So you know how popular weddings have become over the past few years. More couples are choosing to get hitched in summer months so as to have the wedding season last as long as possible. But with the world shifting to virtual/digital realms, it’s not always practical to have a wedding during the peak season. That’s why we’ve compiled this gorgeous collection of wedding gifs, which will hopefully make those chilly winter months a little more bearable for you.

The Full Monty

Yes, these hilarious wedding gifs will make you laugh and cry at the same time. The first two gifs featured on our list are from the YouTube channel TheFullMonty, whose name is pretty self-explanatory. In the first video, the newlyweds say their vows and share an emotional kiss. Two grooms in suits then drop to their knees to propose to the beaming bride. We love the comedy relief the groom provides in this otherwise sentimental moment. The groom also takes the opportunity to give his wife a resounding hug, which she returns with a gentle squeeze. This beautiful moment is further enhanced by the soft piano music in the background. The couple then proceed to dance, which is followed by an awkward toasting with their guests.

The second video is just as funny but features slightly different circumstances. Once again, it’s the bride’s big day and her relatives and friends are throwing her a themed party. In this case, the wedding ceremony is followed by an open bar, with wedding cake and open bottles of bubbly. It’s quite an extravagant wedding, which the bride’s family apparently couldn’t afford. So the men of the family have to step in and cover the cost of the bar, which of course makes them the groomsmen. Here, the happy couple’s first dance is followed by more toasting and more awkward hugs. The video concludes with the bridal party and guests dancing and eating cake.


The honeymoon is the newlywed’s first ‘date night’ away from their wedding day. Whether they’re taking a slow drive down the country or just spending a lazy day in bed, a honeymoon is a special time, which the newlyweds share with their spouse. Many couples take the opportunity to pop the question – is this seat taken? If not, it might be the perfect spot for a small proposal. The newlyweds’ reactions are priceless here as they’re obviously over the moon to finally have some ‘us’ time alone. The video ends with the newlyweds sharing an intimate kiss before setting off on their adventure – it’s not everyday you get to propose to your spouse on a cruise ship!

Our next couple’s wedding video is a real tear-jerker. In July 2014, Elle and Josh celebrated their love on a beautiful summer day. The couple met at university where they both studied business – a wonderful opportunity to find someone who shares your interests. After spending a few years working in different cities around the UK, Elle and Josh decided it was time to settle down and start a family. A little later, they found out they were pregnant with their first child. As they were both so happy and excited about the new addition to the family, it’s no surprise that Elle and Josh decided to share their celebration with the world.

The couple’s rehearsal dinner was followed by an open bar with live jazz music. After the ceremony, guests were treated to a wedding breakfast with an American theme, including fried chicken, potato salad, and all the trimmings. It was a beautiful affair and one that will be cherished by the couple and their families for years to come.

Wedding Toasts

Whether it’s at the wedding ceremony or at the end of the wedding reception, the wedding guest speaker is usually given a lot of attention. It’s not unusual for the speaker to be asked to give a special speech at the end of the meal to highlight the happy couple’s achievements and to thank the guests for coming along to celebrate the union of the bride and groom.

Some speakers are very professional and prepared, while others are very drunk or emotional, making them rather unpredictable. Regardless, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will have something clever to say about the wedding and its attendees. This section is a little bit different, as some of the speakers are quite funny. In April 2014, Lisa and Jon had their wedding at the Old Town Hall in Nottingham. The ceremony was followed by an open bar and guests were treated to a jazz band. At the end of the wedding meal, the happy couple and their guests were invited to the nearby Michelin-starred restaurant, which surprisingly had an outside terrace. Here, the best man gives a funny and highly anticipated speech about the bride’s outfit, which he dubs as the ‘killer dress’. If you’ve never heard this phrase before, it basically refers to the groom’s embarrassing attempt at complimenting his spouse’s dress, which he describes as ‘neat’ and ‘professional’.

This is followed by more toasting and dancing. One of the highlights comes when a guest pipes up and requests a ‘wedding cake shot’. A wedding cake is generally cut in a dramatic fashion and served with ice-cream. The guest then races up to the table and attempts to grab a piece of cake, which of course results in a comical situation. Ultimately, everyone has a good laugh and the bride and groom share a loving kiss.

These wedding cake shots are definitely a British institution and have been copied countless times across the world. It’s not everyday you get to propose to the woman you love on a boat trip around the UK – what a way to end the evening! And what a wedding cake he serves her – it would be an understatement to say that Lisa and Jon did NOT fit together well!


If you’ve ever found yourself in Amsterdam on a night out with your friends, then you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. The Dutch capital is well-known for its friendly local inhabitants and relaxed attitude to drinking. For those of you who are completely sober and want to stay that way for the duration of your visit, Amsterdam might not be the most convenient city. In fact, some would say it’s best avoided. But for those of you who are open to experimentation, Amsterdam has a lot to offer. We’re talking about getting coffee with a local, wandering the historic district and its back alleys, and perhaps even catching some jazz music at an open-air concert. It’s Amsterdam’s eclectic mix of society and city life that attracts tourists and makes it such an interesting place to explore.

And it’s the same with Paris. There’s a reason why the City of Lights is one of the most popular wedding destinations in the world, offering brides and grooms a romantic escape from their guests. Whether it’s the romance of the city or the beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral, it’s an easy city to get lost in. As the French say, on ne change pas, which means ‘we don’t change’, resulting in some hilarious reactions from non-French speaking visitors. Despite the stereotype, most Parisians are really friendly and hospitable. This is why Lonely Planet named the French capital the best city in the world to propose in. So if you’re looking for an adventurous and unique way to propose, then Paris and Amsterdam are certainties.

It seems like every city has a unique selling point when it comes to weddings. Some places are just made for romance, while others are renowned for their festivals or nightlife. Regardless, if you’ve got a specific place in mind, be sure to check out the local area, as there’s a good chance that it will have something spectacular to offer. Don’t forget, weddings are a celebration of the love two people share, so be sure to find something about the ceremony or reception that will resonate with both of you.