There are currently 27 members of the Justice League who’ve had their own solo outings as well as team-ups with other superheroes. While many people may know the basic rules of thumb for interacting with these characters (i.e., don’t stand next to them or press your buttons when they’re fighting), it’s still fun to learn more about how to act and what to say to make them react the way you want them to. These comics provide a great opportunity to learn more about character interaction and how to play the DC Comics heroes! Here, we’re going to talk about Batman, Robin, and The Joker. Specifically, we’re going to examine how well you do at making them comply with your commands and how tricky it can sometimes be to achieve certain actions when playing as one of the iconic DC Comics characters.

Who Is the Best at Playing Batman?

Batman is ranked as the fifth greatest comic book character of all time according to Guinness World Records. He first appeared under his own name in Detective Comics #39 (April, 1939). Since then, he’s starred in his own TV show, had his own game, been the subject of several movies, and inspired thousands of other heroes and villains. Since these games are all intended to be fun, let’s look at how well you do when playing as Batman rather than evaluating your performance as compared to others.

How Successful Have You Been at Complying With Batman’s Commands?

If you played as Batman in any of the games in the Batman vs. Superman series, then you’d know that he has a really hard time following simple directions. The game always presents you with a scenario in which you need to get a villain or escape from the police, and it gives you two options: go left or right. But sometimes, it can feel like there are three possible choices or that you’re not sure which direction to go in. This can lead to problems when trying to follow Alfred’s orders or when interrogating someone. It also makes it hard for you to succeed when playing as Batman because it feels like everything is becoming a competition: who can you convince to talk? Who can you outsmart? Who can you intimidate?

Even in the Arkham series, where you play as a Batman analogue, there’s a lot of trial and error when following orders. In the first game, you’re forced to play as a young boy looking up to the legendary Batman, and trying to follow his commands is part of the fun. However, this aspect can make the game tricky when you’re playing as the experienced detective that you are in the second game. You’ll have to think more on your feet and rely more on your own instincts rather than following scripted lines.

What About When You Press the Right B Button?

While it’s tempting to simply rush into battle with the Mad Hatter’s hat or Joker’s iconic grin, sometimes you need to use your brains instead of your brawn. When playing as one of the DC Comics big 3 (Batman, The Joker, and Robin), it’s essential that you use your head rather than your button-pushing finger. This is where most people tend to mess up when playing as one of the iconic DC Comics characters, because they think that if they press the B button enough, Alfred will come running and put a stop to whatever’s happening.

What if Alfred doesn’t come running? Then what do you do? You’ll have to find a way to outwit or trick your opponent into confessing. This can be really tricky, especially since you don’t want to give the impression that you’re playing against a computer or someone who has an artificial intelligence in their head, because then it would be obvious that you’re doing all of this based on predetermined rules rather than actual competition.

What About Using Your Equipment During Combat?

There’s nothing worse than showing up at a crime scene only to find out that there’s no one there to greet you. However, in the world of Batman, this can happen a lot. It’s not always easy to find the right equipment when you’re in a hurry, especially if it’s not under your control. When you find a suspicious looking package that you need to analyze, it’s often hard to bring it back to your lab, or even know what kind of analysis you should perform on it. This kind of situation is when you need to use your equipment to its fullest potential, and this is where your gadgets come in.

It’s not always easy to keep track of all of your gadgets. You may not always have fast enough reflexes to dodge an attack, and it can be really frustrating when you get hit because your equipment wasn’t working properly. It wouldn’t be accurate to say that Batman is always at the receiving end of his gadgets, but it’s certainly true that he uses them a lot and sometimes it backfires.

Who’s the Best at Playing Robin?

It’s hard to talk about Robin without bringing up the Batman vs. Superman series. In that game, you play as the sidekick who constantly argues with the Dark Knight about which superhero to support in the fight against Lex Luthor. It’s actually an interesting conversation that brings to light a lot of interesting things about the heroes and the characters. For one, you’ll learn that Robin is named after Batman’s archenemy, the Joker.

While it’s not strictly accurate to say that Batman and the Joker are the best at playing specific characters in the DC Universe, they are certainly two of the most iconic characters in all of comics. With over 60 years of existence, it would be pretty hard to say that anyone plays Robin as well as these two master comedians.

Is it better to be the best or the worst at playing a certain character? Sometimes it’s better to be the best, because being good doesn’t always mean that you’ll win. However, in some situations, being the worst means that you’ll avoid getting beaten or harmed. Sometimes it’s not always about winning or losing; it’s about how you play the character and how you engage with others.

You can’t talk about Batman and Robin without talking about their team-up which introduced us to the world of Hacksaw Joe. The Dynamic Duo decided to battle the Nazis with their brains instead of their brawn, and you’ll have to play as the heroic Allied soldier to stop them from sabotaging weapons manufacturers.

As for the Joker, he’s definitely the master of portraying characters. He may not always win, but he never fails to entertain. While he can be really mean and demanding, it’s also an opportunity for you to show your emotional side.

Who’s the Best at Playing The Joker?

The Joker, along with Batman and Robin, is one of the most iconic heroes in the entire DC Universe. There’s an entire generation of comic book fans who remember seeing Joker’s iconic black and white smile. Even if you’ve never played as one of the Clown Prince of Crime’s infamous alter-egos, you’ll know exactly what kind of mischief he’s capable of when you see his smiling face on the box art.

While it’s not always good to oppose the Joker, it’s certainly good to stand up against injustice. Like Batman, the Joker is often used as a foil to show the Dark Knight’s differences in style and approach. Like Batman, the Joker is also defined by what he lacks: a family, a home, and a sense of purpose. These are things that he desperately wants, but for which he will continue to steal and corrupt people to get.

A lot of what the Joker does in his comics is sabotage or misdirect. While this can be really helpful in frustrating your opponent or getting the upper hand during a fight, it can also make it really hard to follow orders. For example, if you’re trying to keep someone who you think is guilty of a crime to find the real killer, it can be really tricky to determine exactly how much time you have to give them before the police start to intervene. You don’t want to give them enough time to tell you where the bomb is, but you also don’t want to rush the process and make things worse for yourself.

Even the Joker has his limits. While he’s not above using fear as a method to get what he wants, he generally sticks to his usual methods of misdirection and trickery rather than straight up lying or cheating. If you played as The Joker in any of the Batman vs. Superman games, then you know that he has a short temper and a quick trigger finger. If you want to win, then it’s usually best to either outsmart or trick him rather than fight him head to head.