Charlie Pattinson is a young English actor best known for starring in the Netflix television series A Knight’s Tale. He quickly became popular for playing Winchester the white wolf in the popular fantasy series Dark Wings. 

In A Knight’s Tale, Pattinson stars as Bevan Knight, whose mother (played by Glen Close) dies after giving birth to him. Bevan, or “Khan” as he’s often called, is a young man haunted by the death of his mother. He decides to leave his home in the Fens and head off to Cambridge to study Animal Behaviour. He befriends Will (Aidan McGowan), an Old Etonian, who joins him on his journey and eventually becomes his best friend. 

Bevan’s father (Richard Griffiths) has been locked up in a lunatic asylum since the day Bevan’s mother died. He is the only family Bevan has left, and he desperately wants to be a part of Bevan’s life. 

The story of A Knight’s Tale is based on the real-life friendship between Charlie Pattinson and Aidan McGowan. The two young men met while filming A Knight’s Tale in Cambridge. They bonded over their shared interest in literature and writing, and enjoyed discussing books and theories on Tiger Ming (Twitter). 

While filming Dark Wings in Ireland, McGowan proposed to Pattinson. The actor said yes, and the two wed in 2018. Now Pattinson is a husband and father, and Dark Wings is one of Netflix’s most popular series.’


Charlie Pattinson is one of the most trusted and liked Instagrammers on the platform, with over 890,000 followers. In September 2018, he launched his own subscription-based content publisher, OnlyFans. The page is similar to other social media platforms in that it allows users to “follow” and “like” content that they find entertaining or valuable. 

As a result of his high follower count and the success of OnlyFans, some of Charlie Pattinson’s most popular Instagram posts are daily life covers, ranging from funny selfies to more serious shots such as him holding Bevan. 


The popular British actor has also found success on the often sarcastic and critical website Reddit. While in Bevan mode on Instagram, Charlie Pattinson posted several self-deprecating stories on Reddit. In one such story, called “Bevan Mode,” he describes himself as “just a kid from Cambridge who wants to be famous.” In another, he reaches out to his subredditors, telling them “we’re all fans here.” One of the more recent ‘Bevan Mode’ posts on Reddit features him riding a unicycle, wearing a blindfold, and holding a sign that simply reads “unicycle.”

A Passion For Puns

Another way in which Charlie Pattinson demonstrates his wit is through the use of puns. He often peppers his Instagram and other social media posts with rich puns that often crudely joke about his name. For example, in one of his latest Instagram posts, he reverses a common misconception about wolves by saying “we’re not just monsters under the skin.” 

If you think that puns are nursery language and not worth a second thought, think again. Many academics and English literati hold punning in high regard, as it is believed that puns can enrich our vocabulary, enliven our language, and expand our minds. Some puns are so good that they deserve a place in the modern language speeches and books we read today.