We have all heard of the saying ‘It takes money to make money’, but do we really understand what it means? How much does it take? How much does it cost to be luxurious? Let’s look at the extravagant lifestyle of Charlie Pattinson, the English socialite and former owner of the glamorous Claridge’s Hotel, and see how much money it cost him to live the lap of luxury – a sum of approximately £30,000 a day.

A Luxurious Home

When it comes to buying a home, most of us are driven by two important factors: financial security and lifestyle choice. We look for a property that we can afford, that gives us an acceptable lifestyle, and that provides us with a sense of comfort and safety. If we are investing for the long-term, security is of paramount importance to us, and this usually means a move to a larger property, or a buy-to-let investment to provide us with a reliable revenue stream.

What if we are looking for a short-term lifestyle purchase? Can we still find a home that provides us with all of these factors?

Let’s look at the example of Charlie Pattinson. For several years, he lived in a £12 million mansion with his family. This came as a result of buying property for long periods of time in various parts of the world. Eventually, he decided to sell all of this and move to a more modest £5.5 million home, which he solely owns. Why? Because he wanted to live a more luxurious lifestyle. He wanted to be able to give his friends and family a better weekend than they would get from working hard all week, and he wanted a large enough home to entertain guests. So, what did he do? He invested in a large kitchen equipment package that included a Miele coffee machine, Subzero freezers, and a Moka pot. Not only that, but he invested in bespoke chocolat, and also had a mini-refrigerator installed in the kitchen.

The ‘One-of-a-Kind’ Mini-Fridge

This is a small refrigerator that has an aesthetic appeal, a practical appeal, and a luxury appeal. It appeals to our sense of style, it appeals to our sense of practicality, and it appeals to our sense of luxury. What properties do we value most when shopping for a home? Style and practicality are often at odds with each other, but with this refrigerator, style and practicality are both important factors.

Let’s look at the example of Emily, a very wealthy socialite who also owns several luxury brands. She lives in Italy and owns properties in London, as well as in the country. She keeps salmon, pheasant, and caviar in her fridge, and has a large freezer containing all the traditional Italian foods she loves. Additionally, she keeps a few bottles of Château Lafite in her mini-fridge, which she opens for her guests any time they want a drink. This is practical, as she can open the fridge and serve drinks to her guests without having to go to the effort of preparing a meal. It is also a demonstration of style, as she keeps this very unique piece of French luxury equipment in her kitchen.

A Refreshing Ice-tea Set

Here we have a beautiful teapot, as well as a pair of tongs to stir the pot, and a tray to serve the tea on. This set is a stylish statement, and it provides our tastebuds with a refreshing ice-tea option, should we desire it. What better way to enjoy a warm summer’s day than with a fresh ice-tea, served in a beautiful teapot? We can see how this item would appeal to our sense of style and luxury.

Claret For Dinner

One of the delights of having a drink after dinner is the opportunity to indulge in a little luxuries. How much do you love a good claret? Enough to buy it? Indeed, if you find that you love a mellow, smooth dark-red wine that will compliment your meat and veggie options, then this is the wine for you. You can even buy this claret by the bottle for less than £20, making it a realistic option for your frequent drinker’s box.

Wine At Every Meal

Here we have a practical solution to our luxury dilemma. This is a bottle of champagne that is ideal for every meal, as it will go perfectly with any food choice. What is more, as the bottle is already opened, there is no need to worry about a corkscrew breaking, or the cork going flat. All you need to do is pour some into a glass and you can indulge in this luxurious drink any time you want. This champagne is an excellent option for individuals who have a drinker’s box, as it opens up a wide range of possibilities for frequent drinking sessions. In addition, it can be stored in the fridge, with little to no affect on its flavour – it stays fresh for weeks, even months, after opening.

When we discussed the subject of luxury within this article, we talked about the various costs that come with this lifestyle. There is no question that living a luxurious lifestyle comes at a price; however, sometimes this is a price we are willing to pay. It is not always about the money, as we often value our friends and family more than our possessions, but it can be hard to put a value on these qualities. Living a luxurious lifestyle is not always easy, and it sometimes entails making difficult and even compromising decisions. Sometimes we have to sell off a huge chunk of our assets, and move to a smaller flat or house, or even a camp-bed. However, despite all of this, we feel it is all worth it, and we would do it all over again. This, in a nutshell, is what it means to ‘live the lap of luxury’.