I’ve been using YouTube for years. Back in the day, it was known as “YouTube.” Then, it was “Youtube.” And finally it was “My YouTube.”

I created a page for my YouTube videos, where I describe each video and its content. This article will tell you more about the best free YouTube video player. I’m talking about the one that comes with YouTube and not third-party apps that connect to YouTube.


The YouTube app lets you browse videos by genre, popularity, or recently updated. You can access your playlists, watch history, follow topics you’re interested in, and upload videos to share with the world. You can also like, subscribe, or comment on videos as you please.

The YouTube site itself is a beautiful place to discover videos. You have instant access to millions of movies and TV shows. You can also upload your own content to share with the community.


As I mentioned above, YouTube is a very popular website, so it has a lot of traffic. This means you’ll most likely encounter a lot of annoying ads while using the platform. Sometimes these ads are so outrageous that you’ll want to punch them in the face! (I kid, I kid.) Thankfully, there are several ad-free YouTube versions available if you’re looking to avoid those terrible ads.

YouTube’s interface is clean and minimal, which makes navigating the site easy. On the other hand, vLogz takes the cake when it comes to the interface of an ad-free YouTube video player. Its design is a beautiful mixture of bright colors and geometric shapes.


YouTube is a bit much for phones to handle. Even though it isn’t particularly taxing, it’s still not ideal for watching videos on the go. If you have 4G, you’ll most likely experience excellent download speeds. If not, you might have to settle for 3G. This is why I recommend using a Wi-Fi connection when possible.

VLogz is the preferred choice when it comes to watching YouTube videos on a regular basis. Its speed is amazing and it handles all types of videos without a hiccup. The app also has a minimalistic design, which some people may find easier to use than the YouTube app.

User Experience

If you’ve ever used YouTube, you’ll know that it’s not the most user-friendly video platform out there. For instance, the layout can be a little confusing. Even though the site is incredibly popular, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to use. Once you get the hang of it, you can definitely find your way around without any problems.

Since vLogz is ad-free, it doesn’t require any kind of login, and it’s very easy to use. On top of that, it has a very simple and clean interface. For someone who’s new to the platform, it might be the best option available.


To wrap things up, here are my top 5 favorite YouTube video players (in no particular order).

  • Vidyard – Best for watching anime and foreign films.
  • Morpheus – One of the simplest and cleanest players.
  • Plexus – For those looking for a movie-streaming app that supports offline viewing and fast synching.
  • VideoPal – For people who want to remove the annoying ads from YouTube.
  • Stunning – An elegant video player that supports a range of formats including YouTube live streaming.
  • Cloudinary – For video creators who want to upload their own content to YouTube.

Vidyard is one of the few YouTube players that supports anime and foreign films. This is because the site has partnered with Funimation and other content creators to bring popular anime shows to the platform. In other words, there are more opportunities for anime fans on YouTube than there are on other sites.

Morpheus is another great option for people who want to remove the ads from YouTube. This is because the app is completely free, and it allows you to download videos for offline viewing. Plus, there are no annoying ads to disrupt your YouTube experience. This is definitely a win-win situation if you ask me.

If you’ve read this entire article and are still on the fence about which YouTube player to choose, I recommend checking out VideoPal. This is because it has an interface that’s not too complicated, and it also allows you to download videos for offline viewing. The biggest difference between VideoPal and the other four players is that it supports live gameplay streams from your favorite gamers. This can be a great way to check out what all the commotion is about since you can actually play along.

If you’re looking for the best YouTube video player for iOS devices, I recommend checking out Stunning. This is because it has a clean and simple interface, which makes navigating the site a breeze. Plus, everything operates smoothly without any lags or sluggishness.

As you may have guessed from the article above, my top pick is Vidyard. This is because the app is designed for watching anime and foreign films. These types of videos generally require a lot of hunching over, which can be tiring for older viewers or people with bad knees. Plus, Vidyard is one of the few YouTube players that allow users to save videos for offline viewing. This can be a great way to save some battery life if you watch films often on the go.

If you’ve ever used YouTube, you might have noticed that the site isn’t the most user-friendly place to be. Even though it’s the largest video sharing platform in the world, it still has some kinks to work out of its system. Luckily, there are several free, ad-supported YouTube alternatives if you’re looking for a new platform to call home. As a digital marketing manager, being able to create compelling and consistent video content is important for my work. With these five apps, I’m able to do just that.