If you’ve ever heard of Charlie Pattinson, you’d probably know him as the handsome, bearded gentleman who serves as the host of the long-running PBS series _Finding Your Roots_. If not, you may know him as the star of over 50 popular internet sex tapes where he bangs some of the most beautiful women in the world. We’re talking about famous people with many twitter followers and Instagram fans who have had sex scenes that went viral. These are the people whose faces we see on our screen whenever we log on to social media. If this sounds like you, then congratulations! You’re in for a treat because you’re about to learn the fascinating story of how Charlie Pattinson became one of the biggest pornstars of all time.

Charlie’s Journey To Fame

To begin with, Charlie Pattinson was born in Newcastle, England in 1961. He moved to the United States as a child and eventually settled in Southern California. During the 1980s, he worked his way up from the bottom of the porn industry, as a production assistant and then a PA for a company called Blue Moon Productions. It was while working for Blue Moon that he first came across the work of adult film legend Jack Nicholson. One day, Charlie was asked to drive Nicholson and another man to the airport. When Charlie arrived back at the production company, he found a note on his desk from Nicholson, inviting him to come in and meet the president of Blue Moon. On his way to the meeting, Charlie stopped at a barber shop and got a trim. On the way to the appointment, he passed a porn audition, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The Evolution Of Porn

If you think that all porn is the same now that you can find anything on the internet, you’d be mistaken. Back in the day, the only source for porn was adult bookstores. In those days, the porn industry was mostly focused on softcore pornography, which was usually shot in black and white. Since the advent of the internet and social media, an entirely new world of porn has evolved, and it’s changed the game forever. Today, you can find anything and everything on the internet. Back in the day, if you wanted to see hardcore pornography, you had to go to a special shop or log on to a website, both of which are still around but have since evolved with the times.

The evolution of porn is one of the big reasons why Charlie Pattinson is so successful today. Back in the day, if you wanted to see hardcore sex, you had to go to a special shop or log on to a website. Now, anyone with a smartphone can find the same exact content on their computer or mobile device. The internet has made the world of porn a lot more accessible, and that, in turn, has led to more people being able to live their dreams and make a living from porn. In other words, the evolution of porn has helped make Charlie a very rich man.

The Making Of A Pornstar

Now, let’s take a journey back in time to meet the man behind the fame. Once you join the Charlie Pattinson website, you’ll discover that he’s not just some famous pornstar—he’s an entirely unique individual who has written several books, produced music videos, and established himself as a vegan foodie and animal rights advocate.

In 2009, Charlie traveled to Germany to shoot an internet porno with a very famous pornstar named Rebecca Love. The shoot was supposed to be entirely professional but ended up being so much more. During their time in the country, the pair filmed several steamy scenes that went on to become internet porn classics. In one of the clips, Charlie gives Rebecca a footjob and then eats her pussy for dinner. In another, Rebecca rides Charlie’s cock until they both cum. Afterward, Charlie feeds Rebecca grapes and kisses her. While in Germany, Charlie started a production company called Bangers&Strokers with the intention of making more porno films. Several of the world’s top pornstars, including Anna Bell Peaks, Asia Argento, and Asa Akira, have worked with Charlie on some of his productions.

Why Are Vegans And Vegetarians So Popular In Porn?

If you’ve ever wondered why vegans and vegetarians seem to get a lot of work in the adult film industry, here’s the answer. Animals, especially ones that are sexually mature, are usually easier to find in big cities. That’s because there are more people walking around and more people go to the city seeking work, which makes it easier for producers to cast their desired roles. In addition, animals that act in porn films often have to undergo rigorous training, so it’s no wonder that there aren’t many pornstars that are actually from the great British countryside. Finally, directors, producers, and other employees in the porn industry often have a large social circle, which makes it easier for them to meet and connect with other influential people in the business. When you consider all of this, it’s no wonder that vegans and vegetarians are well-represented in the adult film industry. What once was considered taboo now seems to be a common theme in many porno flicks. It’s almost as if the internet has empowered people to follow their desires, no matter what taboo surrounding them might be. That’s one of the things that makes Charlie so unique and so appealing—he clearly doesn’t care what people say or think about him, which is why he’s been able to maintain such a large and loyal fanbase all these years.

Whether you’re a fan of his or just want to know more about the man behind the celebrity, you can’t miss out on reading one of the many books that Charlie has written. Many of them are about his life story, while others are simply for entertainment purposes. Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn more about Charlie, you can’t go wrong digging into his fascinating history.