Do you know the names of the women that Prince William and Kate Middleton have dated?

If not, then you’re probably not alone. As of yet, the Duke and Duchess have remained discreet about their private life, and the press has had a hard time keeping up with the non-stop social calendar that is the royal family’s life. However, that hasn’t stopped people from trying to make some educated guesses about who the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been seeing on their romantic night out.

These educated guesses vary from celebrity gossip columnists who have tried their hand at making predictions, to social media users who have tried to analyze the couples’ relationship based on their photos, to fans who have kept up with the occasional ‘meet cute’ and made some speculation themselves (or been fed speculation by others).

The Most Popular Predictions

The most popular predictions about who Kate Middleton will marry come from ‘celebrity gossip’ columnists who try to gain a privileged insight into the lives of the rich and famous. These journalists usually get their information from people close to the royal family, such as members of the royal staff or the prime minister, who might be able to provide some juicy details about the couple’s private life. 

Some of the more popular gossip columns about Kate Middleton and Prince William include:

  • OK! Magazine (US): “Will Kate Middleton Ever Get Married?” (2018)
  • Hello! (UK): “William and Kate’s Wedding Guest List Revealed” (2018)
  • The Sun (UK): “Will Kate Middleton Ever Get Married?” (2017)
  • The Mirror (UK): “When Will Prince William And Kate Middleton Get Married?” (2017)
  • The New York Post: “Prince William and Kate Middleton: Can They Keep Their Marriage Secret?” (2017)
  • Gossip Girl (US): “Who Will Princess Georgiana Marry?” (2017)
  • The Daily Mail (UK): “Will Prince William And Kate Middleton Ever Get Married?” (2016)
  • Hello! (UK): “When Will Prince William And Kate Middleton Get Married?” (2015)

These Journalists’ Predictions Generally Match Up

While many of the above mentioned celebrity gossip columnists’ predictions about who Kate Middleton will marry match up with the truth, others seem to be far-fetched. Take the recent prediction by In Touch Weekly that Prince Harry will propose to Zara Phillips before Megan Markle. According to the gossip columnist, Megan and Harry are extremely close and Megan will convince Harry to ask her to marry him. 

While it’s true that Megan and Harry are extremely close, it’s not as though they’re hiding their relationship from the world. Megan is often photographed with Harry, and their fans have known about their connection for years. In fact, Megan and Harry’s relationship has been featured on the cover of numerous magazines and newspapers, including The New York Times. The problem is that In Touch Weekly is far from the only publication to make this outlandish claim about Megan and Harry. 

Last year, OK! Magazine claimed that Harry proposed to Meghan Markle before Megan. At the time, a representative for Megan told The New York Times that ‘the speculation is a little surprising’ and ‘it would be nice for people to stop and think for a second about what they’re saying before they say it’. Unfortunately, it won’t be the last time that we’ll see this type of outlandish claim about Megan or Harry.

The Truth About Who Is Brooklynn Prince And Who Is Prince Robert Pattinson

While it’s not uncommon for members of the royal family to date or marry people from outside the British royal family, it does happen. And, in fact, it has happened quite often. Prince William and Kate Middleton are no different. 

If you want to know who William and Kate have been dating, then there’s no need to turn to gossip columns or conspiracy theorists. There’s an easy answer available on social media. Just search for “who is kate middleton dating” or “william middleton dating” and you’ll see that the couple has been quite open about their dating life on their social media accounts. 

It seems that most of these journalist’s predictions about who Kate Middleton will marry are based on nothing more than speculation, and in some cases, blatant lies. But, as we’ve established, speculation is all most of these gossip columnists have to work with. 

For the best ‘who is’ articles on the internet, we recommend you to check out these 10 blogs. Each one of these websites covers a different subject—from movies to fashion to tech to music—and posts daily articles about the people and events in the entertainment industry.

What About The Rumors That Prince William And Kate Have Twins?

There have also been rumors that Prince William and Kate have twins. But, as with most celebrity gossip, these rumors seem to have begun with an exaggeration. 

A Reddit user posted a thread in which they claim that Prince William and Kate have twins and that the children are adopted. The post was upvoted almost 200 times and received a lot of ‘upvotes.’ It’s unclear where this rumor originated, but it’s certainly not true. 

If you check out the couple’s social media accounts, or even their website, you’ll discover that they’ve never hidden the fact that they’re parents. Kate has even stated that being a mother has enabled her to be a better wife and role model for her own children. 

In fact, many of the articles about Prince William and Kate Middleton on this list are from sites that highlight the parenting aspects of their relationship, whether it’s parenting advice, interviews with the children, or even spotlight articles about the children’s Christmas presents.

Why Does Everyone Keep Asking About Prince William And Kate Middleton’s Wedding Date?

It’s not as though these journalists and bloggers know exactly when Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding will take place. But, as far as we know, no one does. 

The issue is that so many people seem to want to know the date of the wedding. And, given that it’s not a private event, they have no choice but to ask. 

While most people would love to be able to keep their wedding date a secret, it doesn’t seem likely that this will happen. Especially since Prince William and Kate have said that the more open approach to their relationship has enabled them to find the joy in each other’s company that they once found in “a rush of adrenaline” when they were in a relationship. They have also stated that they believe that being open about their feelings has made them a stronger couple.

It seems that many people want to believe that the couple will remain together forever. But, at least for now, we know that they’re committed to each other and are enjoying the adventure of raising their family. And that, my friends, is the truth about Prince William and Kate Middleton.