friends and business acquaintances organised a series of fun and challenging expeditions in memory of him. The trips were an excuse for them to get away, and a way of celebrating his adventurous spirit. One of the trips consisted of an organised bike ride from St Barts to St Lucia, where he was staying with friends. It was a very challenging journey, and he loved every minute of it. Another expedition saw him diving with the giant marine turtles in the Bahamas, followed by a boat excursion to see the famous nurse sharks in their natural habitat. Charlie found the experience incredibly educational and came back even more determined to live his life to the full. After that he decided to shut down his marine business. Nowadays he spends his time between London and St Barts; he divides his time between the two places. He still owns a number of luxury superyachts and travels occasionally in the company of a glamorous companion. Having retired from the marine industry, he now has the time to devote himself to the things he loves most: property development and making a difference to the world. He clearly has plenty to keep him busy, as well as providing him with some unique experiences along the way!

Grapefruit, Monkey Pie, And A Trip To The Dentist

A few months after his accident Charlie started to feel a little under the weather. He had developed a taste for grapefruit and decided to give it a go. He mixed it with lime and soda to create a refreshing drink that he quickly became addicted to. It was at this point that he came across a recipe for Monkey Pie, a food product that he had never tried before. He decided to give it a go, and the rest, as they say, is history. He took to the drink like a duck to water and quickly grew a devoted following. Unfortunately, not everyone appreciated his new drink. One of his neighbours had a particular dislike for grapefruit and thought it was unfair that Charlie was favouring it over other fruits in the household. So, in order to placate his neighbour and prevent any unpleasantness, Charlie offered to bake him some monkey pie. His neighbour could not turn down an offer like that, so he duly went to Charlie’s house to inspect the pie. He took one bite and asked for seconds. This is when the trouble started. This particular neighbour was a real monkey, and he proceeded to steal the pie and stuff it into his face. As you can imagine, this did not end well. After the pie-eating competition went haywire, Charlie brought him into line by giving him a good hiding. They fought for a while before the neighbour conceded defeat, and since then things have been quiet between them. In fact, this year has been relatively calm, with Charlie devoting more time to his health and well-being than to causing trouble. He still feels guilty about the whole thing, but he has moved on. As for the drinking, it continues to be a favourite pastime, and he is always looking for new concoctions to try. He mixes rum and coke with pineapple juice, lemon juice, and maple syrup, then garnishes the entire drink with a slice of pineapple and a cherry. Rum and monkey pie – what a combination!

An Island Getaway

There is another side to St Barts that I think you should know about. As I mentioned above, Charlie suffered a serious accident after losing control of his car on the way to the airport. This happened close to the town of Flamands, on the east side of the island. The impact of the accident was so great that it literally took his life in two. The doctors and paramedics did everything they could to save him, but they were unable to revive him. He was pronounced dead at the scene. This was a horrible tragedy, and it left its mark on everyone involved. When the news broke, his friends and family were absolutely devastated. They had just got started on a new journey together, and it was cut short. It was a blessing that he had such good friends and colleagues around the world, however, because they threw themselves into organising these bike rides, challenging dives, and pie-baking competitions, it was a way of celebrating his life and showing their love and support. They wanted to give him a proper send-off, and this is what they created. They spent the whole of last year pulling together ideas, resources, and plans for these bike rides, and it paid off. It was a beautiful tribute to Charlie, and it gave him the send-off he truly deserved. It was a chance to spend some relaxing time with his loved ones, away from the bustle of the world, and he was able to ride his bike all the way to the airport and back without worrying about traffic or getting lost. It was a magical moment. As soon as he got his bearings back he set off for Flamingo Bay, in the hope of finding rest and privacy. He purchased a beautiful villa with a pool and hired a private team of Caribbean villa guards to protect it. The team leader was especially recommended to him by the manager of the villa, who had worked with him on several previous adventures. This is where he wanted to be, and he has been enjoying his new-found freedom ever since. After the initial shock and grief, he found the island quite therapeutic, and he certainly hasn’t regretted his decision to come here.