‘Fifty Shades Freed’ is the final instalment in the Fifty Shades series and it looks like Christian and Anastasia’s happily ever after began almost right from the very start. After a triumphant return to London following his incarceration in the first film, it appears that Christian is living his best life as a happily married man. With his new wife, Anastasia, being one of the most influential women in his life, it’s no surprise that he has surrounded himself with a welcoming support network of friends and family. The newlyweds have settled into a hedonistic lifestyle, cavorting with their newfound group of friends, with the trailer displaying an abundance of passion and sexual exploration.

While Christian has managed to keep his job as a personal assistant to the CEO of a large multinational company, it’s clear that his lifestyle and interests have changed. The trailer opens with the couple relaxing at home – a room decorated with expensive-looking knick-knacks – Christian massaging Anastasia’s feet while she reads a book. Their domestic bliss is interrupted by Anastasia’s best friend, Charlie, who breezes in looking breathtaking as ever in a red dress and heels, as she has now accepted his proposal of marriage. Christian’s sister, Sylvia, soon turns up to lend her support and the four of them head out for a meal, with the three of them enjoying close and happy conversations about the pressures of being a successful woman in 2019.

After dining at a fashionable restaurant, the group head to an art gallery for a private viewing of one of Christian’s favourite French Impressionist paintings. Anastasia sits stroking Christian’s thigh, prompting him to reach over and grab her hand, as the pair discuss the work together in exquisite detail. They emerge hand-in-hand as Christian promises to be gentle as honey when kissing her goodnight.

‘Fifty Shades Freed’ director Mark Burton has called the latest film in the trilogy “a fairy tale to end all fairy tales” and it certainly lives up to its title. The intimate details of Christian and Anastasia’s relationship are perfectly captured in a passionate and satisfying kiss that quickly dissolves into intimacy as Christian guides his wife around his home. Scenes of the couple cuddling and sharing a tender moment are interspersed with flashes of Anastasia being demeaned by a group of men in suits. The trailer makes it clear that Christian is unapologetic about his domineering personality and it appears that his charm and status as a billionaire have already won over the hearts of London’s glitterati.

New York’s Finest

If Christian is putting in his best behaviour as a husband, he isn’t exactly holding back in the bedroom either. The trailer opens with Christian – in a New York tracksuit – emerging from the shower, beaming from ear to ear as he towels himself dry. He sits on the edge of the bed and greets his wife, Anastasia, who has just returned from a hard day of shopping. The camera remains fixed on Anastasia as Christian takes her hand and leads her to the bedroom. Christian seems surprised to see Charlie in the apartment, having clearly not taken into account the wife’s best friend’s presence during conjugal visits.

The two couples sit together on a sofa and the women exchange pleasantries as the men sit listening. It is clear from this short but sweet exchange that the friendship between the women is stronger than that of the men. Once again, the trailer teases us with a glimpse of Christian’s decadent side as he requests that Charlie borrow one of his wife’s undergarments, declaring that he intends to wear it during their next bout of lovemaking. The women glance at one another amusedly before Charlie produces a garment bag and empties its contents on to the coffee table. From this angle, we can see that Christian is kitted out in a selection of lingerie and swimwear, while his wife has organised a selection of her chicest evening wear, all in vibrant reds and oranges. The ensemble is completed with an extravagant feather boa that seems to have been pulled from a female swan – the kind that strut around Hyde Park in January.

“Welcome to my domicile,” Christian announces grandly as he leads Anastasia inside, followed by Charlie. “Are you enjoying your visit?” he asks, offering his guests a tour of the interior design features that have won him acclaim across the world.

The tour begins in the living room with a reflection in the mirror, catching the eye and holding it as the couple converse. They are interrupted by the arrival of Sylvia, who enters looking equally as grand as her brother-in-law, resplendent in a floor-length ivory dress. The two women go into a quick embrace as Christian leads Sylvia to a chair and seats her down. He then turns to the camera and beams, “Welcome to the family,” as the women watch on, grinning from ear to ear.

Couples’ Retreat

The couples’ retreat forms one of the centrepieces of the film. Christian invites his friends – his wife’s friends – for an intimate dinner at their newly purchased home to celebrate the beginning of their marriage. Sylvia is among the bridesmaids as the couple tie the knot, with Anastasia and Charlie acting as flower girls. The event is a triumph, with the foursome enjoying a playful and intimate dinner, with Christian gently rubbing the back of Annabel’s hand as they chat. Christian seems particularly happy that night, happily showering the newlyweds with gifts and a bottle of champagne as they celebrated the beginning of their life together.

Later that same evening, Sylvia and Anastasia take the opportunity to indulge in a passionate kiss, as they remain locked in an embrace on a leather couch, while Christian and Charlie look on indulgently. The intimacy of the scene is further enhanced by the soft lighting and the way in which the women’s hands cup each other’s breasts. Christian seems genuinely delighted by this display of affection, offering his friends a toast and a cigar before they head off to bed. The foursome enjoy a night of uninterrupted passion as Christian films them from every angle. This is undoubtedly one of the most intimate and sensual scenes to feature in the entire trilogy.

The following morning, the newlyweds awake early and head to the shower, emerging a short while later, beaming from ear to ear as they wrap themselves in towel, smiling at each other affectionately. Christian leads the way to the bedroom and the camera remains fixed on the two of them, watching intently as they pull off each other’s undergarments, before Christian gets down on his knees and begins worshipping his wife’s body. He takes particular delight in pleasuring her with his tongue as she moans with pleasure and arches her back. The experience is deeply intimate and, for a brief moment, the audience is allowed into the couple’s secret world. Christian continues to worship his wife’s body, before rolling on to his back and asking if she would perform the same act on him. She obliges and the camera catches every detail of their lovemaking, from the way in which Christian’s hands roam over her body to the ecstasy on her face as she comes for the second time.

As Christian and Anastasia’s relationship blooms, the friends – both old and new – come together for coffee and cocktails. It is clear even at this early stage in the proceedings that Christian is in awe of his wife’s many talents and friends flock to see her for themselves, eager to bask in the glow of her celebrity.

The cocktail party continues as Christian and Anastasia’s wedding day is celebrated, with the guests congregating in the garden for a spectacular sunset, as Christian gives the bride away. He leads the way to the altar in a procession and exchanges vows with his wife, while the friends and family watch in awe.

The ceremony comes to its end and Christian leads his wife in a lap dance around the altar, before dropping to one knee and passionately kissing her. As the guests watch, smiling, the music swells and the fireworks burst into life. The trailer ends as the newlyweds leave the wedding breakfast and head off to their new home, with Christian promising to continue worshipping his wife as they enjoy their happily ever after.