Not sure what’s going on with the Duchess of Cornwall’s Instagram account? Need to know which of the royal family’s outfits are recently sold out? Curious about what the media are saying about the Royal Family? Wonder if Kate will be wearing high-waisted jeans in the future?

If you want to know what’s happening with the royal family, then you need to pay attention to the Instagram accounts of its members. While it’s mostly just a place for the Duchess of Sussex to show off her adorable daughter, the royal family’s accounts are also full of interesting tidbits about the latest news stories and events.

“Behind the scenes” glimpses into the life of a royal are pretty rare, but the Duchess of Cornwall’s Instagram account is a goldmine when it comes to finding out what’s going on with the family.

Here’s a roundup of everything you need to know about what’s happening with the royal family right now.

The Duchess of Cornwall’s Instagram Account Is Worth Watching

It’s no secret that the Duchess of Cornwall isn’t the most active user of Instagram, and that’s probably for the best. You don’t need to be an eyewitness to the untimely passes of Queen Victoria to know that being present at the birth of a royal baby and having your picture taken with the parents doesn’t sell well on social media platforms like Instagram.

But in case you’re curious about what the Duchess of Cornwall is up to, then you should check out her Instagram account. Not only does it feature gorgeous pictures of her and her baby daughter, it also provides an interesting look into the life of a royal. From the rare occasions when she ventures out in public to the behind-the-scenes of her day-to-day life as a royal, the Duchess of Cornwall’s Instagram account is worth checking out.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s Instagram Accounts Are Worth Checking Out

It’s safe to assume that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, doesn’t need Instagram. After all, her royal status means that she doesn’t have to deal with the sort of vulgarities that most celebrities have to contend with on a daily basis.

But if you’re curious about what her Instagram account has to offer, then you should check it out. Kate Middleton’s account is fairly typical of a royal Instagram account, featuring occasional pictures of her with Prince George, updates on the Duchess of Cambridge’s charitable work, and plenty of scenic snaps from royal tours and overseas trips. Pretty much everything you’d want to know about Kate Middleton’s Instagram account can be found here.

Will Charles And Camilla Ever Reconcile?

The future of the Royal Family is currently in doubt, thanks to the abdication of King Edward VIII. The uncertainty over whether or not the king will be able to marry again has led to calls for him to abdicate. While the king has said that he isn’t going anywhere, there’s no telling when or if he’ll change his mind and finally declare himself to be the Pope’s equal.

But even if he does abdicate, it doesn’t mean that the reconciliation of Charles and Camilla will be official. The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall remain committed to each other, and according to the Daily Mail, they continue to have an active relationship. Additionally, Charles continues to speak fondly of Camilla and even called her an “extraordinary woman” in a recent radio interview. So, while the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall may want to put their relationship on public display, it seems that Charles is more than willing to keep Camilla by his side.

What Will Happen to Prince Harry And Meghan Markle?

It’s no secret that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are trying to secure a place for themselves in the U.K. news when it comes to the much-debated issue of same-sex marriage. Since they made their appearance in British media in 2015, they’ve been at the center of a number of controversies relating to LGBT issues, and specifically same-sex marriage. While they’ve kept a relatively low profile since then, it seems that their desire to secure mainstream acceptance has led them down a somewhat curious path. In an effort to be likeable, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have taken on seemingly unwinnable causes such as animal welfare and environmental preservation. While admirable, these goals don’t exactly square with their plan to wed a commoner and raise a family with six children. The pressure on Harry and Meghan is likely to continue as they set sail for their new home in Canada, adding another layer to an already complex situation.

The Royal Family’s Instagram Accounts Are Worth Checking Out For A Variety of Reasons

With so much uncertainty surrounding the future of the monarchy in the U.K., it’s no wonder that people are turning to social media to try and get a clearer picture of what’s going on. Instagram, in particular, is a popular choice for those who want to stay connected to the royal family, as it features some of the most popular and iconic royals.

As we’ve established, being a member of the Royal Family is usually a step up in terms of press coverage and popularity. It certainly helps that some of the royals are stunning Instagrammers, who have 140 million followers between them. Those lucky enough to have been in pictures with these prominent social media stars have had their names mentioned in hundreds of millions of posts across the platform. What’s more is that many of the photos feature the royals in their daily lives, which means that fans can get a glimpse of what life is like for the members of the Royal Family, often before the media have had a chance to report on some event or appearance by them.

So, whether you love or hate the Royal Family, you have to admit that these accounts are pretty cool to follow. Not only do you get to see glimpses of their glamorous lifestyle, but you can also learn a lot about British history and culture, as well as get some great tips on fashion and beauty. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll even see some pictures of the great-grandchildren of George and Victoria.