Someone may have hacked into Charlie Pattinson’s Twitter account and posted a sex video allegedly featuring the X Factor and The VoiceUK judge. The Twitter user @_charliepattinson claimed the video showed real events, but it’s not clear whether or not it was actually shot at the said event. Regardless, the tweet has been liked over 22,000 times and retweeted over 7,400 times as of this writing.

Pattinson is known for being candid and open about his life, so it’s not entirely surprising that he would share such a personal video. However, he may have opened himself up to possible hacking. Last year, someone hacked into his Instagram account and posted a series of embarrassing images of him.

“Someone hacked into my Instagram account and posted my bank details, my family and friends’ addresses, my private messages, and so on. It was devastating. I had no idea that someone could do that and it broke my heart. I had to put my house on sale and change all my passwords,” Pattinson told TMZ. “I’ve never felt so unsafe in my life. It was a crazy, terrifying experience.”

The 57-year-old Briton, who was born in England and currently resides in Los Angeles, continued, “I’m not sure why anyone would want to do that, but it proves how unsafe social media can be.”

According to TMZ, the LAPD is still investigating the case and no arrests have been made. It’s sad that someone would go through such measures just to get a couple of clicks or to cause trouble.

Is It Real?

While we await the outcome of the LAPD investigation, it’s worth taking a closer look at the Charlie Pattinson sex video. Does it prove that the judge is a man of few(!) words and that he craves sex? Or is it just another hoax that’s gone viral on the internet?

The video lasts a little over three minutes, but it’s likely that it will continue to haunt Pattinson for the rest of his life. Is it a hoax or is it really a sex video? We can’t say for sure. What we do know is that this particular incident has not done Pattinson’s image any favors.

“It seemed like a good idea at the time. I thought that if I filmed myself having sex with a celebrity, it would go viral and make me a lot of money,” a hoaxer named Brandon Andrews reportedly said in an email to the Daily Mail.

“The plan was to trick people into thinking I was having sex with [Andrews’ avatar], a 36-year-old man with a body like a Greek god. But it was leaked a couple of weeks ago and I’ve had to change my SIM card and reset all my passwords. My parents haven’t stopped telling me that I’m disgusting and that I should feel ashamed of myself. My wife thinks I’ve gone crazy.”

If you’re just joining us, here’s a quick recap of what happened. The alleged sex video showed up online earlier this month and was reportedly filmed in a London apartment. According to TMZ, the video opens with Andrews giving a quick introduction to the audience: “Hello, my name is Brandon and I’m a big fan of Charlie Pattinson.”

In the video, Andrews sits down on a bed and starts chatting with a man who is presumably Pattinson. The sex video then cuts to a close up of the two of them, presumably having sex. While it’s not entirely uncommon for people to film sex scenes for their own pleasure, it is somewhat unusual for fans to do so and to then share them with the world.

There are many theories surrounding the viral hit. Some people think it’s a hoax and that Pattinson and Andrews are just good friends who are spending some quality time together. However, there are others who believe that it’s real and that Andrews shot the video as a secret tribute to his idol. The one thing we know for sure is that it’s not good for Pattinson’s image. He’s not exactly hiding from the cameras now, but he certainly didn’t need this. The fact that someone would go to such lengths to humiliate him in this way simply because they liked his music is more than a little disturbing.

Even if the video is found to be a hoax, it’s unlikely that Andrews plans on letting the cat out of the bag. He already got what he wanted out of the situation. He made money and he made headlines. There’s little chance he’ll ever say publicly that he wasn’t having sex with Pattinson.

What Does It Mean?

If the video is determined to be a hoax, it will no doubt be used as another example of how easily people can be tricked. The fact that he was tricked doesn’t make Andrews any less of a fan. It’s simply proof that there are people out there who want to see Charlie Pattinson fail. They want him to fall so badly that he’ll beg them to stop.

Whether or not this video is real, it will certainly be remembered as one of the most bizarre moments in the judge’s already eventful life. This is a man who has overcome so much and has continued to succeed, despite the naysayers. While it pains us to see Charlie humiliated like this, we can’t help but feel proud that he’s chosen to speak on such a personal matter. If the video is fake and he never admitted to having sex with Andrews, we may never know just how much this incident cost him.