It’s been two years since the premiere of Man of Steel, and the world has changed dramatically.

Since then, we’ve had a staggering rise in popularity for both Superman and Batman. Several spin-offs and animated series based on their stories have also increased in popularity, as has the DC Comics universe as a whole. Together, these four iconic characters represent the four seasons: Superman represents the spring, Batman the summer, Jonny Quest the autumn, and Wonder Woman the winter. But how will these two very different superheroes collide in the movies? Let’s take a look.

The Rise Of Superman

Superman’s popularity first surged following the premiere of Man of Steel. Not only did it premiere to record-breaking numbers, but it went on to become the third-highest grossing film of all time. It was also the first time a Superman film scored above 40% on the review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes.

The critical and commercial success of Man of Steel helped to establish the DC Extended Universe, the cinematic universe encompassing the likes of Arrow, The Flash, and Wonder Woman. The films are a celebration of DC’s iconic characters and are intended to introduce new fans to the world of comic books while also appealing to existing fans through a nostalgic lens.

Man of Steel also introduced the world to Henry Cavill, who would go on to play the lead role in several more DC films and TV shows, including the highly-anticipated Batman vs. Superman. While not as successful as Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman continues the trend of introducing new audiences to the genre and drawing them into a world of superheroes and vigilantes.

The Rise Of Batman

Batman, meanwhile, experienced something of a revival in popularity following the release of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy. The Dark Knight trilogy cemented the superhero’s status as a household name and introduced many, many new, and importantly female, moviegoers to the character.

The trilogy was a massive critical and commercial success, winning multiple awards and being nominated for several more including the coveted Best Picture Oscar. It also marked the beginning of a new era for Batman, as the release of The Dark Knight signaled the end of the Tim Burton era as the character was portrayed onscreen. Since then, many more Batman films and TV shows have followed, drawing heavily on the storytelling methods of the Nolan trilogy. While some may say that the Batman films are dark and depressing, it is this uniqueness that has helped the character to maintain such a dedicated audience.

What Will The Superhero Collision Be Like?

So what type of movie will Batman vs. Superman be? It’s difficult to say, as each film will have a distinctly different tone and approach. But let’s take a look at the basic premise of the two films to see how they’ll intersect.

The first film will focus on the early days of Superman and Batman’s rivalry, with the Caped Crusader coming face to face with the Man of Steel. As the title suggests, it’s the classic battle between good and evil with the two superheroes representing the light and the dark.

While this film will undoubtedly be the star of the show, the sheer volume of storylines and characters make it impossible to cover everything in a single film. That’s why we’ll have to settle for a few key confrontations between our favorite superheroes in a noirish atmosphere. The result will be an exciting and fast-paced story that highlights the classic good vs. evil struggle.

The second film will focus more on the present day and will pit Superman and Batman against one another. It’s time for the world’s greatest superheroes to finally clash, and although they fight for different reasons, their rivalry will undoubtedly bubble over into an all-out brawl. This second film will introduce viewers to a whole new group of superheroes and villains, as well as continue the story threads from A New Hope, the post-credit scene of which teases an appearance by a large number of familiar faces.

Like the first film, this one will also explore the concept of good versus evil, but it will do so in a more contemporary setting and will undoubtedly be more action-packed. A dark and gritty tone will prevail as an attempt to capture the essence of today’s comic books, with a definite emphasis on special effects and flashy costumes. As a result, this is the type of movie that will appeal to existing fans of the genre while also drawing in a new audience.

So there you have it. Two very different superheroes, each with their own charm, and a story that will undoubtedly be told in a way that won’t disappoint. Let’s just hope that the results are as good as the chemistry between these two lead actors, which has always been a joy to behold.