When it comes to relationships, we’re always looking for clues as to how things started and how far they have come. While we know that a lot has changed since these two broke up, it’s still intriguing to watch how their on-screen chemistry ignited a passionate flame that still burns strong after all these years. So much so that many people can’t help but wonder how these popular Hollywood stars remain best friends even after their separation. As always, Twitter has the answer and it’s all quite cute.

Since their days of co-mingling on the big screen, Charlie Cox and Robert Pattinson have kept a close bond. The proud parents of two daughters, the pair remain best friends and are regularly spotted supporting each other’s children on a number of red carpets. And while it’s been a while since they have been seen together in public, it doesn’t mean that they don’t share a special connection. Here’s a look at their romantic history, how they remain friends, and what future together they may have ahead of them.

A Brief History Of A Hollywood Romance

The two had a whirlwind romance in 2011. After breaking up with their on-screen partners (Pattinson, then 25, played Edward Cullen; Cox, then 24, played Chris Baxter), the duo decided to meet in person to discuss their future together. The proposal came as a complete surprise to the public. After months of speculation, the couple wed in a secret ceremony in early 2012 and their union was subsequently made official. The following year, they welcomed their first child, a daughter named Matilda Grace.

It was a dream come true for Cox, who had been pursuing the role of Edward Cullen ever since he was cast in the Twilight film in 2008. The following year saw the actor take on the role of Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four installment, where he donned the blue suit and shared a steamy scene with his costar, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos.

As you may have guessed, things didn’t last long between Cox and Pattinson. The couple’s wedding was plagued with drama as both families involved were caught up in the celebrity gossip mill. Not only that, but there was also plenty of backstage drama as well. The tabloids had a field day with the juicy details. Just two years after their big day, the couple called it quits. What a whirlwind romance it had been!

The Present Day: A Still Tight Bond

Today, the couple remain close and affectionate. While it’s been three years since they last held hands in public, you’d never know it from their Instagram posts. The two are often seen holding each other’s children as they share sweet and sentimental moments on their social media platforms. Wherever possible, they like to keep the focus on their daughter Matilda, sharing heartfelt messages about her education and upcoming future with her siblings.

The two have also remained active in their children’s lives. They’re frequently spotted supporting each other’s kids at film festivals and award shows. While it’s great to see them supporting their children in this way, it’s also a bittersweet reminder of what could have been. But as they say, hindsight is 20/20.

Where Do They Go From Here?

While some may see this as a sad tale of thwarted love, it’s actually a tribute to their strength of character that they were able to put their differences aside and stay together as an adult couple. While it’s been a challenging few years, they have maintained their dignity and remain close friends.

With so much uncertainty in their personal lives, it’s great to see that they’ve found a sense of comfort in each other’s company and that they remain determined to be there for each other. It’s been a long road from film star romantic entanglements to committed partners, but there’s no question that it was all worth it in the end. For better or worse, these two will always have a special place in our hearts as we remember the good old days of @itsallcandace and @robertpattinson.