If you follow popular Instagrammers on social media, then you’ll most likely have come across Charlie Pattinson. The 31-year-old influencer has over a million followers on the platform, and his aesthetic is certainly distinctive: lots of green accents and an overall DIY vibe.

Pattinson started his career in 2015, when he became one of the first celebrities to pursue an influencer marketing strategy. Now, he’s one of the most in-demand creators in the industry, reportedly making £30k+ per day via commission sales from brands like Mulberry, Burberry, and Ralph Lauren.

In this article, we’re going to dive into Pattinson’s Instagram account and lifestyle, and how he became one of the most influential creators on the platform.

Early Career

Pattinson was born in Oxford, and grew up in the UK watching DIY YouTube videos. It was there that he discovered his passion for fashion and style, and began styling his own outfits and performing daily makeup tutorials for his followers.

Aged just 15, he became one of the youngest YouTubers to reach 1 million subscribers, and at just 21, had amassed over 4 million followers. He has consistently updated his channel, posting vlogs, fashion hauls, and makeup tips.

Pattinson launched his own line of beauty products, named ‘Charlie’, in 2018. The range is available to buy online, with the majority of products being made of natural and organic ingredients.

A Fashion-Loving Maverick

Alongside his fashion-related content, Pattinson has also established himself as an expert on all things DIY. He’s amassed a huge following on Instagram by demonstrating how to do various tasks using mainly tools that you can find lying around the home.

In one of his most popular videos, he shows viewers how he crafted the perfect wooden box for storing their jewellery and other expensive possessions. The video has had over 500 million views and counting, making it one of the most viewed videos on the platform.

In another video, he shows kids how to make their own jewellery out of recycled materials. The creator demonstrates by using cardboard, glue, and coloured paper, as well as sharing the crafty and eco-friendly ways in which he’s upcycling various items.

He’s been credited with helping to popularise the ‘green fashion’ trend, as he’s shared countless tutorials on how to reduce your carbon footprint while still maintaining a fashionable lifestyle. Many of his followers have since taken up sustainable fashion as a way of life, paying homage to his blog posts and videos by sharing similar content and establishing communities of like-minded individuals on the platform. And it’s not just green fashion that he’s passionate about, as you’ll see in the featured image of this article – the self-proclaimed ‘King of All Media’ is also an advocate for body positivity and featuring plus-sized fashion content.

A Passion For Photography

If you’re reading this, then you’ll most likely be familiar with Instagram as it is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. It’s certainly popular here in the UK too, with over 1.7 million users in the country. As well as being a place for users to share their content, the platform is also used for brands to connect with their fans and offer content that is tailored to their audience.

In 2019, Instagram introduced new features to their platform to help creators earn more from their content. The service launched an IGTV standalone app, which users can access via the website. It’s widely considered a game-changer for content creators, especially as it bridges the gap between traditional and digital marketing, allowing brands to target audiences that wouldn’t usually visit their websites. Not only that but it allows creators to upload longer videos, expanding the range of content available to their followers.

One of the first creators to jump on the IGTV bandwagon was Charlie. He started his own channel here, posting the majority of his content to his Instagram from here. While his Instagram page is dominated by fashion content, he does also feature some of his photography, which has been recognised by the Sony World Photography Award.

Attracting A Larger Audience

Pattinson’s Instagram feed is vibrant, with lots of vibrant colours and content that feels fresh. It’s rare to see an influencer’s Instagram look so alive and bursting with life, and it’s clear that the unique aesthetic of the account is driven by the content that Pattinson posts.

It’s no secret that influencers can rack up millions of followers on social media platforms like Instagram, but it’s rare to see someone post with such an authentic, vibrant energy. Through his vibrant feed, Charlie is able to attract new audiences and continue to grow his account, which now boasts over a million subscribers. Along with Instagrammers like Bella Hadid and Hayley Williams, who regularly feature products from high-end fashion houses like Burberry and Louis Vuitton in their content, the fashion-oriented influencers are helping to raise awareness of sustainable fashion, raising the profile of smaller brands and creating an opportunity for consumers to purchase products that they might not have seen before – if at all.

A Brimming Feed

As well as establishing himself as an influencer with a substantial social media presence, Charlie is also an award-winning blogger, with a monthly readership of 500,000 across publications like The Huffington Post and Metro. His blog features style, beauty, and lifestyle content, and while he focuses on sustainable fashion and body positivity, he also champions under-represented groups like rural America, and even animals.

In 2020 alone, he’s been nominated for three blogging awards, winning one. He’s also scored four feature-length assignments for top tier magazine publications, including ELLE and Vanity Fair.

Making Money

While the fashion industry as a whole is undergoing a massive transformation, with independent brands taking the lead and established houses closing down stores, Charlie’s been able to navigate the digital transformation and maintain a lucrative career, even through the pandemic.

As a celebrity influencer, he typically earns commissions from the brands he promotes, which can add up significantly. In 2020 alone, he’s reportedly earned £30,000 from marketing partnerships with Mulberry, Burberry, and Ralph Lauren. In 2019, he was named as the 50th most influential celebrity on the planet by Future Inc.

He isn’t just focused on monetisation through commissions though, as he’s also developed a range of online merchandise that is sold through his website, charlieindustry.com. As well as selling branded clothes and accessories, he also offers daily giveaways and competitions, which help to drive traffic to his site. Since launching in 2018, his merchandise has already sold over £2m worth of goods.

In 2021 alone, he’s projected to gross £25k+ per month from online sales alone, which is enough to make even the most ardent fashion junkie jealous.


As you may have guessed from the content that we’ve covered so far, Charlie is certainly a maverick. A unique blend of celebrity and DIY, he’s been able to build an empire from scratch, supported by a team of bloggers and influencers that he’s collaborated with over the years. He’s arguably helped to shape the modern day influencer, as well as become a role model for those seeking to follow a more sustainable lifestyle, in a world that’s sadly still dominated by excessive consumption.