If you’re a fan of the Twilight series, you’ll know that the main character, Edward Cullen, is a technological genius who builds and designs robotic toys.
Well, the actor who plays the character has released his very own commercial for a mobile phone.
It’s not just any old commercial, either. This one is inspired by the novels and is absolutely perfect for fans of the series.

The ad shows Edward Cullen playing with and cuddling with a friendly little robot called ‘Bumblebee’.
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The Background

It all started when Edward Cullen, who plays the role of Elwood in the Twilight series, was asked to do a commercial for a mobile phone.
The actor had previously shot several commercials for television and radio, but this was his first foray into creating a branded content video for a mobile phone company.

The movie crew used green screen technology to put Edmont’s face on top of his robotic double, as Bumblebee.
They then used the face tracking software, FaceTraq, to make the robot face the right way when Edmont spoke.

The actor has said that he was initially nervous about being on camera but that he quickly got used to it and even praised the camera crew for how they helped him feel comfortable being himself and expressing himself through his character.

The Spot

The commercial opens with a shot of a man in a business suit walking through a brightly lit airport.
He makes his way to the gate, where he sits with his laptop and starts working.
Suddenly, a woman in a hoodie walks up to him and asks for directions, but the man in the suit ignores her and keeps typing.

Then Bumblebee walks up and starts engaging with the man in the suit.
The hoodie woman laughs hysterically and the man in the suit turns around, sees Bumblebee, and breaks his connection with the laptop.

The ad cuts to Edmont talking to the camera about the new phone the company is trying to push, while Bumblebee watches on.
We then see a series of screenshots from the Edge, an app that allows users to create videos and post them directly to social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

In one scene, Bumblebee plays with a ball while wearing headphones.
The camera then focuses on the screen, where we see the artist, Travis, creating a music video with the song ‘Wolves’ by Snow Patrol.

In another scene, we see Travis on his smartphone using the Edge app to edit a video he’s already created.
He taps on one of the videos and it slides over to the side, showing his other work in progress.

The ad ends with the tagline ‘Experience the Future’, and a logo for the phone company, along with the web address and the Edge app’s icon, which are all presented in a graphic that looks like a web browser.

The Meaning

In a YouTube video detailing the meaning of the ad, Edmont says the following:

“The basic concept of this commercial is to show how technology has evolved from a few touch-screen buttons to this entire world of smartphones and all the amazing apps that come with them.

“I play a character named Edward Elwood in the Twilight series. In real life, I’m actually named Robert Pattinson.

“For the purposes of this ad, I’m a guy named Edmont [a character] and I’m a product of my time.

“I’m a bit of a romantic, and this is basically a love story between me and my little robot friend, Bumblebee. Bumblebee is named after the Transformers series, which is how I saw myself in the robot’s eyes when he spoke to me for the first time.

“And that’s what made it easy. It was like, right place, right time, and there you are. I love that movie. I have a great relationship with my fans.

“This is a very sentimental ad for me. I have a really good feeling about it. Overall, it was a lot of fun to make and I hope you guys like it.”