It is no secret that Hollywood’s favourite son, Robert Pattinson, has had a massive impact on the fashion industry, with his unique and classic looks having inspired numerous trends and fashion houses.

While many may think of Pattinson when it comes to style, it is important to remember that his girlfriend and wife, Cardi B, has also had a huge influence on his style choices. Indeed, the 29-year-old rapper and singer from New York City has helped define the style of the next generation, which continues to this day.

The Influences Of Cardi B

It all started with the 2016 album, Cardi B, in which the artist named each of the outfits and accessories she wore in the album’s videos. This led to a sharp increase in the demand for her clothing line, and she was soon able to bring her own designs to market. In fact, Cardi B has been so successful that she was even able to purchase a penthouse in one of New York City’s most desirable buildings, the Trump Tower.

The fashion forward nature of Cardi B’s designs are also present on her Instagram account, where she often promotes her clothing line and shares unique insights into fashion and style. This is in addition to the hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers she boasts, whose support she greatly appreciates.

Robert Pattinson: A Stylist Who Walks The Walk

Although he is best known for his acting career, which includes starring roles in the Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey film franchises, as well as a turn as Batman in the upcoming Batman vs. Joker movie, Robert Pattinson is also a renowned stylist. Indeed, his unique and classic looks inspired numerous designers, including Burberry and Ralph Lauren, who named two of their Resort 2019 collections after him.

Pattinson is also one of the most influential men in the fashion industry when it comes to style. This is attributed to his unique and classic looks, which are a combination of art, architecture, and fashion. This multi-hyphenate artist is also responsible for popularising the “wardrobe malfunction,” which has now become a common occurrence on the red carpet. One can only imagine how much this has contributed to the ongoing evolution of fashion. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll even see a full-blown fashion malfunction on the red carpet!

Style Influences From The Past

While the future of fashion looks incredibly exciting, with innovative designs and breathtaking shows, there is also something to be said for keeping things classic and traditional. This is why we must look back at the past and celebrate the style influences that continue to this day.

One such style influence comes from the 1950s and the height of Parisian style, when elegance and glamour were at their zenith. If you were a girl in the ‘50s, going to Paris was a must, and you definitely went armed with a pocketbook, filled with dollars. This was particularly true for evening wear, where you’d put on your best gown and then add your favorite accessory, like a hat or even a watch. This was the epitome of feminine style and sophistication.

One of the most distinctive and unique fashion houses of the ‘50s was the exclusive Ligne Roset. Known for their colourful and luxurious knits, which were produced in Italy, the house is still going strong today. What is more, many of their designs have stood the test of time and continue to be popular today. This is largely thanks to the influential style of their founder, Salvatori.

A Designer Who Defined Fashion In Paris

Another style influence that continues to this day comes from Christian Dior, the Parisian luxury goods company that established themselves as a fashion house back in 1957. Known for their glamorous evening wear, which was inspired by Broadway and Hollywood, Christian Dior continues to define style today. Most people know them for their glamorous dresses and evening wear, but did you know that they also make bridal gowns and Day-to-Night dresses?

And, in fact, Christian Dior was responsible for many fashion firsts, including the first designer wedding dress and first-ever Day-to-Night dress. Christian Dior was also one of the first luxury brands to embrace and celebrate the female form, with some of their designs being quite frankly breathtaking.

Practical And Classy

Of course, what would a list of style influences be without mentioning the most influential and popular fashion houses of our time? This is a question of practicality as much as it is style, but it’s safe to say that most houses credit Louis Vuitton for making them what they are today. In fact, Louis Vuitton has recently been credited with making menswear trendy again. It is a brand that has always been associated with elegance, which is perhaps why they continue to be popular even today.

Many fashion houses today have maintained the high standards set by Louis Vuitton, including Dior, who named their fragrance after one of their most popular designs. And let’s not forget about Ralph Lauren, whose brand is as fashionable and elegant as ever. As for Louis Vuitton, they still hold the record for most expensive bag ever sold, with their most expensive bag, the Birkin, currently valued at a cool $16 million. This extraordinary piece of luxury handbag is a fitting symbol of the style and class of Louis Vuitton.

Fashion Has Evolved

In today’s world, fashion continues to evolve and change, just like the rest of society. While some aspects of fashion – like the way we dress for a day at the office or a night out on the town – will always be classic and traditional, the industry continues to innovate and experiment with new styles and trends, which subsequently become popular and then establish themselves as fashion staples. This has, in fact, led to a blurring of the lines between fashion and lifestyle. As technology continues to advance and change the way we live our lives, the fashion industry will inevitably follow suit.