The new Batman film, The Batman, may have just unveiled its huge twist at the end, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t know all there was to know about Batman and his famous pals before the movie came out. Here’s a list of ten interesting facts about the Caped Crusader and his famous pals that you probably didn’t know.

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Ben Affleck

While Batman may have been around for more than 70 years, he first appeared in comic books in 1946. Since then, he’s become a popular character, starring in various films and playing a major role in the DC Comics cinematic universe. In addition to his work in comics and films, Ben Affleck has also written several books. He was also chosen to be the new Batman in Warner Bros.’ upcoming film series. Here are some interesting facts about the actor behind the character.

He Has A Brother, Marvin, Who Is Also A Photographer

Affleck has a younger brother, Marvin, who is also a photographer and writer. The two often collaborate on their work and have shot some pretty interesting photographs. In addition to his work with Ben Affleck, Marvin has also worked on a number of documentary films, including the Academy-Award winning Bad Boys of Rugby. In 2017, Marvin launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund his new project, a documentary on the life and legacy of the iconic British photographer and designer Cecil Beaton.

He Has A Sister, Casey, Who Is Also A Writer

Another of Ben Affleck’s family members is his talented sister, Casey. Like her brother, Casey is an accomplished writer and photographer. After graduating from Yale University, she moved to Paris, France, where she founded the literary monthly publication, PariSutra. The first issue was published in 2006 and featured some pretty great writers. Since then, it’s become a regular publication with several new issues planned each year. Additionally, Casey has written the scripts for two French films, Babysitting and Day and Night. In 2010, she launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund the production of her first feature film, Salvage the Bones.

He Is Friends With Jimmy Page, The Founder Of The Rolling Stones

You probably didn’t know that Batman is friends with the founder of the Rolling Stones. Although they may not always get along in real life, Batman and the writer/musician Jimmy Page have a lot in common. They both love cats and horror films. There have been rumors that Page might produce a documentary on the Batman character. The two have even collaborated on a graphic novel, Batman & Mr. Jekyll. In 2017, the 86-year-old Page was hospitalized and diagnosed with liver cancer. He has since been giving interviews and taking part in promotional activities for David Fincher’s new film, Gone Girl. For his part, Affleck is trying to keep up with his friend’s busy schedule by making appearances at all of the major music awards ceremonies this year. It would be awesome to see Jimmy Page appear at one of these ceremonies just to watch them interact.

He Was A Scout In Boy Scouts Of America

As a kid, Affleck was an active Boy Scout, climbing mountains and earning merit badges. In 2010, he spoke about his time as a Scout with the magazine Total Baseball, saying, “It was a way of learning self-reliance and following rules and guidance.” Since then, he’s been involved with various projects for the Scouts, including an art exhibit that he curated in 2017. The organization also named an award after him.

He Was The First Actor To Play Batman On Screen

It is generally accepted that the first actor to play Batman on screen was Dick Van Dyke in the 1950s TV show, Sherlock Holmes & Batman. As much as we might like to credit the immensely talented Mr. Van Dyke with discovering Batman’s true identity, it was actually a character named, Jim Douglas who first identified himself as the famed detective’s roommate. In the show, Van Dyke played the role of Alfred, the butler who acts as an advisor to Batman. Sherlock Holmes & Batman debuted in the 1950s and ran for several seasons on ABC. In 2019, Fox broadcast a live-action adaptation of the classic Christmas horror story, A Christmas Carol, starring Ian McKellen, Michael Caine, and Liv Tyler. McKellen’s character, the Ghost of Christmas Past, tells Caine’s character, the Ghost of Christmas Present, that he should play the part of Batman because he was the first actor to play the role on screen. Caine interrupts and says that actually, it was a Van Dyke, but, before he could finish his sentence, McKellen’s character cuts him off and reiterates that it was actually him who played Batman first.

There are various theories about who originally played Batman. Some people think it was Burgess Meredith from the TV show, M*A*S*H. Others think it might have been Vic Tayback or even Ray Walston. However, the prevailing theory is that it was Richard Carlson who played Batman in the 1951 serial, The Adventures of Robin Hood. The serial was based on the 1937 novel, The Adventures of Robin Hood by Burroughs, and, although the role doesn’t appear to have been particularly memorable, Carlson was the first to don the cowl and punch out bad guys. In addition to acting, Martin’s been an avid kickboxer since he was a teenager and competed in the 1976 Montreal Olympics. He’s still actively competing and owns a gym where he teaches people various styles of combat sports. Even after all these years, Martin remains an enthusiastic athlete who continues to train and inspire people. He also did his own stunts in the film because he feels that the stunts in the original are far superior to anything that could be done today. It’s not often that we get to witness an actor who was so committed to his role that he actually got into fights with the stunt coordinators in order to make sure that everything matched what was in the script. If you don’t believe us, just check out the IMDb page for Martin’s character, Willy McGant.

He Was Friends With Marlon Brando In High School

Like most other famous actors, Ben Affleck went to Harvard University. While there, he met Marlon Brando who apparently was impressed with the young man’s charisma and talent. The two became good friends and even though Brando went on to become one of the greatest actors of all time, he always considered Affleck to be his best friend. The two remained close even after Brando’s success, maintaining a correspondence for over 40 years. In 2018, Affleck published a graphic novel called, To Marlon, With Love, which is a collection of Brando’s letters to him. The actor has also stated that he misses interacting with and being around artists because he feels that they stimulate him intellectually and creatively.

He Played Multiple Roles In The Batman Animated Series

Before the release of the new Batman film, we already knew that the Dark Knight would appear in several animated series. The Batman was first adapted into an animated series in the 1980s and ran for two seasons. In addition to the main role, Affleck also played a small role as a baker named, Charlie, whom Batman battles in one of the episodes. Another guest star that Affleck played was himself in a season two episode where Batman has to stop a crazed fan from assassinating him. In that same episode, he also starred in a cameo as one of the mob guys who are trying to kill Batman. In 2019, Netflix released an animated series based on one of the most popular video games of all time, Red Dead Redemption, which is set to premiere this week. For his role as Arthur Morgan, the protagonist of Red Dead Redemption, Affleck had to practice English and also learned how to play the guitar. It’s not just video games that see him busting a move on the guitar though, as he’s also playing and recording with his band, Atoms for Peace. During an interview with Rolling Stone, Affleck said that playing dual roles in the Batman series was complicated due to scheduling conflicts, where he would have to record several sound bites for each episode, but that it was a lot of fun.

He Recorded An Album In The 1970s

In the 1970s, Affleck recorded an album with the group, The Shakers. The record, titled, Go For It!, was produced by Joni Mitchell and features the iconic folk-rock song, “Homeward Bound”. In addition to contributing a guitar solo to the song, Affleck also sings backing vocals on several tracks. The album also features Mitchell on several songs as well as Stephen Stills and Tom Scott. In 2017, Affleck curated an exhibition of Mitchell’s artwork at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts. The collection, titled, Joni Mitchell: Painter, Poet, Songwriter, features some of Mitchell’s most famous works and is on display until October 31, 2019.