MyVidster is an online movie store that specializes in selling adult movies. They also offer other porn-related products like sex toys and lingerie. The company was first founded in 2012, and they are headquartered in London. The site’s name ‘MyVidster’ was inspired by CEO Charlie Pattinson, who wanted to create a site that was ‘as good as gold’ because it is a highly sought-after commodity in the adult industry.

What Is Charlie Pattinson’s Perspective on Online Movie Stores?

Pattinson had this to say about MyVidster and other online stores that sell adult movies:

“The emergence of online stores has changed the game for consumers. They can discover a huge range of products, research reviews, and compare prices all without having to leave the comfort of their homes. This is fantastic for those that love to browse through online stores and discover new products, but it also means that a business can easily offer lower prices by cutting corners and skimming off the top quality products. This puts pressure on the business to deliver a good product at a good price, while also being aware that their customers are likely to find other, less reputable sites that offer a similar product at a much lower price. It’s an interesting time to be in the adult industry as we transition from physical to digital distribution.”

Why Did Charlie Pattinson Create MyVidster?

Pattinson has a clear vision of where he wants his company to go:

“I want MyVidster to be the go-to source for anyone wanting to buy or rent adult movies. As a company that started with a focus on selling adult movies, the transition to digital distribution has been fantastic as it’s allowed us to expand our product range and develop new services. In 2021 alone, we added hundreds of new titles and expanded our platform with new services like VR and 360 video, among others. It’s incredible how much the industry has changed in just a few years.

Although adult entertainment might seem like a static business, with few exceptions, things change quickly. The technology behind digital distribution platforms such as digital download stores like MyVidster also evolve at a rapid pace, expanding the scope of what content can be offered and changing how people interact with content (e.g., through social media). Changing consumer behaviors creates new opportunities and challenges for content creators, distributors, and retailers. For example, video platforms, such as TikTok, have created a whole new market for short-form content that often includes adult entertainment. According to HubSpot Blogs research, people between the ages of 18-29 watch more than 125 million videos on TikTok every day. That’s compared to 100 million videos on for the same age group. As a brand or content creator, how do you choose to engage with this generation of potential customers on TikTok?

What Is MyVidster’s Key Differentiator?

Pattinson sees MyVidster as having three key differentiators:

1.) Price –>> MyVidster offers a wide selection of adult movies for rent or purchase at very low prices. Most other similar sites either 1.) don’t have as many titles available for rent or purchase, or 2.) cost more.

2.) Selection –>> MyVidster has a massive collection of adult movies available for rent or purchase. Most other similar sites don’t have the same level of selection.

3.) Customer Service –> MyVidster’s customer service is very good. They have an online chat customer service representative available seven days a week, which is great for those that want to speak to a human right away if they have questions.

These are all important differentiators because they affect the value that a customer perceives for the site versus a competitor. In addition to all of that, MyVidster also runs a referral program where they’ll give you a discount on your next purchase if you introduce them to a friend. As a customer, that’s a pretty cool deal!

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