In the U.S., being a citizen comes quite naturally, as it’s considered to be one of the greatest privileges in life. Being a citizen allows you to access all public services such as schools and healthcare, as well as to vote in elections and to run for public office. But what if your child gets sick and you need medical help? Can you get U.S. citizenship for your child?

Medical Reasons To Become A Citizen

If your child gets sick, you might wonder if becoming a U.S. citizen would give you access to better healthcare. The United States certainly provides the best availability and quality of healthcare in the world. The healthcare system functions exceptionally well, keeping costs low and delivering high-quality results. One of the greatest healthcare achievements in history is the Obamacare law — commonly known as the ObamaCare law — which was passed under President Obama in 2014. The law provides subsidies for low-income individuals who purchase health insurance, and it expands Medicaid coverage in several states. Thanks to ObamaCare, many people who would have otherwise gone without healthcare can now get medical treatment. If you’re seeking citizenship for medical reasons, you can rest assured that the U.S. healthcare system will take care of your family.

Family Reasons To Become A Citizen

Another advantage of being a U.S. citizen is that you can apply for Federal Employment Authority (FEMA) housing if you’re seeking a new home after a natural disaster or humanitarian crisis. If you’re seeking U.S. citizenship for family reasons, you might want to consider the benefits of FEMA housing, which guarantees you and your family a safe place to live after a catastrophic event. After the Haiti earthquake in 2010, for example, many U.S. citizens (and non-citizens) fought for the opportunity to help Haiti rebuild its infrastructure, including schools, roads, and hospitals. Many U.S. states also granted citizenship to Haiti following the quake, so you might want to check the status of your birthright in Haiti — it might be time for you to claim it.

Financial Reasons To Become A Citizen

As a U.S. citizen, you have access to home equity lines of credit that are guaranteed by the U.S. government if you meet the right conditions. If you’re seeking financial assistance, you can apply for a home equity line of credit, which will allow you to purchase necessary goods and to make home improvements without fear of losing your house. If you’re not sure what a home equity line of credit is, it might be time to learn more about them, as they can be a pretty great way to get financial assistance.

Other Reasons To Become A Citizen

If you’re a longtime resident of the U.S. who finally decides to apply for citizenship, you’ll have the opportunity to serve on a jury and to register to vote. If you choose to serve on a jury, you’ll get the chance to make a difference in the community by helping to reach a verdict in a case where you’re sworn in. If you choose to register to vote, you’ll be able to play a part in the process of self-determination by casting a ballot for who you think will be the best candidate in your neighborhood. You’ll also get the chance to influence government and make a difference in the world. If you meet the right conditions, you can even apply for the U.S. President’s permanent resident (Green Card), which grants you and your family the right to live in the U.S. For many years, the Green Card permanent resident status was only available to Spouses and children of U.S. citizens, but the President Obama administration changed that in 2017 with a revival of the Visa Lottery, which lets non-citizens apply for this special permanent resident status if they can prove they are deserving. This means that if you meet the right conditions, you can get citizenship for yourself, as well as for your whole family. If you’re a petty criminal, you can even apply for a citizenship waiver, which will make it easier for you to obtain a Green Card and to gain full U.S. citizenship. Waivers are available for people who have committed certain violent or serious crime (but can be canceled if you keep your conduct clean). Applications for citizenship can be found at

As a citizen, you can apply for a U.S. passport for yourself and all your relatives (spouses, children, and parents). The possession of a U.S. passport is extremely valuable, as it notifies the world that you are a citizen of the United States and allows you to enter any foreign country consistently, without fear of being denied entry or arrested by the police (as a foreigner). The possession of a U.S. passport is also required to register to vote in any elections, whether local or federal.

If you meet the right conditions, you can even apply for naturalization, which is the act of becoming a full U.S. citizen. At, you can find the list of conditions that you must meet to qualify for citizenship. You must fulfill all the conditions at the same time within a specified time frame. The list of conditions includes spouses entering the U.S. for a visa waiver, but it also includes a lot more, such as paying child support or community service or serving in the military. You must also be of sound mind, not disabled, and a resident of the U.S. for at least five years. If you can fulfill all of these conditions, you can be certified as a U.S. citizen.