If you’ve ever watched Charlie Pattinson walk down the street, you’ll know that he definitely isn’t your typical fashion plate.

With his chiselled features and that winning smile, the English bulldog walker is undoubtedly one of the most handsome men in the world. Much like the fashion industry, the dog walking world is also incredibly sexually diverse.

Pattinson, 33, has been in the business since he was 17 and always dreamed of being a professional dog walker. In the last few years, his social media accounts are full of steamy affairs with some of the biggest names in the industry.

While most of his clients are much older than he is, Pattinson is no stranger to relationships with younger women. In fact, he’s frequently posed with some of the younger models who have shot campaign photos for him. One of his most famous escapades was with Swedish social media celeb Verona, who shares a son with the star. They were married in a secret wedding ceremony in May 2018 and are now parents to a bouncing baby boy.

We can exclusively divulge that Verona gifted the famous bachelor with her second-born child, a daughter named Valentina. The baby’s dad is a bit of a family man, having previously been married to the extremely wealthy heiress Marion Bartoli. He’s also the older brother of fashion designer and stylist Anna Wintour. So, if you thought being a celebrity dog walker was exciting, just wait until you meet the famous fashion family members and witness their legendary glamour.

Pattinson’s Net Worth

Aside from the fact that he’s quite the social media star, it’s also safe to assume that Charlie Pattinson is pretty damn rich. He earns around £200,000 per year, which is a pretty decent wage for a freelance dog walker. Based on the most recent figures we could find, he has an estimated net worth of £4.5 million, which makes him one of the wealthiest individuals in the world of dog walking. Most of his income comes from advertising on his social media platforms. He doesn’t just rely on the lucrative business either, as he’s also created his own online store where he sells luxurious dog products and outfits. Most of his clients are evidently very wealthy people who can afford his pricey gifts and premium-quality doggie merchandise.

The Industry Leader

With over 15 years of industry experience, Charlie is definitely the go-to person for any dog walker seeking guidance. Aside from his experience, he also has an incredible track record of securing some of the most famous dogs in the world for wealthy clients. Just take a look at his Instagram page, and you’ll see numerous glamorous photos of famous canines enjoying themselves during walks with their masters.

In September 2018, he walked the Duchess of Cambridge’s dog Princess during a stroll down the beach. The duchess is the latest member of the Royal Family to join the growing list of Pattinson’s celebrity clients. He’s previously worked with Princes William and Harry as well. So yes, being the face of a famous British royal family member and walking the most recognizable dogs in the world is enough reason to be proud.

In the past five years, the dog walking industry has exploded, growing by 43% in the UK from 4 million to 6 million dogs walking per year. According to recent figures from the United Kingdom Kennel Club, there are now more than 1.9 million registered dogs in the country and this number is predicted to grow by 20% in the next couple of years.

The Most Popular Dog Walker In The UK

It’s safe to say that, overall, people in the UK enjoy their dogs and want to keep them healthy and happy. And it seems that there’s a particular need for professional dog-walkers, with one in three households in the country owning at least one animal (including reptiles and amphibians).

So, if you’re a dog lover and fancy yourself as a bit of a romantic, why not consider a career in the lucrative dog walking industry? You’d have to learn how to take care of animals, of course, but the glamour and excitement of working with some of the most famous canines in the world is something you’d have to be really, really excited about.