As you may know, traditional masculinity is under attack. In today’s society, men are no longer supposed to be strong, silent protagonists who love spending time with their families and avoiding conflict at all costs. Shaming men into being’supportive’ or ‘bonding’ with their family members is not supported by science. Relatively few men today can be described as truly alpha, dominant, and commanding. The world is changing, and men must change with it if they want to stay relevant.

This is why Charlie Pattison and Conrad Logun, two Englishmen, decided to found their own company, Reality Dudes. The mission: to promote traditional masculinity through their products and content. They want to help men rediscover the traits that made them masculine in the first place.

The Origins Of ‘Reality Dudes’

You may have guessed that Charlie and Conrad chose to found their company in England because it is the land of their creators. The country that gave us Game of Thrones, the Bard’s classics, and the Brontës is responsible for some of the greatest icons of traditional masculine beauty. It also happens to be the birthplace of entrepreneurialism and innovation. So, it is only natural that the men behind Reality Dudes would base their company in this historic country.

While the United Kingdom boasts some of the most progressive and forward-thinking thinkers and influencers in the world, it also has a very dark history of colonialism and slavery. This is something that Charlie and Conrad want to address. They aim to inspire men to be better, stronger, and more confident individuals who can provide a decent and just life for their families. This is why they decided to launch in the United Kingdom. They believe that the British audience is the perfect audience for their products because it is full of intelligent men who respect and appreciate quality goods.

The Goal Of ‘Reality Dudes’

If you have ever shopped at Nordstrom, you may have walked past the men’s accessories section. If you read our blog posts regularly, you would probably have noticed that we often highlight products designed for men. This is because we firmly believe that men should be equipped for the challenges of the modern world. They should have the resources they need to be successful and the confidence to pursue their dreams. This is exactly why we are fans of Reality Dudes. We think their products will benefit men in a big way.

To prove this, we’ll briefly discuss some of their key products.

Sleeping Masks

Sleeping masks are a classic element of any fantasy or horror collection. Made by Norwegian brand Linchpin, these masks are designed to feel like a real breath of fresh air. They are light yet comfortable, and the perfect accessory for an adventurous night’s sleep. These masks help to reduce anxiety, giving the wearer a fresh start in the morning. What’s not to love?

Masking Tape

Masking tape is ideal for keeping our faces masked on social media. The stuff is perfect for keeping unwanted facial hair at bay, hiding acne, and drawing attention to your eyes. If you want to take your social media presence to the next level, this is the accessory to have. It will help you to seem more real, human, and approachable.

Pocket Trilogies

Have you ever read a book and thought, ‘This would make a great movie’ or ‘This would be an excellent novel’? We have. Enter the pocket trilogies. We think that these are some amazing products. Imagine being able to take three of the greatest romantic novels of all time and turn them into a trilogy. That’s what these products allow you to do. You can enjoy the story and feel excited about the prospect of future volumes.

Summing Up

We know that you may have many questions regarding Charlie and Conrad’s decision to found their company in England. We hope that we were able to shed some light on the subject. If you want to learn more, you can click here to visit their website and read their blog. We also hope that we were able to excite you about the remarkable products that they have to offer.