You might know the actor Robert Pattinson from his role in the Twilight film series, or perhaps you’ve seen him with his band, the Damned. You may also know that he dated Kate Bosworth for a few years before she married Joel McCrea in 2006. There are many more reasons why you might know Robert Pattinson, but one thing is for sure — he is a very private person and doesn’t give many people the chance to get close to him. So, it came as a bit of a shock when, in 2018, People magazine listed the “25 Most Eligible Bachelors in Hollywood,” and his name was on the list. It turns out that Hollywood isn’t exactly a place where you can keep your personal life private, and the world was certainly able to catch a glimpse of Pattinson’s romantic life. There were paparazzi photos of the actor posing with his arm around a woman who wasn’t Kate Bosworth or another member of his band. People then reported that the two were seen having intimate conversations and holding hands while out for dinner in Paris. This sparked the beginning of the end for Pattinson and Bosworth’s relationship, which ended in 2019 after two years.

Wedding Plans Were On Hold

Before Bosworth and Pattinson ended their relationship, they had decided to wed. They had planned to tie the knot in Italy in 2018 but postponed the wedding due to poor planning and intense press coverage. One of the reasons for their postponement was the insistence of Pattinson’s children from a previous relationship to have a wedding party, which would have conflicted with his obligations as a father. Unfortunately, the Italian press reported that the children were not invited to the wedding, which was most likely a source of family tension. Plans to wed again are still in the works, and it would appear that Pattinson is determined to make this year the year of the wedding. The actor has been seen in recent months with multiple women in his L.A. social circle, which suggests that he may be ready to wed again. Reports from the U.K. tabloids have also linked Pattinson to several potential wedding candidates.

Pattinson’s Ex-Wife Reveals Why They Broke Up

Even though Pattinson didn’t publicly confirm that he is now dating Bosworth, his ex-wife FKA Twigs did. Speaking to The Guardian, the singer said that their romance is real and that they are committed to each other. “I think he might be in love,” she said. “I wouldn’t say it’s a secret because it’s not a secret that we broke up. It was five or six years ago, and we were just never really able to recover from that point. So, it was never the same as before we were together. For better or worse, it changed everything.”

According to Twigs, their break-up was partly due to her unwillingness to have children. As she told GQ in 2016, “I don’t want to start a family. Not yet.” She acknowledged that she and Pattinson had been trying to have a baby for a while and that he was very supportive, which made the decision less painful. In an effort to make their relationship work, Twigs said that she made changes to accommodate his wants and needs. She was more open about her feelings and, eventually, they realized that they were made for each other. “What is most important to me is that we can communicate and be honest with each other,” she said. “I think it’s good to be vulnerable. I guess that’s why I love my tattoos so much. They’re a bit like self-portraits. It’s a little bit scary but also really cool to see your thoughts and your feelings represented in such a personal way, in black and white, on your body.”

Pattinson’s Brother Speaks Out

In a recent interview with ELLE UK, Pattinson’s older brother, Damian, spoke out about the breakup and what it was like growing up with his twin and now-ex-brother. The 37-year-old actor has two children, Alexander and Lily, with his second wife, Marigold. He also has a daughter, Alice, with his first wife, FKA Twigs. According to Damian, the twins were definitely jealous of Alice as she was the daughter of their favorite aunt. However, he said that, eventually, they accepted Marigold as their mother and grew to love her dearly.

“I have four sisters and a brother, and we were all really close,” he said. “The only problem was that Alexander and Lily were jealous of my relationship with their mother. They didn’t think that she was fair game, so to speak. Once they got to know her they got to like her, but they were definitely competitive with each other.”

“That was hard to navigate because my sisters wanted to protect Alexander and Lily from the mean girls syndrome thing,” he continued. “But at the same time, I didn’t want them to resent their mother because I needed help dealing with the twins’ jealousy.”

Since the split, Alexander and Lily have distanced themselves from their mother and have refused to speak to her. However, the siblings have kept in touch with Damian, and the latter still helps them with their math homework. When asked if there are any girls or women that he finds attractive, Damien responded, “Yes, I suppose there are a few. But it’s not exactly what you’d call normal behavior, I have to admit.”

Why Is Kate Bosworth Still Attracted To Him?

While Kate Bosworth never explicitly stated that she was in love with Pattinson, she did admit that they had “a connection.” When asked about their previous romance in an interview with GQ in 2016, she said, “I have a lot of respect for the man. He’s an artist. I feel like I can learn a lot from him. There’s just something about him that I find very attractive.”

In the years since their breakup, Kate Bosworth has remained single and focused on her career. While she hasn’t explicitly stated that she is still in love with Pattinson, she has certainly given off the impression that she is still interested in him.

In 2018, Kate Bosworth starred in the film Motherless Brooklyn, about the life of writer/director/artist Edward Norton. The movie marked her return to the big screen after a seven-year hiatus, during which time she had established herself as one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors. The film received widespread critical acclaim and won several accolades, including the Grand Prix at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.

Since the premiere of Motherless Brooklyn, Kate Bosworth has been seen out and about with multiple men, including her ex-boyfriend, Miles Took. In May 2019, Bosworth was seen canoodling with Took at a Parisian café. They were later joined by another man and were later joined yet again by a woman. Rumors then began to swirl that Bosworth was dating the handsome young actor. While this may be true, Bosworth has never confirmed nor denied the reports and continues to keep a low profile.

Pattinson’s Bandmates Talk About Him

If you’re a fan of the Twilight series, you may know that the lead vocalist and guitarist of the Damned, Brian Johnson, has been friends with Robert Pattinson for a long time. When speaking to Rolling Stone in 2016, Johnson was asked about the possibility of his friend going vegan and getting married. Johnson’s response was, “I think it’s great if he wants to be with Kate Bosworth, but I think the world would be a much better place if he decided to be vegan. I don’t think he needs to pick one or the other. He can do both. We should all be able to be both compassionate and healthy.”

When asked if he thought that being vegan would make Pattinson a better father, Johnson responded, “Yes, I do. I think it’s great if he wants to be a better father.” In a separate interview, vocalist Mike Dopud opined, “I would like to see him be the best father that he can be. More than anything, being a father is a responsibility. A lot of men forget that. They think, ‘I’ve got a daughter, I’m going to be a father, and that’s all she needs.’ But what about the other children? What happens when the other children need you? You can’t do everything for your kid.”