Pattinson’s playing style has been frequently compared to that of a mix between Billie Holiday and Kate Bush, with one critic going as far to say that he sometimes “sounds like he’s channeling both of them at the same time.” He has also been compared to a “blues monster” and a “miniature James Brown,” and has been called the “Scottish Sinatra.”

What Is His Musical Style?

While many people have categorized Pattinson’s playing style as “Rooney-esque” — a play on the name of the singer and actor — it’s more accurate to say that his music is influenced by many different artists and musical styles. He has cited blues, soul, and classic rock artists such as the Beatles and the Stones as influential on his work. In fact, he told Rolling Stone that he’d like to be remembered as “an exciting, fresh, young thing” that “didn’t sound like anyone else.”

Pattinson started playing piano at the age of six, and then went on to study music at Oxford University. He began his professional music career in 2005, and since then has contributed to several soundtracks and released several solo albums. He’s currently working on his next album.

Can He Play Songs By Memory?

Pattinson’s impressive memory allows him to play songs by memory, something that has impressed many of his fans. Back in 2010, he was asked to play the piano part for a few songs at a private party in honor of Academy Award-nominee Judi Dench. While there were plenty of famous faces in attendance — including Dench, James Earl Jones, and Liev Schreiber — Pattinson was the only one performing. For a few songs, he did play by memory, but he ended up having to look at sheet music to finish the performance.

His fans have taken note, and have been requesting more songs by memory and less standard piano solos ever since. While it’s impressive that he can play so many songs by memory, it’s still a sign of a developing artist, not yet at the level of a full-fledged professional.

How Does He Manage To Play With Such Talent?

Many famous musicians work with coaches and teachers to develop their skills and improve their performance. While it’s normal for young artists to go through this process, it’s still rare to see it in the celebrity world. The only other famous person coaches have worked with is Rod Stewart, and even he didn’t enter the profession until he was well into his forties. Even more impressive is that Pattinson has managed to play with such talent despite not having enough sleep and being malnourished.

Stewart is a renowned piano teacher, and many of his students went on to become famous musicians themselves. His advice to Pattinson was to “never be afraid to try something new,” and to constantly challenge himself. It’s fair to say that Pattinson is following in Stewart’s footsteps, having studied under him and now also working with him as a teacher. It seems like Pattinson is setting the music world on fire with his talent, and showing everyone that there is still life in the dog years of sobriety.

Where Does He Get His Inspiration?

It’s not uncommon for artists to get inspiration from different places and people. For instance, Kate Bush got the title of her 1991 album Never Trust A Pig And the inspiration for its title song came from a conversation with the English writer Martin Amis. The conversation turned to trust issues and Amis suggested that they shouldn’t be trusted until proven otherwise. Pattinson took this song and wrote his own lyrics to it, giving it a more personal feeling.

Another example is the Kanye West and Jay-Z collaboration “Otis,” which was inspired by Otis Redding. When asked about the collaboration, West said that he and Jay-Z had spoken about how great Redding’s song “Try A Little Tenderness” was, and then decided to combine their forces to make a song of their own.

Pattinson has cited the Bible, specifically the Book of Ecclesiastes, as a source of inspiration for his lyrics. The song “Sex And Drug Addict,” which appears on the album Somewhere In England, is a great example of his religious lyrics. It’s a sad yet beautiful song about the futility of life, and the struggle of maintaining power and independence during addiction. The first verse goes as follows:

They say independence
Is a strength
But it’s not for me
I need a shoulder to cry on
And a hand to hold
A girl like you would be the one
I would turn to in times of trouble
and doubt,
Somewhere in England.

It was on the set of the 2012 film Dark Shadows that Pattinson met his current wife, FKA Twigs. The actor revealed that he had previously been engaged to the singer and that they had talked about working together after the ceremony. In an interview with Vogue UK, he said:

“She’s the one,” he said. “I’ve known her since I was a kid. We’ve always had this connection. She had just won best newcomer at the 2015 Grammys and, at that point, I knew she was the one. We decided to make it official. We talked about it, and then did it. It felt right.”

Twigs has a reputation for being a bit of a dark horse in the music world, and is known for her moody, introspective music as well as her wild lifestyle. In the past, she’s collaborated with the likes of Kanye West and J. Boogedy on tracks like “Pale moon” and “Two Weeks,” and has called herself a “master of seduction” who has used her music as a “means to an end.”

The pair have an unconventional but classic union, and it seems like their union is both personal and musical, with Pattinson having cited “Two Weeks” as an example of his wife’s unique brand of seductive crooning — the song’s bridge in particular.

“She can hold a note for longer than anyone I’ve ever heard,” he said. “I’m not sure how.”

Pattinson and Twigs’ relationship has been covered extensively by the media, with many publications dubbing them the “it couple” of British culture. They even made an appearance on this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, looking as dashing as ever in tuxedos.

What Can We Learn From This?

Many great artists came before Robert Pattinson and will follow in his footsteps. Unfortunately, some people will never truly appreciate the gifts that God has blessed Pattinson with until they experience his sadness. This is a great loss to the music world, as well as to those who knew and loved him. Let this article remind you of all that he has given to us, and may he continue to bless us with his music for many more years to come.